Friday, August 31, 2012

Cinderella's Castle

School started last week and I have been to tired to do anything.  I have some very interesting kids this year, that is for sure!!!    I worked on Cinderella's castle last Monaday - Sunday.  As you can see, I am so close to being finished!!!  I am hoping to head to JoAnn's tomorrow for their thread sale.

So what has Gibbs done this week????  Gibbs had a play date with the other day.  Mark had a poker game and was told to bring Gibbs with him to play with his friends Labradoodle.  The first thing Gibbs does is going in the doggie door to explore this new house.  Luckily he didn't eat anything.  He somehow managed to fall into the swimming pool...not once, but twice.  Now, I have yet to figure out how you fall into a pool twice but I have always said Gibbs isn't the brightest crayon in the box.  He is the most loveable though!!
He also ate a plastic hanger when he got home.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sistine Chapel Pre-Stitching update

Just thought I would post an update on where I am on my supplies for the Sistine Chapel.  I have my book and I still need to take it and make a working copy. My fabric came in today.  Just looking at three yards of 28 ct. jubilee fabric kinda frightened me.  


Today I sat down and pulled floss from my stash.  I need 669 skeins of floss to complete this project.   I had 313 of them in my stash.  I filled up one jammer box and part of another storage box.   I need to buy 356 skeins to finish out the floss part.  I think once I get all of my floss I will be able to move it all into the jammer box.  I was just putting 8 skeins per section.   I think I will be able to move them in tighter once I have them all.

My plan is to have one color of each DMC number in the jammer box.  The extra floss will be kept in a small pencil bag and wound onto a bobbin once I run out.   For each page, I will pull the needed thread and place it in a small floss box so it will be easier to use.

JoAnns has their DMC 4 for a $1.00 with a limit of 30 Labor day weekend, so I think I will be doing a floss run.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Ball and Gibbs

This week I worked on Summer Ball.  I am loving this design.  I am almost finished with page 3!!!  I am going to back to Cinderella's Castle for the upcoming week.  Still waiting on my fabric to get here for my Sistine Chapel project.  Next weekend I plan on playing in my sewing room and going through my floss to see how much of the 669 threads needed that I already have in stock.  I am hoping I have quite a bit.

School starts tomorrow!!! I can't believe that summer is already over and it is time to see all my little darlins' again!  I am looking forward to seeing them just not dealing with all the parent drama's that go with my little ducks.

I had a request to give an update on Gibbs.  You know, I used to post about his little antics and I just haven't done it in a while.   If you recall it was about this time last year that my little Gibbs got a corn cob stuck in his intestines and had to have tummy surgery to get it out.  Last Sunday, Gibbs decided to eat small parts out of different tennis balls.  The next morning he started throwing up and I got a frantic call from my husband because this is how the corn cob drama started.  I immediately called the vet who suggested we wire his mouth shut but it was too late. So she suggested we give him pure pumpkin to make things "flow" more easily and faster.  Hopefully, this would pass through him quickly by his eating the pumpkin.  He loved his pumpkin enriched food....and things all came out great!!!!  He is doing better and no surgery!!!!!  YES!!! Mommy and Daddies wallet is very thankful!!!!  Right now is laying in this position with Bert giving him a bath.

He has been very busy eating sticks and paperbags.  My living room is covered in wood and paperbag pieces. Gotta love him!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

College and Cinderella's Castle Update

My summer class has ended and my instructor emailed me final grade ...I made an A!!! So excited because it has been many years since I had to take a college class.  I actually enjoyed the class, it was the tests that were bad.   They were all essay and short answer.  Each week you were given a study guide with 12 terms/people etc. that you had to write at least a paragraph over and then 4 essay questions.  On test day, you were given 9 of the 12 terms and had to write about 6 of them.  The essay questions were divided into 2 groups of 2 and you had to pick one essay from each group  to write about.  It was all hints or anything!!!  So proud of my grade!!!

Onto my stitching,  Cinderella's Castle is coming along!!!  I actually took this to Rome with me and worked on it some on the plane and on our afternoon resting time in the hotel. Love it!!  Wish I were there right now!!!

It has been decided by my followers that I am a little crazy for starting such a huge project with the Sistine Chapel design.  I am still waiting on my fabric and I haven't figured out how to start the design.   I have to decide if I want to start it lengthwise and work across then down which is harder.....or start it widthwise and across, then down that way...which is easier.  Decisions, Decisions!!!!

I am very thankful to Laura who has decided to start her chapel in January and we are going to do a SAL.  I joined the yahoo group for the chapel design...but no one is chatting there....maybe they are all stitching!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Storm and Summer Ball update

Saturday night Mark and I were sitting at home and a huge windstorm and rain started falling.  It lasted a whole 10 minutes....we honestly didn't think anything about it.  We were just happy to have rain!!!!  A friend of mine started posting on Facebook about the damage to her house so I decided to go check our yard.  So glad I did!!!  Our gate in the backyard was broken and down!!!!  If I had not gone to check the boys could have just ran out of the yard!!  

Here are some pictures to what we woke up to::

Tree limb that fell from the large tree in the neighbors yard.

The Tree now has a huge spot missing....

Had to move the Kia in front of the gate to prop it up...

Gate propped up in the back yard

Tree limb that came down in the backyard

Gibbs puppy pool that was blown across the lawn,.

Gibbs has a treasure.  Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls are treasures in our house.  Gibbs got this one but 5 minutes later, Brigen ran outside and took it from him so he could eat it...

Here is my progress on Summer Ball.   I am 1/3 finished with page three!!! I am just really loving this design.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Project - I must be crazy

After seeing the Sistine Chapel in person, I just new I had to stitch it!!!!  I bought the pattern book and just about had a heart attack.  The book is over 300 pages long.  I found a deal on fabric by searching E-bay.  I found someone who was selling Jubilee 28 ct for $15 a yard.  I had to buy 3 yards for this project!!!  In case you are wondering, the stitch count is 564 x 1114 and it will be around 40 inches x 80 inches when finished.

I know...I am insane!!!!  I am not setting a time limit on this one and I am really not sure when I am going to start it.  Before I start, I want to have bought all the floss for it in case I run out and I can't find the same dye lot.  I am going to get 669 skeins of DMC!!!!  I will go play in my floss colors to see what I have and what I will need.

This is the a picture of the designer and finished project of the design.

I want to finish my Disney Castle and my Summer Ball design before I start this so I guess I had better get to stitching!!!!