Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Stitch from Stash and new Disney start!!!!

Month: August
Spent: $0
Earned: $30
Budget:  $25 + 30 +(-16) = $39

I know...I am late!!!  However, I broke even!!!!!  I finished 2 pages this month!   I finished the top two rows of my Faery tales!!!

Finished Page 1 of my Hot Air Balloon.....

Started a new project!  Preening Pixie from the Art of Disney!  I love this design and love the fabric I chose earlier this year!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Already August???? Faery Tales Milestone!!!!!

Where did my summer go????  Classes started on Tuesday and it has been a crazy week!!!   I hit a major milestone with Faery Tales last night!!!   I finished the top two rows!!!!   There are 3 more rows to go basically 24 pages but I am loving the project.   The first thing I did when I finished was give it a bath!  After several years of me holding, stitching, cats and dogs sitting on needed a bath.  So...while it was drying....I pulled out my car project.

 Here is my Car project..just the first page.  It it is Hot air balloon by Taveren from Heaven and Earth designs.   It was so close to being finished that I finally just finished the page!

I received the cutest exchange gift from my Cross Stitch Insanitarium group.  I love the little Bambi design

One of my goals this summer was to clean out some of my house.  I donated over 400 paperback books to the public library.   I have a book hording problem but I did put it to good use!  I just hope the library likes trashy bodice ripping novels or they may prefer the murdering serial killer ones I sent.   

Since I have finished 2 pages on two different HAEDs...I am giving myself permission to start this project!   I am so excited!!!!