Monday, September 1, 2014

August Stitch from Stash

WOW!!!  It has been over a month since I updated my blog.   School has started back and I have just lost all track of time.   Below is my Augusta Design.  I have finished another page.  I only have 6 more to go!!!!  I cannot wait to be finished with this design.  I spent $0.00 this month!!!!!

In July, I went on a cross stitch retreat.   I mentioned this in my last post.  I was able to get several Mill Hill kits to go in my collections.  The store didn't have the last 3 kits I needed to complete my collection so I placed them on order.  I am still waiting....sigh...but I do love the ones I purchased!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where to Start.....

This has been the hardest two weeks in a long time!  I went to my Thirty_One Conference in Denver earlier this month and it was amazing!!!  I joined Thirty-One to help pay off my student loans, who knew that this was going to be very life changing for me. Denver was amazing and I had a ball....the picture below is me dressed up for the formal dinner.

This is Stinkbug...he is our new Chillious Thermal that will only be available in August...We also have a Monkey, Owl and little bird all with matching ice packs!!  Let me know if you just need one of this next month!

Heartbreaking news:  

Getting up on Sunday morning, I checked my phone and found a Facebook message from one of my recently graduated students.   He let me know that one of my ducklings who just graduated drowned in the lake the previous evening.  Needless to say I was in shock and tears.  I was in a different state and things needed to get done!  Luckily, one of my co-workers was able to contact people for me and went with me to  visit his parents.  The memorial was this weekend (long family drama that it is just too much to get into) and it was just so hard.   I just broke down when I saw his picture along with his diploma, cap and gown.   We worked so hard to get that diploma and he was so proud.  I walked into my classroom earlier this week and saw my board with my seniors signatures still on it.....I cried!  Someone is going to have to clean my board for me because I just can't do it.  

Stitching Note: 

I went to Vegas for a Cross stitching retreat!!!  It was so much fun!!!  On Thursday, Karin and I went to Stitchers Paradise where I spent a little too much money.  I am taking this month as my free pass on the Stitch for Stash.   I will post pictures later of what I bought.  We went to our friends Betty's house for dinner on Thursday.  Heat - 110 degrees

Friday, Karin, Betty and I went to Hoover Damn, Disney outlets (go figure), Sushi for lunch,  Gelatto at the Bellagio hotel, Stitching in the hotel room along then off to the Excalibur food court for dinner.  Heat - 117 degrees

On Saturday, we went back to Stitchers Paradise, The Popcorn girl for some fantastic popcorn!  I bought Salt and Vinegar; Dill Pickle; Oreo; Nutter Butter; Mac and Cheese and something else...I can't remember and since Jag is only my lap, I can't get up.   After that, we went back to the hotel because the heat just drained us.  We took a 2 hour was nice.  We walked over to the Luxor for the Buffet and spent the rest of the evening stitching. Heat - 104 degrees

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!!!!

Finished page 8 of Augusta

Bert is helping me get ready to deliver Thirty-One orders

Hoover Dam!

Famous Vegas Sign!

I have 16 ornaments left to stitch this year!!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Stitch From Stash June and LONG update!!!

Wow!!  June has flown by!!  I guess it didn't help that I school went until June 10th this year!  I had 2 days off then it was back to workshops!!  I did take a whirlwind trip to Disney but that is later!  

Here is my Augusta piece!    This is my Stitch From Stash   I have been working on my Augusta the 13th hole piece. I started this piece back in 2007.  I think 7 years is a long time to have as a UFO!!!  I have been stitching up a storm on it!  I have 8 pages left!!!  The best part....the final 4 pages are only a 1/2 page each!! YAY!!!!!!  I spent NOTHING this month on stash!  I haven't had time!!! 

What I have been up to!!!

It was a very stressful school year and I had one of my friends call me at the first week of June only to say, "I want to go to Disney...will you go with me???"  What a silly question....she had some timeshare points and I have a father in law who works for Disney and he can get us in free!!!  So we planned a whirlwind trip!  We left on Wednesday the 18th, drove 18 hours and arrived on Thursday!  We relaxed, played in the parks and finally came home on Sunday.  My friend was so generous, that she shared her summer cold with me!  When I got home,  I had to go straight to the doctor and get on Antibiotics!  

Right now,  I am sitting in a dorm room on the University of Arkansas campus at my Math and Physics workshop.   My husband is married to a "college" student again!   I get to be here for a week, then off to Denver for my Thirty-One Conference.  After  I get home from Denver,  I am hosting a Thirty-one party and then jetting off to Las Vegas for my Cross Stitch retreat!!!! YAY!!!   After Vegas, I can finally relax a couple of weeks before I start back to work.   This is a very busy summer!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stitch From Stash May Report

May was a very a great month!!!  I did not spend a dime on stash!!!  YaY me!!!!   I have been working on my Mystic Stitch -Augusta the 13th hole.  One of the new things I did was actually grid my fabric with bright green thread...making my BAP go a lot faster!!!

So No money spent for the month of May!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished a page and Naughty doggies!

YAY!!!!  I finally finished page 5 of Augusta the 13th hole!!  I didn't think I would ever finish it due to so many issues!  

First, my q-snaps cracked!!!  I guess it is time to buy new ones!  Luckily, I had a back up set!  

Then, I came home from work and found that someone had eaten my ENTIRE pattern!!!  I had my working copies but they ate my symbols page!  I emailed Mystic Stitch and they were kind enough to send me another pattern since I did have this picture to show!

My Cross Stitch Thirty-One retreat will be starting on Friday Night..let me know if you want to attend!!!  I will be posting the Bingo Words on Wednesday, May 14.  I just ordered a couple of prizes to be given away.  I also will be giving away some stitching items!!!  IF you live international, you can have the items shipped to my house and I will ship them to you!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Stitch From Stash

I know I posted these earlier but I did some shopping this month!!  I bought:

The Little Charts were $15.00 each so that is $30.  The big chart was $34 rounded up.  Which is a total of:
$64 with my $40.00 GC I got for my birthday which doesn't count towards my budget according to the rules...I spent $23.00.  $2.00 under my $25 budget!!!   Only spending $23 in stitching is great!!!

Stitching Retreat:
Don't forget that I am hosting a Thirty-One Stitching Retreat on my Yahoo group on May 16-18  This is the International Hermit Stitching Weekend.  There will be Stitching Prizes and Thirty-One prizes!!!  Please click here to join the retreat!!  Invite your friends!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finished a Page and Stitching Retreat

I finished a page on my Augusta the 13th hole!  I am not sure how much longer I will on this one since I pulled out a Disney Kit I want to start!  I need fabric for my kit since it came with Aida and there are lot of 1/2 and 1/4 stitches so I want to stitch it on an evenweave.  

Stitching Retreat:
I will be hosting a Thirty -One Stitching retreat on my Yahoo Group - Vickie's Totes and More   The retreat will be May 16-18 which is our Hermit Weekend.  I will be giving away stitching prizes and Thirty-One prizes!!!    I hope you can attend...please click my link to join and feel free to share this with other stitchers!  You don't have to purchase to win prizes!!!!  

Thirty-One Special!

I LOVE being a consultant!  I found myself staying home a lot and just keeping to myself. By joining Thirty-one, I am out and about meeting people.  I have already earned my joining fee back!!!!!  The month of May we will be Celebrating  Nurses an Teachers with this wonderful Icon with a cute quote!!!  If your are one of my overseas friends and would like to order a stitching bag, you can have it shipped to me and I will ship it to you!!!  

If you have a teacher or nurse you would like to celebrate please let me know!!!  I will be happy to help you celebrate....just leave me a comment and I will get back with you immediately!!!! 

UPdate on me!

I told you that my depression was really bad this winter and now my summer clothes don't fit!  I gave away all my clothes when I lost my weight last summer. Now, I am in a pickle because nothing fits!!!  I am back on my diet again.  Which is really hard because my darling husband is eating Hershey kisses as I type this post!  I love Hershey kisses but I want my pants to fit more!!! 

Still waiting to hear about my student loans so please remember this in your prayers or send good thoughts my way!!!