Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Treasure Chest Hop

Welcome everyone to the Easter Treasure Chest Hop!!!  I hope you have seen lots of great stitching and getting some ideas for your next project.

This is one of four Nine Patch designs for all the seasons from the Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  I can't remember which issue but I will do a post later to let you know if you are interested.

Ready for your  letter????

Please head over to Jo's Blog for more Treasure Chest Fun!!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Progress and starts - long post, grab some tea

I want to say thank you for all the wonderful messages you left about my meltdown.  This week was a little better.  You won't believe this but I didn't pick up a needle until Friday...It was a long week.  I have a duckling that it doesn't matter what happens, they are never in wrong, and it is always my fault.  The parents have an excuse for everything.  I started dealing with this parent on Monday and it was still going when I went home on Friday.  So, everyday I would come home, sit in my chair, fall asleep, wake up then go to bed....this was my life.  I am not sure if it was the stress or the lack of caffeine.

I have stopped drinking soda and even tea.   I stop at Sonic every morning and purchase a Route 44 Pineapple water.   It is a scoop of pineapple bits, ice, then water....I did some research on Pineapple water and love the health benefits.  I read this article and thought wow!!!  I can say that I don't crave Chocolate or sugar since I started drinking this and the part about being good for your works.  Lets just leave it there.

Stash shopping:   I bought some things off Stash Unload this week.  Less than what I have usually done.  I did buy some kits off Aliexpress.  It is like a Chinese Amazon.  They were having a big sale and had some Bothy Thread kits for $8.00 each, a Russian kit I have been watching on ebay that usually runs $70...they had it for $20.00.  I decided it is better to safe than sorry when shopping outside the US...I bought a prepaid MasterCard with a set limit so I couldn't purchase everything I wanted!   Plus, since it is a pre-paid my identity can't be stolen!!!

The week of Spring Break, I did make myself stitch....I worked on Faery Tales and I even finished a page!!!   I have 16 pages left!
 Page I finished...

I told you that I had to force myself to stitch....I beaded...lots and lots of beads.  Check out the white beads on her dress...yes, this is what I did..

Year of starts....I told you I was making a small change.  Since this part of the school year is crazy, hectic and exhausting.   So, I am going to work on 3, maybe 4 projects:  I am going to do the borders on:  Brookes Advent; Xmas starts here; Brookes Cakes - then start each block of my First Xmas design.  Things will be boring for a while on my start side...but I will feel great knowing I have the borders done!!! LOL!!!  Once school gets out for the summer, I will get caught up on my monthly starts..maybe

Want to see what I started before my meltdown???

Past Present and forever
 Hungry pup

Pooh's tree

Cinderella ornament #3

Puppy Love

 Family Dinner

I put in 500 stitches on my was a Facebook Group monthly challenge

Self - Portrait

There you have it!!!  This is what I started before my meltdown!

Thanks for stopping by and I will visit with you next week!!