Monday, July 31, 2017

July Week - Starts 205-211

This past week was a busy one for me.  Luckily it rained off and on for a couple of days which helped with the heat.  It didn't help with the humidity.  Which isn't a problem for most but my natural curls went crazy!
Monday and Tuesday was spent in an Algebra workshop that was really hard!!   My brain hurt!   Brigen had to go to the vet  He had to get his teeth cleaned.  We have a fabulous vet!  Tiger Lily has one place on her body that she gets ticks and it is a really gross place.  When we were using the tick twister we realized she had worms!!  Luckily, our vet just sent home a prescription rather than us bringing her in for a visit and tests.   If you haven't heard of the tick twister from above...I highly recommend them!!!  Best $6 I have spent!!!

Speaking of Tiger Lily.....July 26th was her Gotcha day!!!  We celebrated adopting her one year ago!!!  The first picture is her now, and the second is a couple days after we adopted her.

This week I binged watched the final two seasons of Reign on Netflix!!  I love this series, even though I know how it ends for Mary Queen of Scots.  The dresses and jewelry were amazing!!  I really want their jewelry!!!

Faery Tales turned 10 this week and it got it's own post!  Let's see what all I have started this week.  My Mill Hill kits continue....

Start 205:  Mill Hill Ice Skates

Start 206: Mill Hill Nice

Start 207: Mill Hill Millinery Shoppe

Start 208: Pet Shoppe

Start 209: Flower shoppe

Start 210:  Mill Hill Puppy Paws 

Start 211:  Tea Time

WOW!!  I was busy this month!!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest WIP!!!

Faery Tales turned 10 years old on July 26th!!!  I can't believe I have had project not finished for 10 years!!!

Here it is in all it's glory!!!  I have finished 29 pages of it!!!   I am so thrilled!!!

Remember, I posted about the gingerbread house...well here is 1/2 of it completed.

The Goal is to finish it before it turns 11!!!  

July Week 3 Starts 198-204 - Another finish

Oh my,  it was so hot this week!!!  We had to keep the shades drawn, and stay inside.  The heat index was over 100 each day.  It was so hot that when you stepped outside it took your breath away!   My poor car had to go in the shop this week.  It was time for the 100,000 mile work and the bill made me cry!!  It was terrible....we can't do anything for a while!
This week I had a HUGE Thirty -one Close out sale. Since I am no longer a consultant, I had three years of purses and bags to find new homes!  I sold over 2/3's of them.  Just a small bit of them left.

This was a great stitching week!   I loved all my new starts!!!  Faery tales gave me a huge headache because I had to stitch a Gingerbread house.  I was in confetti hades!!  I really thought about throwing it out the window.  

I have another finish!!!!

All the stitching is finished...but I need to find some beads for the stars.
Here we go...Lets talk about starts:

Start 198:  Mill Hill Tea Room:

Start 199:  Forrest Tree

Start 200:  Reindeer Dog

Start 201: Old Fashioned Tree

Start 202: Mill Hill Jingle

Start 203:  Mill Hill Victorian Tree 

Start 204:  Mill Hill Star

As you can see, I have a little obsession with Mill Hill Kits.  Can you believe I have all the cute little trees but one!!!  I need to order myself the Silver Tree....Then I will have the entire set!

July Week 2: Starts 191 - 197 plus a finish

This was an exciting week!!  My final grade came in for my class and I made an A..that is right!!  I made an A on that 20 page paper!! I did a few happy dances!!  I went to the pool several days.  My hubby and I went on date night to the Crystal Bridges Museum.  The glass artist Chihuly had this wonderful glass exhibit in the museum and around the nature trails.  I took this photo off his website  this was just spectacular!

This week I worked on a couple extra pieces just for fun....I worked on

Bothy Threads - Jane Austen:  I outlined the flower, bird and added the word Jane.  Not much but every little bit counts!!

American Flag Sampler -  It is July, of course I had to pull this out and add stitches!

Are you wondering where Faery tales is???  That one gets its own post....It is so worth it!!!

My first three starts the last of my First Christmas series...Here is what the final project will look like...

Start 191:  Day 12

Start 192: Day 14

Start 193: Day 15

From here on out we are going to see my Mill Hill Obsession....Do not Judge

Start 194:  Mill Hill Cardinal Tree

Start 195:  Mill Hill Naughty ornament and this one lived up to his name....Had to start it three times!!!

Start 196: Mill Hill Ice Cream Shoppe - Yes, I dyed my own 14 count fabric because I am not big on perforated paper for the bigger designs.

Start 197  - Mill Hill Merry  Moose

I have another finish!!  I finished my Ronald McDonald Charity piece

There you have my week two!!!

July Week 1 - Starts 182-190

I is the end of July and I really stink at blogging over the summer.  So I am going to do 5 updates in a row!!  Yes...5.  I am going to break them down by the weeks of July.

The first week of July, my honey and I went to Paris, TX to visit his mom and stepdad.  Paris is about four an half hours from our house.  They live in very quiet neighborhood in the country.  I brought my stitching in the car so I could get lots done in that four hours...but who am I kidding??? About 20 minutes in the trip and I fell sound asleep.  This happened on both ways of the trip.  My husband hates traveling with me because all I do is sleep!  His mom knows how much I love to stitch, so she was happy to let me sit in the chair next to the light!  It rained for most of the day on Saturday so I actually finished a piece in one day!!!  

While in Paris, we had to go see the Eiffel  Tower Texas style....

Start 182 - Mill Hill Eagle.  Isn't this little guy cute????

Most of my groups are doing some type of Christmas in here is my little Christmas Cardinal Start  -  183

Start 184:  Mirabilia Silver Moon know how I like my fancy ladies.  

Start 185:   Happy 4th of July!!!   I had to start a patriotic piece - Paula Vaughn - July Quilt

Start 186: Love Summer so  I needed a summer start...Celtic Summer

Start 187:  Pride and Prejudice Books - I had this chart made by an Etsy designer. All of  Jane Austens book titles in a chart.


Start 188 - Primitive Hare - Pride and Prejudice - You know I love Jane Austen

Start 189 - Brooke Books - The Happy Couple - Also known as Mr. and Mrs. Darcy

Start 190:  Lizzie Kate ABC Christmas.  I bought this as a pattern on Stash Unload.

That was my first week of July!!!