Sunday, October 24, 2010

Couple #11 is finished!!!

I suffered from Insomnia last night and I put it to good use! I was up until 5:00 am this morning watching movies and stitching. I am so excited to have couple 11 finished. I googled the actual fashion period and it is the Victorian period but I really didn't want to change the wording on the design. I can't believe I am 120 x 120 stitches away from being finished!!!!!! YEA!! I am so close to being finished that I am going to go ahead and start on the final couple!!! Who knows...I may finish before Thanksgiving that is if I am lucky. I am still going to give this pattern away to someone...I just haven't figure out how I am going to do it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yoga update; RR finish and a little about me

Wow! Has it really been that long since I updated my blog? UGH!! I have been very busy on the stitching end of things. I worked on Yoga this weekend. I am slowly but surely working on it. I do hope I finish it by May 28th of next year!!!!
I have a finish!!! This is for Berly in our ILCS Round Robin. He is so cute!!! Very easy to stitch. I hope she likes him!
I have been working on my animal alphabet afghan. I am up to the letter E. I will post a picture later in the week. I found out that one of my 2 pregnant friends is having a girl so I am going to play in my stash and find my purse/shoe alphabet to make her afghan!!! I have been wanting to make a purse/shoe blanket!!! This is going to be so cute!
Thanks for all the well wishes at is going slowly and I am trying to make the best of a bad situation but it is hard!!! I do appreciate all the good thoughts you send my way!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Time for Yoga! As you can see I am still working on the background. This is quite boring but I am happy to say that I will eventually start working on the Yoga pose!!!
Mark brought me home a video game on Friday. He bought me this game called Heavy Rain for the PS3. This game is a murder mystery game where you have to solve the mystery of who is the origami murderer. You go through the game and talk to people...look at clues etc. We spent all Friday evening playing the game. It is a GREAT game however, there was one thing I wasn't expecting!!! I saw a girls boobies!!! I mean who expects a boob shot on a video game???? As soon as it happened, I checked the was M for mature!!! I usually buy E for Everyone and I have NEVER played a Mature rated game. Since Mark was in a game buying mood I sent him a list of 5 different games that I want!!!
I used to love Sunday afternoons. I would spend the day sitting in my recliner, stitching away while watching the Hallmark Movie Channel Mystery Sundays. I would watch Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Mystery Woman, ...well you get the idea. Now my afternoons are spent knee deep in grading papers, Physical Science, Environmental Science and any other subject I need to get prepared for. This is a rough year. Last year I taught 2 separate classes, Math and English. This year I teach: Civics, English, Math, Environmental Science, Physical Science and Personal Growth. Which means I have to prep for each class individually. UGH!! I am tired!!!
Funny Speech for the week: Guys Don't mess with your Business in Class. It is still there and won't fall off anytime soon. It isn't appropriate to mess with your business in public! Yes I actually said this to my class.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Historical Fashions update

I have 1.5 couples left to stitch!!!!!! Talk about exciting!!! My goal is to finish by the end of December but I am hoping to finish earlier!! This period when I did the research said it was the Victorian era but I decided not to change the wording. To be honest....I have had so much trouble centering this piece that I wasn't sure I could center the words and dates correctly.
School is driving me crazy. I did go speak with my principal concerning the problems I am having in my classroom. He openly listened and said he would try and help me in some way. I hope so it is like a 3 ring circus in my room. I come home and cry almost every evening. Mark has no idea how to help the situation he just gets mad because he knew I didn't want this position. Oh well....I should be thankful I have a job!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I stitched on YOGA!!!

Wow!! I haven't worked on this piece in a LONG LONG time!!! I posted last week that I needed to get this done for my sister by her birthday in May! This is a 12 page design and is solid stitching!!! I have stitched one page so that means only 11 to go. I calculated that I would need to stitch 200 stitches a day, everyday until May 31st, to get this finished on time. I worked on it all weekend and put in enough stitches that I don't have to stitch on it again until Friday!!! YEA ME!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Sampler Finish

My Jammi is getting married in November and my gift to her is a wedding sampler. I found this in the June 1993 issue of JCS magazine. Our bridemaids gowns are cranberry and I have to say very PRETTY!!! I used GAST Cranberry and the borders are surrounded by cranberry seed beads by Mill hill.
I am so tired! School is kicking my backside!!! I hate to admit it but this year the kids may get the best of me!!! I am off to watch Bones with Mark. We love our DVR!!!!