Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Biltmore - 3rd Floor Guest quarters - lot of pictures!!!

More pictures!!!  We are now headed to the 3rd floor which is the guest quarters.  Are you lost yet???  I was telling my friend that we could live here and never see each other!  One of the workers said that in some letters guests would get lost and need help getting to where they were going!

Guest living rooms...yes there is a mannequin - it has to do with the dress show. I will post the later.

Me next to the fireplace in the guest living rooms. 

More guest living room

guest bedrooms

Stairwell going down to the first floor!!!

Can we just move in here????

Biltmore 2nd floor - family rooms! - Post 2

Here we go Upstairs!!! We figured the wider edge was for the women and their dresses. I do have more than this but they contain the pretty dresses so they will have to wait

The chandeliers for the top 3 floors!

Tapestry on the way up to the 2nd floor.

Set a chairs in the family living area

Mr. Vanderbilt's bedroom

Me standing beside one of the doors...I am 5'1

Writing desk in Mrs. Vanderbilt's room, chaise lounge and bed  I want a room like this!!!  Wow!! No Words!!!

Visit to the Biltmore - Bottom Floor- post 1

My friend Andrea and I went to Chapel Hill North Carolina and we made a stop at Asheville to visit the Biltmore House.  She had never seen it and I loved seeing it again!  This year they let you take I will be doing about 3 or 4 posts over this house!!  There are no words!  They were doing a Romance Showing of Wedding dresses and I will post those pictures in a later!  They are worth it!

Since they were focused on Romance the entry way to the house has a big cake with a rose Chandelier 

I am not sure what it called but I call it the Plant room!!!

As Stitchers, I know you will appreciate all the tapestries.   I found out that they were woven in the 1500's with metal strips going vertical and horizontal so they would not crumble apart!!!!  How cool???

This is the formal dining room...the table can expand to host 60 people!!!!

Breakfast room

Love how they used fabrics on the ceilings:

Music room!

Hallway to the library which had several sitting areas..those weren't as interesting as the tapestries! 

 the Library!!  The room of my dreams!!!

this fireplace is in the room of the tapestries!   I am just too lazy to move it!

This is the first floor of the Biltmore!  these pictures do not do it justice!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Saying Goodbye is so hard

We said goodbye to grandpa Lenard last week.  He passed away on May 19th.  My dad called to let me know on Wednesday that he had taken a turn for the worse and we needed to get to the hospital.   He lived 2 hours away. I left school immediately and headed down to the hospital.  He was moved into ICU and the plan was to move to hospice but it was determined that he would pass before we could make the move.   He was surrounded by his family when he passed.

He was 89 years old and a WWII veteran.  He was very proud of his military service. He was a barber for 40 plus years and even had a shop set up in his garage after he retired.   If you notice in the picture above, he always wore his hat cockide.  He said that is how the important people wear their hats.  


We had military honors for him at his funeral.  The Navy sent two honor guards to play Taps and fold his flag that draped his coffin.  Military custom is the oldest child gets the flag. I asked my dad what he was going to do with it and he you want it?  I think it would be better to go to the oldest grandchild.  So after the funeral he passed the flag to me. 

I do have stitching updates to show but those will have to be later...I am so glad the month of May is over.  I don't think I could handle any more loss this year.