Monday, October 26, 2015

SFS - October and Amazing Free Design!!!!

 Month:  October
Spent:  $0.00
Earned:  $15.00
Balance:  $51.25 + $25.00+ $15.00 = $91.25

It is that time again to report my spending for the month.   I have to admit that I was very tempted to purchase a couple new HAEDS since there was this huge 45% off sale this past weekend.   I did refrain since I do have three HAEDs that are UFO's!!!!

This month I stitched on Faery Tales and I finished page 17.   I have completed the 2 top rows and now working on the first column.  I just want to make sure I have enough fabric.  I know I do...but it still worries me.   

Here is the finish page along with the start of page 8.  I hope to have that finished by the end of this week.  

I came home from work this week and just cried!  Brigen, my paper crazy dog, ate half of my stitching journal!!!  I like to keep a journal of what projects I am working on, how many stitches, percentages, new designs I find....and all my journal is now laying in my yard after being eaten by my dog!!!!   I am just sick!!!!

I also worked on Preening Pixie this month.   I didn't think I would ever finish those wings!!!  She is coming along nicely.

I was playing on Pinterest the other day and found this cross stitch pattern from the blog of nurdanishere   She made this amazing pattern by using paint.  I emailed her to find out how to purchase it because it has my name written all over it!  She left me know it was free for asking!!!    I can't wait to stitch this up!  I am going to start looking for fabric soon.  I want to get the DMC fibers for it and see what might look good with it.   I don't think I will stitch it on the background brown....I will find something else.   

Thanks for visiting!!!!   


Esmeralda said...

Hello Vickie
I am very proud of youvnot buying mote haeds :) they take a very long time to finish.
I love your haed do you stitch it on 25 count ?
What other 2 haeds are you working on ?
I have 2 haeds in wip ( three graces and barnowls both will pick them up very soon first want to finish one more sal :)
Tinkerbell looks allso amazing
What a bad dog do you have :( i allso love to keep track of my projects and stitching hours
Greetings esmeralda from holland

Annie said...

My biggest stitching nightmare is that my youngest furbaby will grab one of my WIPs and rip it to shreads...! Hope you can find a way to replace your journal...:)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Really great job on your stitching, but I am SO sorry about your journal!! Dogs can be wonderful or horrible, can't they!! ~ Tricia

Faith... said...

Faery Tales is lookin amazing Vickie! Poor Brigen was just trying to read your journal. Hope you can get a new one and replace the info.

OhSewCrafty said...

Faery Tales loos great. Sorry about your journal! I keep a similar record in a spreadsheet on my computer.... not as cozy as a journal perhaps, but I don't have to worry about my toddler son ripping it apart (he like a puppy sometimes) :)

Linda said...

Awesome progress Vickie. Sorry about the journal.


Heather said...

Cool free pattern! Good job at not getting something in the sale. I'm sure fairy tales will fit but I understand wanting to be sure. Everything looks great!

blue star stitcher said...

So sorry about your stitching journal, how awful to come home to that. My dog has chewed one of my cross stitch pieces before, and I remember how upset I was to find it out in the yard!

Beth in IL said...

Great progress and so sorry about your journal....

Karen said...

Your WIP is amazing! Beautiful!

So sorry about the loss of your journal. I'd be pretty upset too.