Saturday, January 26, 2008

look what I brought home

I found her on the side of the road. My mom and I picked her up and we did try to call the local shelter but they closed at we had to bring her home. My dogs are loving her. She loves my husband...likes to climb on one of the big dogs and then jump on the couch. She has a thing for tails...keeps biting the dogs tails and backsides. DH told me we werent keeping...but I did convince him to keep her until Wed. hopefully I can find her a good home by then. I wasn't supposed to name her...but I call her STella.

Monday, January 21, 2008


As you can see that is how my new finish goes! I finished him tonight and I think he is rather cute. I worked on my new model all last week so I can't show any updates but I did make a lot of progress on it. It is a very cool design and I am dying to show it off....but I can't. Not much more to update.

I haven't been feeling good all day. The day started off great but sometime in the afternoon I got to feeling bad. My voice started going so I decided to leave lesson plans on my desk just in case. I am actually glad I did that because now I feel very yucky. My throat hurts and I just feel terrible. However, we are having freezing rain tonight so hopefully school will be cancelled so I won't have to use a sick day.

Stitching update:
Stitches left: 223,746
percentage complete: 22%

Monday, January 14, 2008

It is Monday

That is all I can say. I am so tired. We had workshops all day and then I came home starting working on my new model well...I had a big visitor..a FROG!!! I stitched a section started a new one and then 20 minutes later I am ripping out the first section I stitched. Very DH has decided that he likes to play online poker so I have to schedule a time to chat online!!!

I am still reading my book....So far I have found out that she was killed by electrocution. Seems someone moved the rubber mat and stripped the wires. The last people in the coffee shop were her two partners. The Sheriff is a huge pain in the backside and really doesn't like to share information. I really felt bad that Maggy had to ask her jerk of a ex-husbands permission to take out the loan since they weren't divorced at that embarrassing. Stay tuned...will discuss more. I am really enjoying this book!!!

On the stitching note, I worked on Cherokee child and I was able to start working on her head!! You can see the start of the hair along with a very small start of her headband. Not alot of it..but just the start. Unfortuantely, I had to add the stitch count to my percentage so now my stitches left are over the 200,000...which sucks....but that is life. I added the picture on the right and uptop...for those of us who have trouble seeing small things.

BAPS- 5 projects -model, Augusta, Cherokee Child, Inspriations, Eye of Tiger
Stitches left: 232,446
Percentage finished: 19.0%

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crazy Day!!!

I have to say today was interesting. I started by going to the library and getting some new books. My online cozy group is reading Uncommon Grounds by Sandra Balzo. I have read the first few pages and so far it is pretty interesting. The plot so far is that one of the owners of the local coffee shop was found dead. The sad thing was that it was opening day for the coffee shop. She had made her Latte and then gone. The lady who found her is acting very strange but I would to if I found a dead body. That is all I read so far...I had to go in and get my massage. Mark bought me a massage for Christmas so I cashed it in....

My sister, brother and I then drove down to Ft. Smith to the grandparents for lunch at western Sizzlin. Then we took them shopping. That was so interesting. Grandma wanted a new coat and a new dress. The coat was easy to find but dress was not so easy. We went to Dillards, asked for ladies dresses...they sent us to the prom/junior section. I looked at the sales girl and so no...We need Granny dresses....they don't make alot of grannny dresses ...and none at Dillards. We then popped over to JC Penny and luckily we found her 2 dresses. We then had to take grandpa to find new pants. He wanted a specific kind so we wound up having to go to a sporting store.

When I finally got home...I spent the evening stitching. I worked on Cherokee Child. No picture update as of yet but I will have it tomorrow.

BAP's: 4
Stitches left to stitch:199,586
Percentage complete.21.3%

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sampler Girl Contest Entry

The Sampler girl website was having a contest to stitch up a free pattern with your own threads and fabric. The winner would get a free pattern from her site. This is my contest entry. I stitched it using fabric I dyed, and six Strands Sweet threads.

On the Right, you can see an update on my Augusta piece. I have not finished 5% of the whole project. I am about 1700 stitches from having the first page finished!! My plan is to have the first page finished by the end of the month. That is the goal..however I am waiting on a model from X's and OH's so I may not reach the desired goal.

Stitching update:
4 BAP's
stitches left in BAP's: 199,996
Percentage complete in BAP's: 21.1%

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Here!! It's Here!!!!

I went and picked up my stitching Daylight Lap Lamp today! It came in on Thursday but I knew today was a buzzy Sunday ...promotional sunday where you get 10% off instead of 5% if you are a buzzy member. Anyway...I got to the store at 1:08 pm to pick it up. The first picture is of the lamp...the second one it is turned on and stitching layed on top. It is amazing!! I can't believe how well I can see the holes on the fabric. It does have a snap on cushioned back so it sits easy on your lap. I was working on Augusta today so you can see where I go in rows! Ididn't realize you could actually see it ...but with the light you can!!!
I love it!!!!! I am so happy Mark ordered it for me!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First finish of 2008

I decided to stitch an ornament for my very first item of 2008. My goal is to stitch 12 of them this year and I put them in a big bag and just reached in and pulled out Simba. He stitched up very quickly and he is so cute!!

Mark and I went to see Charlie Wilson's War last night. It was actually very good. I was not expecting to see Tom Hanks in this type of role. I picture him in romantic comedies where he respects women, not playing a womanizing congressman. I mean he called all his secretaries Jailbait! We laughed and laughed in this movie at all the one liners. The quote at the end of them movie summed it up....