Sunday, October 27, 2013

Small finishes to show!

OMG!  It has been over a MONTH since I last posted!!!!  Where has time gone???  I used to be so good at posting every week and now I have become a slacker.  That is the only way to describe me a huge slacker!  I do have some cute finishes to show off and I stitched something that I NEVER thought I would say I stitched....

Here is my Puppy Love design...poor Minnie has a floating head...

Wintery Heirloom is looking good....this is the LAST huge tree I need to stitch and then it is smooth sailing after this!

Finished another page on Sistine Chapel....Only 331 pages to go!  If you look closely, you will see that I stitched a penis.  Yes, you read that correctly, I stitched a penis!  Never thought I would say that phrase but  I did!

Finished Kermit the Frog!  He is such a cutie!!!

Made some Tutu bags for my Halloween exchange.  I will post a tutorial if you want to see how I did it!

My local Cross stitch group picks out an ornament from the JCS halloween issue or the sept./Oct. ornament issue, and we stitch it, kit it up and exchange them.  Today, I came home with 5 new ornaments kitted up and just waiting for me to stitch...

Here is the back of mine.  I got really lazy this time and went to Hobby Lobby, found 2 pieces of wood that were already cut and used that to make my ornaments.  I don't cut straight lines so this was perfect for me!

Today I stitched Tigger!  He is so cute!!!

My Life

I am struggling this year with school, my depression, family issues and my weight.  I have quit working out and started pigging out to make myself feel better.  I have put on 5 lbs and decided that is enough.  I made the decision that I am no longer bringing work home with me.  I am starting a 5 day fat flush challenge to get my weightloss back under control.  This morning, I planned out my menu for the next five days, including all my snacks.  I am really trying to get my life under control.  Once the depression and stress starts to take over, it is really hard to get it under control.  I won't lie.