Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disney Table Runner and Sistine Chapel

I started page 4 today.   It doesn't look like much progress but when I was comparing it to the next section, I go so excited!!!!  It seems that these symbols overlap majorly so I won't have to stitch as much on the next section!!! Yea!!!  Little things! Sistine Chapel next weekend.  I am taking my mom and niece India to see Disney On Ice in Little Rock!!!!!  We will be leaving on Saturday, seeing the show on Sunday Afternoon and then a 3 hour trip home.  I plan on taking my Disney ornaments to stitch on while traveling and the hotel stay.

I started my Disney Table Runner this week.  Here is Miss Minnie Mouse in her pink snow suit.  The snowball is stitched in 775, I think when I get it outlined, it will look much better!

Weightloss: Big News...I have to put on a bathing suit next weekend!!!!!!   We are staying at a hotel with an indoor pool and I have to swim with my niece!!!!!!

Last night was the dinner at the club.  I was getting dressed and Mark let me know that the dinner was more Jeans and Polo Shirts than the dress I had ready to wear.  So, I pulled down this pair of jeans that I haven't worn in years, thinking....just maybe..  They fit!!!  Size 8 jeans fit and I could wear a belt with them!!!!  Awesome feeling.  Best part, even after eating bacon wrapped shrimp,  chips and salsa, and for dessert New York Cheese cake topped with strawberries and whip cream, I didn't even have to undo the top button!!!!  I saved all my calories for this dinner and I enjoyed every bite!  I even treated myself to a hot chocolate because it was chilly last night!!!

It was back to the diet today!  My DH grilled me some Chicken thighs for my lunch this week!!!  I love that he grills enough on Sunday that I don't have to worry about my protein for lunch during the week. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Ball and Sistine Chapel

Here it is!! Page 5 completed!!!  Just 1 more to go.  I thought I wanted to finish it but then I got stash in the mail!  My long awaited green fabric for my Disney table runner came in the mail!  It is the only project I haven't started as of yet and I want to work on it!!  So Summer Ball will have to wait. 

Page 3 of Sistine chapel is completed.  Normally I take a picture of it the way I am stitching it.  Upside down. However, I flipped it so I could see what it actually looked like.  3 more pages and I will have finished  the first panel.

Weight Loss

Friday night Mark asked me what my plans were for next weekend because there is to be a dinner at the club. He rarely asks me to go the club for anything and he made a point of letting me know other wives would be there so I agreed to go.  I had planned to go to Tulsa with my stitching friends for the day, but this is more important.  Also, it is prom and I had thought about popping in there to see all my little ducks dressed up.  Busy weekend!  
Since we are going to a dinner, I needed a new dress.  I hate shopping for clothes because I was always having to buy a bigger size....not this time!!!!  I was able to buy a size 8 dress!!!!  This is 2 sizes smaller than the last time I went dress shopping!!!  It felt so great to fit into a lower size!!!  

I am down 15 lbs. and have another 15 to lose.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I have been trying to use the couch to 5k  in order to get me off my but and running.  I try and run 3 times a week but this is how I feel when I run:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sistine Chapel Weekly Update

I can't believe it is already Sunday and time for a Sistine Chapel Update.  The first picture is last weeks progress and the second is this weeks.   I have completed 1.9% of this project.  I love stitching on it!!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fantasia finish and blue nails!

April is Autism Awareness month and in honor of my Autistic students I painted my nails blue which is Autism's color.  When I came into school on Thursday, one of my high Autistic students looked at my hands and goes "Love your Nail color Mrs. Hartwell"  I just had to smile because he never notices anything about me. He usually comes in and says "Hello, I need to go to this class"  Nothing ever personal so him noticing my nails is a big deal!    Autism is a very difficult disability because when you have met one person with Autism, you have met one person with Autism.  Every Autistic student is different.  You never know what is going to work with them and what is their stresser.  I have 4 Autistic students in my seminar (homeroom) and they are all 4 different.  I have to handle each one differently because they have their own little world and sometimes, they do not want you in their world even though you have to be there.  It is a new challenge everyday!

Onto my finish!  Take a look!!!  Since I have booked my trip to Disney, I wanted to finish a Disney project.  

I love how this turned out!  I wish you could see the sparkly opalescent fabric because it really makes the design pop!  I am out of my rotation and now I am going to work on Summerball.. Frankly I am tired of seeing it on my UFO I am going to see if I can finish it this month.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I won $200!!!!!

Search & Win

YES!!!!!!  I just won $200 to be deposited into my paypal account!!!!!!  I belong to Swagbucks. This is a website you can earn points for searching the web, watching videos, doing surveys, etc.  When I thought I was going to Vegas I set a goal to have an extra $200 for spending money...tonight I have done it!!!!!   It takes 10,000 points to get $100 and as you can see in my swidget below, I have 20,000 plus.  Now, I am working towards 40,000 more so I can have a total of $600 to take with me to Disney.  This is me being a hoarder on my points.  However, if you only want a $25 paypal deposit you have to get 2500 points.

You can earn 450 points and get a $5 GC to Amazon like several of my friends if you aren't a hoarder.  The points are easy to earn.  One of the things I do to get my points is I have downloaded the swagbuck TV App and can earn up to 50 points a day by watching the videos on the app.  So if you do this you get 50 points a day times 30 days a month is 1500 hundred points a month!  I try and reach the daily goal so at the end of the month I can get a bonus of 300 points!  So very easy to earn!!!!  

Imagine how nice it would be to have $25 deposited into your paypal account for new stash each month.  I am encouraging you to try because if you join under my name, then for the 1,000 points you get, they will give me the same amount!  So you will be helping me with my spending money to Disney!!!