Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tiger update

I worked on Tiger for the past four days. I was able to get a lot of stitching done this weekend. My DH spent his days watching college football so I stitched! It was very nice. I am on page 10 of 16. I have about 3/4's of page 10 finished so only 6.25 pages left to go!!!! I am so ready to finish this design. I can't work on it for a long period of time due to the fact that my wrist hurts after using my big qsnaps.

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Here!!! It's Here

I opened my mailbox today and there was a FABULOUS package waiting for me!!! I mentioned a week ago that Kathy in the UK was sending me her pattern of Historical Fashion. It came in the mail today!!!! Now I wish I had my fabric!! It is on order and supposed to be in by the end of the week. I am going to pull my threads and wait patiently for the phone call telling me my fabric is in the store!!!!

My DH told me that we are going to be god-parents. His best friend from High School called to let us know that he and his wife are expecting again. This means another baby blanket for me to stitch. I went through my alphabet patterns and found 4 that I liked. My friend Kim and I decided on the really cute teddy bears. However, DH vetoed that idea....he thought it was too girly. So I found a really cute Bug Afghan...that he liked idea. So I have made me a working chart...got the threads and fabric. I just need to get the excitement to stitch another afghan!! LOL!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

SFE- from Elaine

I recieved this really cool trivet in the mail from Elaine a couple of weeks ago! I realized last night that I had forgotten to post a picture of it so I am trying to make up for it now!! To tell you the truth I have already been using it in my sewing room to hold my hot chocolate. I love this design!! Thank you Elaine!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Finish!

This is has been a crazy week. I had to go to Little Rock this week for a Special Education Conference concerning APA's. Usually I don't get much from these, however, this time I actually learned some things that I didn't know. I took my Fall Cat to work on for this 4 hour trip...but the first hour in and I broke my needle!! The ladies I was with didn't realize the importance of my needle. So, there I was having to ride in a car without stitching!!! I was so sad!!!

I did finish my Fall Cat tonight though. This was a project I started in a fun fiber class at The Busy Needle. Sara had the pattern, but we had to pick our own fabrics and fibers. I loved the sparkly purple fabric and thought it would be perfect for Fall!!

I also got some goodies in the mail this week from Sarah in the UK, Debra and Mylene. These are from our SFE in ILCS. EAch person picks a theme and my theme was tea. I loved the designs they picked for me.

I also ordered another YARD of fabric....I was looking for this wonderful chart on EBay and/or 123stitch mesage boards. I was wanting this kit from a designer called Pako- the chart is called Historical Fashions. The kit sells for $159 and I didn't want to pay that for a kit with thread and aida fabric. So this WONDERFUL lady in the UK -Kathy- had the pattern and she is sending it to me!!! It belong to her DD who passed away a few years ago and she keep some of the things that were in her DD stash. She didn't think she, herself, would stitch it so she is sending it to me to stitch. I did have to promise her that I would send her updates...which I will gladly send to her. I just couldn't beleive the generosity of her!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am exhausted!!!

What a day! After being sick with strep throat for the last 3 days and feeling like a truck hit me. I finally woke up this morning feeling better but I think I over did it. I got and filled my truck up with all the recycling we had at the house and it was a truck full!! We don't go as often as we should but I still recycled. Then it was off to walmart for some 18 gallon rubber maid tubs and some cat food. After that, I was off to HL to get threads for my Mother's wisdoms RR piece and I needed some ribbon/buttons to finish some small projects. After I left there it was off to The Busy Needle to pick up the JCS ornament issue for my friend Kim in WI. I also got some cute buttons for my ILCS fun fiber contest piece. Next, it was the PO where I mailed off several exchanges and birthday card. The next stop was home to pick up the boys so I could take them to be groomed. Finally, I was able to run by Dairy Queen for a burger and then home.
I sat and had lunch started watching the Razorback Game but it was a slaughter during the first quarter I decided it was time to start my main project. It was that time....to clean out the closets!!! I pulled out all the clothes that Mark and I cannot fit into anymore...which is alot. I filled up all 3 of the 18- gallon Rubber Maid tubs I bought and I still need 1 more! I finally said enough. So I am going to finish up the border of my Mother's Wisdom piece and then start my ILCS piece.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy week

This week was busy!! I took Inspirations to the fair and it won a blue ribbon. I picked it up today and the lady couldn't match my number on my entry to my project. Luckily, I had placed an address label on the back and I showed her my drivers license. That was the only way I was going to get my project back!! I did meet the lady who won best in show. I told her congrats and that I loved her piece...she just did a half smile and turned around! I was not impressed.

I worked on 4 different pieces this week. I did finish my heart design. This is the fiber class I taught at the ILCS retreat. The design is from Ozark Samplers. It was fun to make. Each heart uses a different type of stitching method with hand-dyed fibers. The next piece is my Indians that I am working on from another of Mary's Ozark Samplers fun fiber class. We had the option of picking Pilgrims or Indians...we did get both patterns...but I chose to work on my Indians first. This was a large count class also so it is on 8 count. In case you didn't know, my LNS is the home store for Ozark Samplers. Sara and Mary are the best of friends so Mary hosts a number of classes at The Busy Needle. The final project that I worked on this week was my Happiest Celebration from Stoney Creeks Disney designs. There is a TON of backstitching on this thing...so what I did today was use one strand to stitch a section then backstitch, then stitch another section and so forth....I did get some of the backstitching out of the way but not all. I still have beading to do on it too....but that will be at the end! I finished my September Cat on my Kat's by Kelly design...the month of September. That was a HUGE pain...nothing but backstitching. UGH!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ordered my fabric today

I placed a HUGE fabric order today which is going to cost me a huge sum of stash cash. I have been looking for the fabric for my hometown round robin piece. I was really thinking about blue but when I saw this new color from weeks fabric...I just knew this was the color for me!!! The color is guacamole and it had hometown round robin all over it. After my Sara and I sat down to do the calculations of my piece....I had to order 1 1/2 yards of linen fabric!!!! Talk about a wallet shocker!!! The piece will be just beautiful though!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Faery tales from Haed

The second part of my week I worked on my Haed Faery Tales. This pattern is 40 pages long and will take me forever to stitch. I have a 4 day rotation plan for my projects so I don't get much finished on my BAP'S but every little bit helps. I put in 1,380 stitches and have 0.9% completed on this one!!!! I did enjoy working on it...that could be because I haven't worked on it since October 2007, almost a year!!! That I could not believe!!

There is also my Heart piece from the retreat that I am working on. Since I basically have the boarder left to stitch...I have been doing that in my car while sitting in morning traffic.

Yesterday afternoon I played in my in sewing room digging out patterns for the last 4 SFE I need to do. One got lost in the mail in June so I am going to restitch and resend her something. I also worked on developing my Neighborhood for my RR I am starting in January. I looked at doing southern mansions, Mill Hill Village and now I am thinking about my Stoney Creek Hometown Afghan town....I really didn't want to make an afghan so I may stitch a huge town. I am going to go downstairs and play with my scanner so I can scan them down to size.

Tomorrow I have to take my Inspirations over to the fairgrounds. I am very nervous about this one...because it wasn't as in depth as my Mystic but there is alot of detail work on it so maybe I will win.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Giveaway

I was playing on the web today and found these cute bottles for halloween....you just had to post a comment on her blog:

I decided I really wanted them since Halloween is coming!!!

Thank you KIM!!

I have to thank Kim for her help earlier this week. I was in my sister's car on our way to see
my grandparents. I pulled out my retreat Heart project to work on...I FORGOT the
pattern!!! I was only doing the borders...called DH so he could look for the pattern
and tell me which way I was to stitch....he couldn't find my clipboard. So I called Kim in WI...she was happy to help me....she gave me the directions and we chatted for a while.
It was very nice to chat with a ILCS friend!!!!! She didn't even think it was odd I was calling for stitching help!!!!

Thank you again Kim!!!!!!


Last post I listed all my projects that I had to do...and my friend Debra asked me a question in my blog: "How many projects on your list have you already started?" Well, it makes me sad to answer but I have started ALL of them but 2 my retreat project and my angel project. I did forget to add the angel project so that makes my total: 14. Yep...I am blushing...14 projects...that is just too much.
I just signed up for another blog also... http://memyselfandirrs.blogspot.com/ It is one where I get to make my own neighborhood. I am very excited about this but now the problem is what type of neighborhood do I design? I have been thinking about the 2008/2007 Mill Hill Christmas villages....but then I bought a new chart off ebay that is Southern Mansions. So I could do a row of Southern Mansions...which one do I do???
I did work on my Cinderella piece by Mirabilia. The castle is just about stitched up....I hope to have the castle finshed on the next time I have it in my rotation