Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mirabilia Obsession and FT update

My Mirabilia obsession this summer has really gotten out of control!  I had always admired her patterns because they are gorgeous!!! It wasn't until my friend Becki said this simple statement, "I can't believe you don't stitch more of her patterns since they are right up your alley"  Maybe not in those words but you get the drift.   So I have been on a hunt for as many Mirabilias that I can find at a reasonable rate.   My collections has grown by a lot!!!   Before we left on our cruise, a lady posted these two OOP charts - Queen of Peace and Sleeping Beauty.  I told myself that if they were still there after my cruise, then I could order them for myself.  They were there and I ordered them!   They came in last week from Germany. 

What designer have you just fallen in love with and must own all their charts????   I still have several on my list...but I will find them!

Faery Tales Update:
Here is my Just one in July project update.   I stitched the dwarfs!  OMG!  They were so much confetti I thought I might pull my hair out!    I am also using this page for the HAED facebook parking challenge...My goal is to finish this page by the end of the month.   I have 2,156 stitches to go..I think I will make it!  

The other day Brigen decided to jump up on my lap for some cuddle time.  I had an 88 lb. snuggle buddy for a while.   He has recovered from his escape from the yard.  However, he is still a more clingy than usual.  

I can't believe I go back to school in less than 2 weeks!  SO NOT READY!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just One July SAL and a FINISH!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to take Preening Pixie with me on all my vacations this summer.  Being stuck in a car and on long plane rides gave me plenty of time to work on her mirror.   I even worked on her on the cruise ship.  I completed the left side of the mirror on my North Carolina trip.  The bottom right side was completed on the cruise, and when I got home.  I was determined to finish it!!!  

I think she turned out gorgeous on this fabric.  It is so much nicer than the navy aida that came with the kit!!!!

As I was going through my Bloglovin blog list I saw this one from Linda at Stitchin with my Furbabies.   She is a little crazy because she is on start 206 for this year!!!  That is right..206 starts this year!!!!  She mentioned that her friend Justine at Justine's Cross stitch  was doing a personal SAL of one project July...work on one project in July to see how much progress she could make on her stitching.  I thought this was a GREAT idea.   So I am going to spend the rest of July working on my HAED Faery Tales.  Since I only worked on Preening Pixie to begin with this month, I finished it!!  So I am going to make a dent on my HAED challenge page.  If you aren't on the HAED facebook page they do a quarterly challenge ot make you stitch in a new way.  This time around it is parking...which I my favorite way to stitch!   

Biltmore - Servants quarters

Sorry..I meant to post this last month but my Husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in May.  Our present to ourselves was an Alaskan Cruise!!!!  We left for our trip on June 26th and didn't make it home until July 3rd.  Lots of pictures to post...but I want to finish the Biltmore!

Most of these pictures were taken behind glass doors....I don't think explanation are necessary.

all these jars!!!

I can just see them roasting meat on this spit!

Love all the copper!!!!

Look at all the tea servings!!!

servants table is bigger than mine at home!

I would hate to use all these irons!

My grandma had these washboards...

Such pretty cloths...