Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Day of May!!

I can't believe the last day of May is already here!! School gets out next Friday and I cannot wait!!! This week was very stressful. I got a call on Thursday morning. My grandmother suffered a stroke Wednesday night. It affected her ability to swallow. I went and visited with her today at the hospital. It was very hard to see her going downhill so fast. She seemed so weak and small today.
On Friday, DH and I went with my co-workers to the Arkansas Naturals Game. It is our Minor League Baseball team. The high school rented out the bull pen cafe. We were able to eat all the Hamburgers/hotdogs we wanted from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. This also included cokes and waters. It was kinda weird because my Hish School is so HUGE that I didn't know half the teachers there. I was asking others who there were and what building they taught. My High School has two buildings...the South Building, where I am located, is the older of the two. Then there is the new building - the North building. It was really nice to finally put some faces to the people I email!!!
Saturday was Boo club at my LNS. I was able to almost finish the pattern EEK! Becki was kind enough to stitch my spider legs on my Spiders design. I was scared to death to stitch them because I knew I would screw them up!!!! I also cashed in some of my "BEE BUCKS" for some new patterns. I bought the new JCS Ornament preview magazine. It has several designs I want to stitch!!
The designs I am showing off are my Lizzie Kate BOO Club, Winchester house...I just stitched the palm tree, My BLue Ribbons Designs - Sewing Sampler and finally my Spring Panel by Ozark Samplers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BRD- My sewing sampler

My husband issued me an order this weekend. He informed me I was not to do anything at all...just sit at home and stitch, read, and sleep. I wasn't to clean house, do laundry or anything. Nothing to over exert myself!! Wow!! What a great husband for giving me orders like this!! He has his reasons....I am still sick. He thinks that I have been going to way to much and I need to rest hence the order not to do anything. So today I had a busy day. I got up and stitched on BRD...then I took a nap...woke up read some and stitched some...then my second nap of the day. I finished a trashy novel and took 3 naps. I also finished stitching all the words on my BRD design. UGH!! Talk about tiring. It is stitched on 28 count fabric and the words were stitched over 1 using 1 strand of DMC 321. The words are the only thing I stitched on today and it took forever...maybe if I hadn't taken so many naps I might have finished earlier..but we will never know!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Historical Fashions Couple #4 Completed

I came home sick from work today. My throat has been just throbbing and my voice sounds like froggy from the Little Rascals. I have no idea why my throat hurts. I am not running a fever, just really tired. I slept for a few hours then moved to my recliner to watch some season finalles that had DVR'd. I couldn't believe the ending of Greys Anatomy, Numbers and Ghost Whisper. I also got caught up on my soaps. I am feeling a little better but I still don't have a voice and my throat is still very scratchy.

After lunch I heard a big crash in my dining room. I have a small table in front of the picture window that Jag just loves to sit on and look out the window. I went into the dining room and saw Jag trying to get into the blinds. I got curious and went to look. Luckily my camera was on the table. I raised the blinds so Jag could try to get to the baby bird on the window. The little bird wasn't phased at the great big cat pawing at him. He just sat there!!!
I finished couple #4 tonight. I am 1/3 of the way finished with this project only 8 more couples to go!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sad Mickey Mouse news

I read a very sad news article today. Wayne Allwine, the voice of Mickey Mouse for the past 32 years has passed away. The World of Disney has lost a very beloved member of their family.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A wintery heirloom

I FINALLY finish page 1 on my HAED project!!! It has taken 64.5 hours and 7440 stitches to finish this page. I was so excited. I put the final stitch in about 12:30 AM on Sunday. I made a decision that I wasn't going to bed until I finished it!

On a more personal note. DH and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We made a decision not to get each other gifts....however I was in Wal-mart and found a Chris Daughtry CD that DH mentioned he wanted so I picked it up for him. He bought me a new Wii game!!! I know they are not very exciting gifts..but I am going on a couple of vacations this year and DH is planning ot play in several golf tournaments plus another trip to Vegas while I am in Disney. We both ignored the no gifts rule however, we both got something we wanted!! My new Wii game is "Night at the Museum- Battle at the Smithsonian" It is a game where you go through the museum solving puzzles. Tonight we went to dinner and enjoyed an evening out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cinderella update

I finally finished the border on my Mirabillia Cinderella piece. I was very happy to fnish the border because to be honest, I was scared the ends wouldn't meet!!! I was so worried about that...luckily for me they met and look fabulous.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Winter Panel Finish!

I picked this up the other day and decided that it just needed to be finished. I was working on the snowman today and decided that it needed a different type of buttons. I had already purchased the hat, nose, and coal eyes. Actually, the coal eyes were supposed to be the buttons but I couldn't find the right eyes. So, I found the silver stars and thought they would make great buttons!!!!! This is the 2nd panel out of 4 that I am working on currently.. Well, that;s not true..I have 3 of the designs and the fourth will be done in I will have 4 designs at the end.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It is pouring buckets here and has been for the last 2 days!!! Today would be a FABULOUS day to sit at home and stitch...however, I am traveling to Fort Smith for my grandmothers birthday. So, I will be driving an hour an half each way in the rain on a PERFECT stitch day!!! I do love to spend time with my grandparents though and we are going to eat at a great steak house for lunch. Now on to the stitching update.

Historical fashios his coming along slowly. I finished man #4 and you can barely see the hand of the lady. Hopefully, I will be able to show you most of her next week.

I worekd on Augusta the 13th hole. I am a one page and a half into the project. I am just about to start working on the fairways and greens. So hopefully, there won't be as many confetti stitches as it was with the tree. What is it it with me and trees?? My AWH below has a tree I have been working on forever!!! Here is my A Wintery Heirloom piece by HAED. This is my Friday night project. I try and work on it every Friday night. Last night, I made pretty good progress. As you can see all the trees in the background are coming up nicely and the main tree is almost finished!!!!