Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Break, Stitching and possible challenge..

During my break I worked on A Wintery Heirloom.  I am 14.2% complete.  This page will be easy to stitch since there are NO trees!!!!  so exciting!!!!

I worked on summer ball.  I have made a HUGE mistake in it. You can see that I am having to stitch different than I usually do so I can try and fix it..

Mistake close up...see the lady with her head tilted?  I missed an entire row right about her head!!!!  And of course I thought I had counted right so I went head and stitched the lady with the pink flower and blue ribbon's faces...There were so many quarter stitches and half stitches that I did not want to frog I am making it work.  I am stitching the right side and then filling in the left....

Gibbs is very excited for Christmas!!!!  He is wearing a wreath made for me by Mary from Ozark Samplers.

Here is the wreath up close!!  Isn't it pretty???  Mary stitched the ornaments and Sara finished it for her.    It turned our wonderful.

I came home from work Tuesday night and it looked like Jag was in a cat fight.  We have no idea how it happened but he is doing better now.  His eye is healing so now it just looks like he has a black eye...silly kitty

Possible Challenge if anyone is interested:

I am trying to lose weight again and doing very well.  I have lost 6.8 lbs and going strong!!!  I have started using this app and web site:  loseit  I went to it and answered the questions, height, weight,  what my ideal weight is and how many lbs I want to lose a week.   Then it does this magical calculations and tells me exactly how many calories I can eat a day.  When you have to log in those 10 hershey makes you think...

Since it is the holiday season and I love Christmas cookies.  Would anyone be interested in a weightloss challenge for the holiday season?  It could run Dec. 2nd to Jan  4th.  I would provide GC from 123stitch to the top three...$15 for first place,  $10 second and $5 for third.   You would have to do the following:

1) email me your name and current weight to the tenths place..mine is  142.2  (I will not publish them....I promise)
2)  Each Sunday you email me your weight  and I will place it in a spreadsheet.  Must be emailed to me by 8:00 pm. CST 
3) Weight loss is calculated by percentages not pounds lost
4) You have to be HONEST!!!!!!  You can't lie...that would be cheating.- 
5) I would not join since I am running it.

If you are joining, would you like me to publish Everyone's percentages or just the top 3?  If you have a suggestion on how to keep it honest...would love that too...

This will keep us on the weight loss path during the holidays!!!!!   If you are on loseit...look me up!!!!!   

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Wintery Heirloom update and a Question

So excited!!!  I finally finished page 3 of A Wintery Heirloom.  There are only 21 pages left in this design!!!! This was a hard page simply because of the tree....the tree is nothing but confetti stitches!!

Up close of the tree:

I have a question....This is my piece I am starting in January.  I bought the black and white book which came spiral bound.  There are 348 pages in it and I need to make a working copy.   The only problem is I don't want to stand at a copier for hours making said copies....So I am thinking of taking apart my book, and then 3 whole punching it and place it in a 3 ring binder....

You know how us stitchers are about our main copies of our designs.  What do you think of my idea?  I think I just need the reassurance that it is ok to take my book apart!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Summer Ball page Finish and new Stash!!!

Wow!!  When my stitching Mo Jo came back, it came back with a vengeance!!!  I decided to drive up to Ceilica's Samplers in Branson to join my friends who were at the retreat.  I went into the store not intending to buy anything because I really haven't been in the mood to stitch....Wow...did things change!!!!!  My purchases are below....

When I got home I pulled out my Summer Ball and sat down to stitch!!! I was able to finish page 4 of Summer Ball!!!  It is looking great!  I pulled out the last two page and they are not as detailed as the last page.  Which makes me very happy!!!!

So I spent quite a bit of money in the store!  I bought this pattern at the retreat this summer....isn't that bear so cute!!!!  This is Lavender and Lace -Santa in the Forest.

I didn't like the fabric so I found Silkweavers Midas Tough.  I chose 32 count opalescent.  

I had to make a change you can see in the picture the staff is about the same color as the fabric.  So I am going to use Gold Mill Hill beads instead of fibers and will out line it with this Gold Rush color below...I think it will make it just pop!!!

My next Disney project is Puppy Love....this is just so cute!!!!
The kit comes with 14 count white aida but that is boring.  I wanted to something that looked like a sunset with sparkles.  I decided on Twilight from has lots of Sparkles!!!!  I think this will make the perfect background fabric.

I found this chart...and it just screamed my name!!!

This was in the half-price bin...isn't it cute????

Here is another one in the sale it too!!!!!

So....what do you think of my purchases??? Any thoughts on my fabric choices for the Santa or Disney piece???