Sunday, April 27, 2008

finally a finish!

I finally have a finish! They are very few and far between this year because I am working on so many BAPs! For some reason I have really found several that I like to do. I have set a goal to finish Inspirations and My model by the end of May. I do have one more Small finish...a cow for my friend Sara...but I don't think it will take long. I finished LHN Prairie moon sampler. I was going to stitch just the log cabin...but then I decided to do the WHOLE I it took me longer than expected.

Last night was prom... I got home around 3:00 was so much fun. The kids had a ball. We started off by taking 12 of the special kids to dinner at Montne Chicken....then back on the bus to the prom. Everyone looked so nice. They were on their best behavior. We went to the South Building for the afterprom party. OMG! They outdid themselves. There were the blowup machines. ...The kids could be human flies, battle each other with those sticks, huge bouncey dodge ball area, bungee cord race and obstical course. They had a huge food line with omlets, pizza, frito pies, and deserts. There was a mechanical machine, photo booth and tons of door prizes. I have to stay it was great! There were tons of kids there...they sold over a 1,0000 tickets prom....and most of them came to the after prom party.

I am to answer tons of emails...

Stitching update on my 5 BAP's:
Total Stitched:105,818
Stitches left:147,620
percentage complete:41.8%

Sunday, April 6, 2008

End of the week

I have been a very bad blogger. I haven't updated in over two weeks. I am not sure why, I am on the computer every night but, I just don't get on blogger. It could be because I don't have very much stitching to show...or maybe I am just a boring person. Not sure which one.

I bought the dogs a new bed. The only way I could get them to lay on it was to place it at the bottom of my chair where they usually lay. It is really sad...they will lay beside it and will sniff it but won't lay on it. I worked on Cherokee child this weekend. That is after I finished the border of the Ozark Sampler 2008 SAL...I had to frog that thing at least 5 times...I hate that border!!!

Stiching Update:
Stitches stitched: 99,110
Stitched left: 154,328
Percentage completed: 39.1%