Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good Bye 2015

I love this quote!!!!  I really can't believe it is New Years Eve.  My hubby and I spent it at home, him watching football and me watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix.  The animals were relaxed around us.  We did go for Chinese food and Sonic drinks.

As I look back on this year, it has been amazing.  I was able to go to Disney with my hubby, Charleston SC and to Ashville NC.  I have lots of laughs with friends and some tears.  All in all, it was a great year.

Stitching wise I did not finish one project!  I spent my time devoted to Faery Tales from HAED and I made it to the halfway point.  I am 93% completed with my Santa Design.

Goals for next year:
I plan on finishing 3 projects by March!!!  I am finishing:
1) Santa of the Forest
2)Victorian Winter
3) Preening Pixie

I have a fitness goal which is a 12 month challenge but I will go into that later

Happy New Years everyone!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!   I had a wonderful one!  It was strange since it was 70 degrees with no chance of snow anywhere!    So those of you who had snow for Christmas...I am jealous.   Right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve I was able to snap this cute photo of Bert waiting for Santa!!

If you are wondering how I am spending my Christmas break...I am working on Santa!!!!  My goal is to have him finished by the time I go back to school in January!!!!!  Below you will find a couple more charts that I am planning to stitch....but before get to see my family!!!!!

The only time I can get my hubby to take a picture is a major holiday....I just love this one of us!!!!   We feel so tall because my mom has a small tree!

This is me with my Grandpa.  He celebrated his 89th birthday this year!!!  

This is my lovely mom!!!

Here is my family on my dad's side.  My brother is standing behind me, my sister is beside dad is wearing the red hat, my uncle is standing behind my grandpa...the others are my niece and nephew!

In case you haven't heard, Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) has had designer Aimee Stewart design this amazing chart.  It is titled "A Stitch in Time"  It should be ready for purchase by the first of the year.   I have this on my I gotta have it now list!!!  The detail is amazing!!!!  The designer said she divided it by seasons.  There is a Facebook group devoted to this design as a SAL.   

My hubby bought me this amazing purse for Christmas!!  Does he know me or what???  I had no idea!   it was a shock!

Finally,  I woke up on Christmas Eve to find this chart had been gifted to me!!!    I plan on stitching it for my niece.  She loves teddy bears!  

I will do a final post for 2015 on Thursday.  Thank you for all the comments!!!!  

BTW....What stitching challenges are out there this year?????

Monday, December 7, 2015

Huge Happy Dance for my HAED!!!!

I posted one time the whole month of November!!!  What happened to me???   I have so much to show and tell on this post..  This will just be a stitchy post.....

I did it!!!  I am officially at the half-way point of Faery Tales!!!!!   I was so excited!!  I dance a little jig an my husband thought I was a little crazy.   I am happy that my mermaid is a modest mermaid!   

Here is my Santa of the too is at the halfway point!  I am spending the month of December working on him.  He is so close to being finished....Hopefully I can get him finished by the end of the year.

Preening Pixie is almost to the halfway point.....Isn't she pretty???  

New Stash!!!!!    This is called Winter is Coming by Mary Weaver.   I found this on a Facebook Group where this lady went to a Russian Needlework show and she had a picture of it!  I fell in love with it.   I asked the lady if she would purchase me one and ship it to the states  to me.  She agreed!   The instructions are in Russian but I am sure I can use google translate to figure it out.  If you are looking for can find it on E-Bay.  

This is a Christmas Gift from my sister.  I sent her my Heaven and Earth wishlist and this is the chart she picked....I know...just what I need another HAED.  Isn't it pretty????  I just love it.   I can't wait to start it.    

I have a couple more stitchy things to show but I haven't taken a picture of them yet!    I will post them later!!!!