Monday, January 1, 2018

Year of starts 350-365 .plus a bonus start...Thoughts on a year of starts

I am writing this on New Years Day.  It has been an interesting year with all the starts.  I really enjoyed it however, I will never do this again.  I enjoyed kitting up things in my stash and starting all the projects that I wanted to do...however, I have learned that I am a product stitcher (like to finish) rather than a process stitcher.  I like having a purpose and seeing the end!!!
This year will be the year of finishes!!! I have set a goal to finish 81 projects!!! Crazy I know!!  One of those will be Faery Tales...which I finished 2 pages on this week...take a look:
Which mean I have 8 pages left!!!!!  This will be finished this year.

You are here for the lets see what I worked on the final two weeks.  These are in no particular order except for the last one ...

Start 350:  Victorian Xmas  Magazine Chart

Start 351:  Kris Mouse

Start 352: Crystal Tree

Start 353: Hinzeit Santa Claus

Start 354: Nativity

Start 355: Ice Castle

Start 356: New Snow - Glendon Place

Start 357: Sleigh Ride

Start 358: Charmed Stocking (finished and mailed)

Start 359: Wisteria Lane

Start 360: Crystal Sleigh

Start 361: Hope
 Start 362: Dove

Start 363 For Santa
Start 364: Jolly St Nick

Start 365 Part 1:  Mill Hill Village

Start 365 part 2 - I got her for Christmas and she had to be started!!!

Thank you so much for sticking with me for this year of 2018 will be the year of finishes!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Year of Starts 345 -349

OMG!!!  I am caught up!!!  Can you believe it?????   I am so happy to be updated!!!!  I will have more post to tell about my life update...but cross stitch is updated!!!  I am a couple of starts behind...things have been crazy.  I will start them this week and post an update next weekend.

Start 345: Stoney Creek Village Tree - Yes, I am pointing to my start because you can't see it!

Start 346: Mirabillia Victorian Christmas Eve:

Start 347: Nora Corbett Christmas Ornaments

Start 348: Paula Vaughn December Quilt - yes I am pointing to it

Start 349: Sampler Girl - Mr. Darcy #1

This last start was in honor of Jane Austens Birthday.

December Year of starts 335-344

Here we go!!!!  I cannot believe this is my last month for starts!!   Are you wondering what a year of starts looks like storage wise.....let me show you:

Here are 12 paper copy boxes for all my starts!!!!  Tiger Lily is just hanging out !!

Now..I just have to figure out how I am going to turn all those starts into finishes!!!!!I have to figure out where to start!

Start 335:  Mill Book Book - I don't remember the name.  I am stitching the Gingerbread house.

Start 336: Mill Hill Not a Creature was stirring

Start 337: Mill Hill Caroling Trio

Start 338: Mill Hill City Bank

Start 339:  Mill Hill Town Hardware

Start 340: Mill Hill Joy to the World

Start 341: Mill Hill The Christmas College

Start 342 and 343: Lizzie Cat Pets - Dog on Left and Cat on Right

Start 344:  Joan Elliott - Perfect Poise
What a start to the final month!!!! 

Year of Starts: Rest of November 320 -334

I have to be honest....updating 2 months of cross stitch starts in one night is tiring. This is what I get for being a huge procrastinator. As I update, I am cleaning out my DVR by watching all my recorded Christmas movies from both Hallmark  channels.  I was supposed to do this on Thanksgiving break but we had company all week and they didn't like Hallmark movies....long story. are all my starts in November.

Starts 320, 321, 322, and 323 :  Dimensions Kit

Start 324: Mill Hill Thanks

Start 325: Mill Hill Princess Carriage

Start 326: Mill Hill Rockin Robin

Start 327: Mill Hill Popcorn

Start 328: Charmed Stocking

Start 329: A New World Part V 

Start 330: A new World Part IV

Start 331: Stoney Creek Spring in  the Village

Start 332:  Stoney Creek Summer in  the Village

 Start 333:  Stoney Creek Autumn in  the Village

Start 334: Stoney Creek SpringWinter in  the Village

That wraps up another month of starts!!!!

Year of Starts: Disney Dreams Starts 311 -319

So these are the starts that have driven me crazy!!!  I didn't have enough fabric for one of the kits.  Then I realized I didn't have enough floss bags to kit up all the kits...UGH!!  But I love how they have each started!!!  I have started 3 previous kits this year:  Snow White, Fantasia and Pinnocchio

I have changed out all the fabric to 28 count evenweave

So is some Disney Eye Candy!   By the way...I am looking for the LARGE Disney Dreams Tangled kit...I didn't get that one and the company is now out of business....sigh..

Start 311:  Tinker Bell and Peter pan

Start 312: Bambi

Start 313: Cinderella

Start 314: Lady and the Tramp

Start 315: Sleeping Beauty

Start 316: The Little Mermaid

Start 317: Beauty and the Beast

Start 318: The Lion King

Start 319: Winnie the Pooh

Ok...that is my Disney Dreams kits!!  I still have one more to start!  Two if I find the Tangled one!!