Sunday, August 13, 2017

Major HAED Milestone!!!! Starts 219-225

Take a good look at this part of my HAED - Faery Tales ...Why you might ask???   It was at this section of my project that I passe the 200,000 stitch mark!!!!  Yes...that is right.  There are a little over 200,000 stitches in this project completed!!!  Not to mention that the Gingerbread house is 3/4 finished!

This week was all those dreaded back to school meetings.  I have sat through more staff development this week that my brain turned to mush!  My room is not ready, and school starts tomorrow.  I don't care.  I refused to go in and work this weekend!  It will be there next week.  The kids will survive if I don't have my math rules hung up on the wall.  I will hang them sometime this week.

My ducklings are always losing my hall pass so this year I decided to get crafty. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased these:

with a little spray paint and sealant...I now have these beauties.  Stickers aren't straight but that is ok.... they don't fit in their back pockets or backpacks!!!!  The color doesn't show but they are Gold since our school colors are black and Gold

Start 218:   Lizzie Kate Dog Lessons - I was so tired I just got the spots on the dog stitched.

The next three starts are from a magazine and I am stitching them on ivory aida -

Start 220: JR Tolkin Quote - " Not all those who wonder are lost"

Start 221: Shakespeare Quote "Though she is little she is fierce"

Start 222:  Jane Austen  "You Bewitched me, Body and Soul  - I was not even a full B

Start 223: Rainbow Row -  this has been in my stash for years. I started in the middle, A tree.

For this start - I had to get  stock photo because Brigen ate mine!!  

Start 224: Mistletoe Kiss - Art of Disney
 Of course it called for white fabric but I am using a raspberry sherbert...The color used tonight was 3865 so very white

Start 225:  Paula Vaughn August Quilt -  I had to start at the top. I couldn't stitch white on white!  I just couldn't

School starts tomorrow which will be year 20 for me!   I can't believe it!


August Already Starts 212-218

I can't believe it is August already!!!  It has been a crazy start for this month.  I am two weeks late but it was crazy that first week...I had something everyday but Friday!  The week before teachers officially go back is when I start popping in and out of the building.  On Monday - July 31st, I popped in my classroom only to find out that they janitors (god bless them because they run the school) didn't follow my map exactly so I had to rearrange furniture...and then on Thursday, I made hubby come to school to put my carts together!  Every other week I would go into Sams club and purchase a 10 drawer rolling chat...  I purchased 5 of the multidrawer color - each cart has two drawers of each color...but since I have 5 carts...I color coded them.   Look at their beauty!!!  Each duckling gets their own drawer to keep their math crap in so they aren't laying around my room.

Here is my week along with my starts:
Monday - July 31st -   I went to a pampered chef party.
MH _ kitty Paws

Tuesday August 1st:  I had a LuLaroe party (clothing party that is comfy and great to teach in)  to attend -  

start 213 - Love me Love my Dog MH -  You can't see much since I started in the middle which is the white dog...

 Wednesday August 2nd:  I met a coworker for lunch so we could work on lesson plans.  This start caused a little drama..very little on Stitch Maynia.  I posted the picture and someone said they loved it!  Where could they find is one of those hard to find pieces.  I mentioned I saw it on Aliexpress - a chinese site that has legit and copyrighted items.  You have to be careful.  Oh lord, someone joined in and started in on all the copyright laws, how it is illegal..I finally deleted my comment so I would cause a rukus.  

Start 214:  The Ball - I just got the upper left hand corner started

Thursday - August 3rd - This was the school Faculty lunch, and I had to get my hair cut!  I can't show you this chart because well....there is no picture.  You have to imagine it...I can't find the start...I will explain that in my next post.

Start 215:  Hinzit Mini State Chart -  This is done on Red Aida, with the blocks stitched in white - Razorback colors!!! Go Hogs!!!  Here are the charms that will be placed under each letter. There is a hog!!!

Friay - August 4th -  I banned my husband from the living room, spent the day watching Jane Austen movies and  Miss Marple from Agatha Christie  I worked on Faery Tales but my start for that day:

Start 216 - Bothy Threads - Cut through teashop

Saturday - August 5 -  Started the day with Allergy shots, when to a premiere jewelry party, groceries and a long nap!

Start 217:   Cherokee Alphabet.  I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian.  My grandmother was a full blood who spoke fluent Cherokee but refused to teach us because she though people would look down on us.  When I found this alphabet I had to stitch it!!

August 6- Another day with family and running errands.  I am tired!  
Start 218:  Cat Lessons by Lizzie Kate
Here is my first week in August!  I can't believe I am still going on my year of starts!!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Week - Starts 205-211

This past week was a busy one for me.  Luckily it rained off and on for a couple of days which helped with the heat.  It didn't help with the humidity.  Which isn't a problem for most but my natural curls went crazy!
Monday and Tuesday was spent in an Algebra workshop that was really hard!!   My brain hurt!   Brigen had to go to the vet  He had to get his teeth cleaned.  We have a fabulous vet!  Tiger Lily has one place on her body that she gets ticks and it is a really gross place.  When we were using the tick twister we realized she had worms!!  Luckily, our vet just sent home a prescription rather than us bringing her in for a visit and tests.   If you haven't heard of the tick twister from above...I highly recommend them!!!  Best $6 I have spent!!!

Speaking of Tiger Lily.....July 26th was her Gotcha day!!!  We celebrated adopting her one year ago!!!  The first picture is her now, and the second is a couple days after we adopted her.

This week I binged watched the final two seasons of Reign on Netflix!!  I love this series, even though I know how it ends for Mary Queen of Scots.  The dresses and jewelry were amazing!!  I really want their jewelry!!!

Faery Tales turned 10 this week and it got it's own post!  Let's see what all I have started this week.  My Mill Hill kits continue....

Start 205:  Mill Hill Ice Skates

Start 206: Mill Hill Nice

Start 207: Mill Hill Millinery Shoppe

Start 208: Pet Shoppe

Start 209: Flower shoppe

Start 210:  Mill Hill Puppy Paws 

Start 211:  Tea Time

WOW!!  I was busy this month!!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest WIP!!!

Faery Tales turned 10 years old on July 26th!!!  I can't believe I have had project not finished for 10 years!!!

Here it is in all it's glory!!!  I have finished 29 pages of it!!!   I am so thrilled!!!

Remember, I posted about the gingerbread house...well here is 1/2 of it completed.

The Goal is to finish it before it turns 11!!!  

July Week 3 Starts 198-204 - Another finish

Oh my,  it was so hot this week!!!  We had to keep the shades drawn, and stay inside.  The heat index was over 100 each day.  It was so hot that when you stepped outside it took your breath away!   My poor car had to go in the shop this week.  It was time for the 100,000 mile work and the bill made me cry!!  It was terrible....we can't do anything for a while!
This week I had a HUGE Thirty -one Close out sale. Since I am no longer a consultant, I had three years of purses and bags to find new homes!  I sold over 2/3's of them.  Just a small bit of them left.

This was a great stitching week!   I loved all my new starts!!!  Faery tales gave me a huge headache because I had to stitch a Gingerbread house.  I was in confetti hades!!  I really thought about throwing it out the window.  

I have another finish!!!!

All the stitching is finished...but I need to find some beads for the stars.
Here we go...Lets talk about starts:

Start 198:  Mill Hill Tea Room:

Start 199:  Forrest Tree

Start 200:  Reindeer Dog

Start 201: Old Fashioned Tree

Start 202: Mill Hill Jingle

Start 203:  Mill Hill Victorian Tree 

Start 204:  Mill Hill Star

As you can see, I have a little obsession with Mill Hill Kits.  Can you believe I have all the cute little trees but one!!!  I need to order myself the Silver Tree....Then I will have the entire set!

July Week 2: Starts 191 - 197 plus a finish

This was an exciting week!!  My final grade came in for my class and I made an A..that is right!!  I made an A on that 20 page paper!! I did a few happy dances!!  I went to the pool several days.  My hubby and I went on date night to the Crystal Bridges Museum.  The glass artist Chihuly had this wonderful glass exhibit in the museum and around the nature trails.  I took this photo off his website  this was just spectacular!

This week I worked on a couple extra pieces just for fun....I worked on

Bothy Threads - Jane Austen:  I outlined the flower, bird and added the word Jane.  Not much but every little bit counts!!

American Flag Sampler -  It is July, of course I had to pull this out and add stitches!

Are you wondering where Faery tales is???  That one gets its own post....It is so worth it!!!

My first three starts the last of my First Christmas series...Here is what the final project will look like...

Start 191:  Day 12

Start 192: Day 14

Start 193: Day 15

From here on out we are going to see my Mill Hill Obsession....Do not Judge

Start 194:  Mill Hill Cardinal Tree

Start 195:  Mill Hill Naughty ornament and this one lived up to his name....Had to start it three times!!!

Start 196: Mill Hill Ice Cream Shoppe - Yes, I dyed my own 14 count fabric because I am not big on perforated paper for the bigger designs.

Start 197  - Mill Hill Merry  Moose

I have another finish!!  I finished my Ronald McDonald Charity piece

There you have my week two!!!