Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stitching Update

Summer break is so close that I can almost taste it!! Wait? Can you taste a break??? Oh well, I think I can and that is all that matters! Tonight is prom so I will be going to that. I LOVE seeing all the kids dressed up. We always have so much fun!!
As most of you know, I work my stitching in a rotation method. I have several projects I haven't shown off in a while so I thought I might give a small update.

Lizzie Kate Boo Flip-its- My LNS has a monthly Boo-Club stitch along. We meet one Saturday a month to work on these. This week however, we had to meet on Thursday due to the fact that Sara will be out of town on Sat. since she is going to a needlecanvas market. I decided to stitch it on purple which means I have to change some of the threads around. That is the fun part!!!

Mirabillia's Cinderella: This is the project I keep in my car. I work on the borders while I am sitting in my car. Since it is just a straight is very easy. When I get to the corners I bring it in the house and work on that part while watching a movie. I on it in your car?? While I am sitting at a stoplight or at Sonic while waiting for my food to be delievered. Small times like that.

Stoney Creek Neighboorhood Afghan: Which I am stitching not as an afghan..but on a whole yard of weeks fabric. I was hoping to finish the bell and flagpole this time in my rotation but I didn't like the Glisson Gloss fiber it called I had to change that also!!! I am going to use a krenick grey cording. The school house is coming along.

HAED -A Wintery Heirloom: I am still on this blasted tree!!! I HATE this tree!!! I started this first page on January 2, 2009...and I am STILL ON IT!! Of course, I only work on this project on Fridays and for 3 hours at a time....but still....this is taking WAY to long! I think I am going to have to break down and only stitch on this until I finish this dang tree!!!! The next few pages are!! so that shouldn't take too long.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great weekend in Branson!!

My mom and I left for Branson, MO on Friday afternoon. I have had this trip planned since early this year. The reason for the trip??? My stitching friend, Kim Ritchie who lives in WI, took a weekend vacation to Branson!!! Yep....Mom and I decided to make a fun weekend of it...we left on Friday afternoon so we could get in some shopping. We hit a bunch of sales at the outlet malls. We hit a great sale at the Disney store...all the clearance items were an exta 40% off the lowest price. It bought: 2 tank tops, 1 grumpy sweatshirt, 1 mickey tee shirt, a small stumped thumper, small stuffed dalamation, and a cinderella mug all for $19.00!!! I was excited!!

We met up with Kim around 9:00 pm at cracker barrel..hung out for a while and then we all headed back to to the hotel. Kim and I shared our stitching. I was able to see her Quaker Samplers was just beautiful!!!! She brought me a HUGE box of aida fabric. I showed her my Ozark Samplers- Fall panel...and I got her advice on some fibers that I would need...we decided I needed a copper/pumpkin colored metallic thread. ON Saturday, Kim and I (plus all our travelers) went to Cecilia's Cross Stitch store. I found my metallic and then I found two new patterns which I just had to get...We then popped over to the Olive Garden for a fabulous lunch!!! It was just so great to see Kim again!!

As you can see at the top of the page...I had a finish today!!! I finished my Ozark Sampler - Fall Panel design. I really enjoyed this design...only 3 more panels to finish. I think I am going to frame them all together, with a mat cutting inbetween each one. This is one of my fun fiber class projects. these are the designs that Mary starts us off with some fibers but REALLY encourages us to change the fibers and pick our own!! so that is what I did...I changed the copper metallic fiber and the top leaf fiber. This was one of my first fiber classes so I wasn't that adventurous changing fibers. The next three....not so lucky..I changed several things!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flower Shop

What a dreary Easter!! It just poured rain all day long and it was so cold!!!! I came home from church, put on my jammies, turned on the space heater and stayed in my room stitching all day!! I have a small finish which is rather exciting!!! This is the first shop out of twelve in my Victorian Village. I am actually using this piece as a Round Robin piece. This round robin has 8 people, including myself, so there will be 4 other buildings to stitch. My friend Kim has volunteered to stitch one of the remaining four so that will mean I only have three other buildings to stitch on it, unless I can find other people to work on it!! I have had this design in my stash for a bit, I just never got around to stitching on it.

I picked up some beautiful blue fabric to stitch my Rainbow Row design from Barabra and Cheryl. I love this row of houses. I first saw it on Cindy's blog and just knew I needed that pattern!!!! I have about 18 or 19 projects started right now so I am going to get down to at least 12 before I start Rainbow Row and Winchester I guess I had better get to stitching!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back Home

Mark and I made it home this afternoon after our trip to my mom's hometown. My uncle passed away on Tuesday and we had his funeral today. We stopped off at my grandparents to check on them. My grandmother was doing well. We went to the visitation in the evening. It is really sad that the only time everyone in a family gets together is because of a death. It was nice to all my cousins, aunts, uncles and old friends. We spend the night at my Aunts and Uncles house in Nicut, OK. My uncle is just crazy!!! Mark and I enjoyed sitting and talking with them. The funeral today was very nice. I felt so sorry for his sons, they were just heartbroken. It was really hard to see. After the funeral, we went back to my aunts house for lunch and some more catching up. We made it home around 2:30 this afternoon, just in time for Mark to watch the Master's golf tournament. I headed over to my LNS for our monthly large count fiber class. We are now watching Flash of Genius.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Haed updates

Last week was a really a non-stitching week for me so I didn't have much to show off. I have worked on my both of my haeds in the last couple of weeks. I have made more progress on them than I thought. Since starting on a new page for my Faery tales, I actually am enjoying the pattern. My Wintery Heirloom design, I will be honest was making me very frustrated because of this tree...I wish I could be like my friend KIm and start from the bottom and work my way up but I can't do that....I have to work my down. There is so much confetti stitching, I would work for 3 hours and only put in a couple hundred is really frustrating!!!
Last week I was so tired when I got home from work due to conferences and getting ready for annual review conferences for my kids. My brain was so tired that I would come home sit in my chair and stare out the window. A couple of times I fell sound asleep in my chair.
This week I am going to finish up my RR project for Ozark Samplers RR. I am working on a Victorian Village I found in the Cross STitcher magazine published in 1993. It calls for the use of DMC Flower threads but I am converting to the regular old DMC. I just loved this design and I am happy that I can have my friends stitch on it!!!

Right now I am on the phone with Disney trying to plan my character meals and this lady has NO CLUE to what she is doing. I request a reservation and she can't find it. I mention the exact meal that I want and she tells me somthing totally different!!!!!!! I have been on the phone for about 30 minutes and only have 2 of my 7 reservations!!!!!! I told her when I first got on the phone with her I told her I was making SEVERAL reservations. What does she do...close out my CC # everytime I tell her something so I have to go back each time and give it to her...slows down my process....this is getting annoying. I will do a post later and tell you how it goes!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No stitching this week

This is just the week I don't feel like stitching. I come home from work and just want to sit in a chair. Tuesday was parent teacher conferences and out of 60 kids....not ONE parent showed. I just couldn't believe it!!!
Both of my dogs are sick. Mark had to take them to the vet this week. They have a cold. Tusk is sneezing so bad that we have been calling him sneezy. I know..not very orginal but it is terrible. I feel terrible for them because this is the medicine that doesn't really agree with Brigen. It makes him really thirsty and he starts to potty in the floor. The vet said she that this wasn't as strong as the last time so hopefully we won't be having as many accidents. The sad thing is that Brigen is just getting over an ear infection.
I have gotten hooked on watching the food channels Challenge show. I love it!!! They make these amazing cakes in just 7 hours. I started watching it when they were making disney cakes. Last week it was ultimate wedding cakes. I watched one today that was over nursery rhymes. These cakes they made weighed over 100 lbs!! They are just huge. It is just really cool to watch them make these beautiful cakes knowing that it is something I can never do!!!