Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Post of 2013- Lots of finishes to show

I am off to Disney World tomorrow so I probably will not have time to post anything until I come home from my magical trip.  This has been a very interesting year.  The first part was better than the last where work is concerned.  I am looking forward to a new year.   I have set one goal for this year and it is for one project.  I am going to focus this entire year on my Sistine Chapel. It is such a huge project that I really want to see it finished.  There are 45 sections of this project, 347 pages and a total of 628,296  stitches.  This year, not really working on it but every few months I was able to finish 18 pages with 37,479 stitches for a total of 6.0%.  I have 44 sections to go!  I would like to complete 12 sections this year.  That is my goal, lets see if I can reach it!!

Christmas picture of me and my sweetie!!!  

12 days of Christmas exchange from my ILCS group- I received:  Package of paper bobbins, 3 skeins of Crescent colors thread, Disney Calendar, Package of needles, 2 packs of Mil Hill beads, Lindor truffles, Mill Hill Victorian Tree kit, Mickey stickers, 2 packages of tea, one stitching finishing tool, a hot air balloon bookmark.... Sandy really spoiled me!  Thank you Sandy!

 My final gift was this Beautiful 50th anniversary Disneyland ornament!  I love it!!!  It is now hanging on my Princess tree.

Close up!!

 I made my uncle an Eagle Rag quilt for Christmas.  He LOVED it.  My great-aunt tried to take it from her, but I promised I would make her one once I get back from my trip!

My local cross stitch group has a Christmas exchange and I drew Becki's name. Becki loves Halloween and I had a lot of Halloween fabric so I made her a rag quilt too.  She loved it!  

I finished the entire top row of my HEAD - A Wintery Heirloom.  I have to admit that I was a little worried that I might not have enough fabric at the edges but I did!!  This design is tucked away for a while.  

Close up of the page finished!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year!!!!  My next post will be in 2014 after my Magical Disney trip!!!  So excited!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Storm = lots of crafts!

I have been housebound since Thursday Morning.  They predicted snow and ice for Thursday afternoon.  It hit and it hit hard.  School actually closed before it started because we do not need 4000 teenagers trying to get home in bad weather.  I went to Hobby Lobby Thursday morning because I needed a couple of things to finish projects.  Ice came on Thursday and it snowed all day Friday.   For the past 2 mornings, Mark has gotten in his car, backed out of the driveway, drove up the road and then came back home 4 minutes later.  The roads are terrible!  One good thing, we are cleaning out the fridge.  Our meals and snacks have become very interesting.  Not sure when we will be able to get to the store, hoping that by Tuesday the roads will somewhat safe to drive.  As you probably guessed, No school!

I found a personal shopper that goes to Disney World and will make purchases for you.  This is very dangerous I know, but i had her pick me up 2 Mickey Mouse Popcorn buckets.  One is my tree topper, the other is a Christmas gift.  One of my best friends sons calls me Mrs. Mickey (he can't say his V's) and he loves Mickey Mouse so I am filling his bucket with crayons and a new coloring book for Christmas.

Mickey Tree with a popcorn bucket topper
My online Cross stitch group ILCS - had an online retreat called Finishing Frenzy.  The goal was to dig out unfinished projects and finish them.   I pulled out my finished Mill Hill Christmas Village designs.  I used those 6 x 6 cake boards instead of having to cut out my own.  One thing about being housebound, you find things to use when you are finishing projects.  I bought silver cording and blue fabric at Hobby Lobby, used silver ribbon that I had in my stash as the hangers.  I love how they turned out. One thing I didn't like, was that the cording kept fraying and on a couple of them you can see the frayed part.

Mill Hill Christmas Village

I also dug out all my stitched Disney ornaments and finished them.  I bought the fabric at Joanns, then found the cording and the hangers in my ribbon stash.  Amazing what you can find when  you actually start looking. 
Love how they turned out!  
Disney ornaments
I decided to make a few Christmas Gifts this year.  One of the items I made was this beautiful pink/gray rag quilt. It is for my niece in Chicago.  I hope she likes the colors. 

Gibbs is trying to be very helpful when I am laying out the blocks!

This quilt is for a co-worker.  I have been involved in a secret Santa exchange.  I had most of this fabric in my stash.  I did have to buy the Black Polka Dotted fabric at Hobby Lobby on Thursday.

The boys LOVE the snow!!!!  it is deep as you can is almost to Tusks Tummy.  

Patio table, you can tell just how deep it is.  Bert the cat kept going in the door and right back in.  He wasn't sure if liked the snow or didn't like.  When he did this, he kept the door open and air coming in.  So, we had to been mean parents . We took him down and placed him in the snow.  He HATED it...which is great because he hasn't been outside since Friday.  

Backyard pretty!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Wintery Heirloom - HAED

My Thanksgiving break has been very restful.  I was able to get in a lot of stitching time.  I set to stitching goals for myself.  One was to finish Puppy Love and the other was to finish the tree on page 5 of my A Wintery Heirloom.   Last night or early this morning around 3:00 am I put the final stitch in on page 5.   This is my last HUGE tree on this project.   I have one more page on this row which is all sky!!!  

I have 19 pages to go on this design.  I just love it!!!  So happy that I have the majority of the confetti stitches completed.