Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 25

Hi all!!!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  My 15 or so magazines arrived today!!!   I can't wait to go through them.  I will be posting more later...I am wiped out!  I actually came home and fell asleep on the couch.  I got about 15 stitches in my new project...not much but it is a start:

Day 25:  Eek from JCS 2012 Halloween issue stitched on 28 count hand dyed purple by me.

Not  a lot of stitches but I did get a start!!!!

I will start showing off my magazines and magazine choices in the next few issues.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 24 - more new stash...

​​I opened my email this morning and I had won this award!!!  So Exciting!!   This was my first thought:

You ever have that time in your life that it doesn't matter what happens in it nothing is right?  You cannot please everyone and it is very tiring trying too.  It seems that is my work life right now!  

Halloween Stitching Day 24:  The Key - JSC 2016 stitched on hand dyed 28 count Monaco using Rit Dye

Not much of a start...just the top of the gate.  It was a long day and even longer evening.

What it will look like!

I was playing on Ebay and saw this chart!  it screamed BUY ME BUY I did!!  Look at the dollhouses!!  Aren't they cute??  it is called All Through the house!!

 Just love this one!!!

So cute!!!!

Until tomorrow!!  Heres hoping that the day will go better!!!

Halloween Stitching day 23 and in the dog house

This is the sentence I woke up too "Boys what have you done???  Your mommy is going to kill you"  That is never a good sentence for anyone but especially in my house because I never know what Gibbs, Bert, Tiger Lily or Brigen will do.  Today, I cried a little.  I was so mad at what I woke up to...see for yourself:

This is four of my Halloween starts scattered all over the floor.  Bobbins, eaten patterns (working copies thank goodness), fabric and torn ziplock bags....See the culprit below.  He is so guilty and in the doghouse!!  Brigen is so lucky that I love him!!!!

I was so frustrated but happy it was working copies so  I was able to copy those again today.  Today was a quick run to Wal-mart then back home.  I was still too frustrated to stitch so I pulled out my patterns to try and figure out the starts I was going to do.   Stitch Maynia  and Soulful Stitching Facebook groups already have their SAL's for next year posted and I am joining them next year.  I am doing the Stitching Blitz on Soulful stitching which is a new project every week.   I am a little crazy.  I won't lie, I had a slight anxiety attack when I was trying to organize for next year and I don't know why    I stopped, and pulled out the book I was reading.  What you ask?  I am currently reading Snobs written by Julian Fellowes.  He wrote Downtown Abbey...I am struggling with this book.  I just don't like the characters...I am only on page 63 of 265 so I need to give it some more time.   Right now it is free for your kindle if you want to try it.

Halloween Stitching Day 23: Halloween Pumpkins  JSC Halloween 2012 stitched on 28 count monaco handdyed by me in a dark purple using Rit Dye

As you can see I didn't get much done today.  

Here is what it will look like when finished. I think the purple fabric will be pretty.

I also worked this past week on AWH - Not much because it is tree confetti..I hate these trees!!!   I am going to look at the pattern and see where all the trees are so I can get them over with if possible.

Until tomorrow!  Have a great stitchy day!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Day 22 - Two projects as one!

I spent today in my college class.  I am getting my ESL Endorsement (English as a Second Language) which is something that I have always considered but just never signed up.  We are getting 12 college hours for this endorsement which will put me as Master plus 15 which will be a move up on the pay scale.  So this makes me very stressed and a happy at the same time.

I am so excited!!!  I am stitching the one project that I have wanted to stitch for a long time.  I admired these patterns for years but they were retired and never to be seen again unless you wanted to pay an arm and a leg on ebay.  Until a couple of years ago when the designers family gave permission to this one cross stitch shop permission to sell her designs.  I will enclose this information at the bottom of the post.

Halloween Stitching Day 22 - Judith Kirby Houses 9 and 15 together. Stitched on 28 count opalescent fabric that I dyed an evening blue.

This is the start of house 9...see the sparkles....

House 9

House 15

Here is the shop information if you are searching for these houses.   I bought them a couple of years ago.  

Until tomorrow!!!!

Halloween Day 21- It's Finally Friday!

You don' t know how happy I am that it is Friday!!  It has been one of those weeks and the sad thing is I still have school tomorrow!  I have my college class from 8 to 4:00 in a town 30 minutes away.

I am pretty proud of myself.  I set a goal this week that I would not purchase any to go meals this week and I help up that goal!!!   I cooked every night but Wednesday.  Wednesday my husband was on the golf course and offered to pick up dinner.  I am not going to object if he wants to buy me dinner!!!  I had shrimp tacos and they were great!!!!

I have been playing on Pinterest for new simple you have any recommendations???

Halloween Stitching Day 21:  Hallowed Halloween JCS Halloween 2015 - 28 Monaco fabric hand dyed using Rit Denim blue

Here is the pattern from the magazine.  I really didn't like the pale fabric with the pale I dyed my fabric a darker blue.

this is just the top of his nose.

It is midnight and I have an early class tomorrow so I will chat with you tomorrow!!!  Take care!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 20

It has been one of those days.  School was hectic because it is spirit week and the kids were dressed as their favorite characters.  Let me tell you, they were all characters!  LOL!!!

It is Thursday night, which means Project Runway night!!  I love this show!  It amazes me what they can create in a day.  I am like wow! Tim Gunn is a very handsome man, so polished, put together.  My husband made me a deal...If I would make him some popcorn, he would move to the bedroom.  I agreed to this deal.  Right when they were examining the outfits of the highs/low scores my cable box shut off!  What the heck?  Seems the box in the bedroom was giving my husband trouble so he called the cable company who remotely restarted all the boxes!!  WHAT?????    It seems the cable box needs to be replaced which wouldn't be a problem but it has all my movies stored on there!!

I told DH that I would spend the weekend stitching and watching all my movies so he could switch out the box. Hmm...what a horrible way to spend the weekend.  Stitching, watching hallmark movies, masterpiece theater movies... I will bite the bullet for my husband.

Stitching Day 20: Sit for a Spell by The Cricket Collection No. 316 - stitched on some type of mint green funky fabric that just feels weird.

The start of the first can't see it because it is stitched with 3866. 

 This is just so cute!!!!

So happy that tomorrow is Friday!  I got an email today reminding me of my college class that is meeting on Saturday  from 8 to 3:30!!!  Going to be a long day!!!

Have a great stitchy day tomorrow and I will chat with you then.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Stitching Day 19

Let's just say I cannot believe I have been doing this for 19 days!!!    It has been a day!!!  We gave the PSAT test today to all 10th graders. This is like a pre-test for the SAT test.   So if you were testing you were relocated to a new classroom which is what happened to me.  It was just one thing after another and one my kids actually told me to "Eat a Snickers, you aren't yourself today!"  It was not good.

A big storm is moving in and I have had a horrible headache all day!   On the good side...for the past 3 days I have reached over 10,000 steps!!1 YAY Me!!!!  I went to Walgreens to pick up my new prescription inhaler.  The retail cost was $343!!!  I about died!!  My insurance brought it down to $40 and the doctor gave me a coupon for cost ......$0!!!!  I was in heaven!!!

Day 19 Stitching -  Ezmeralda's house by Bright Needle (RETIRED) This goes for big bucks on Ebay and someone posted it on Stash Unload for $12 and I said " me me me!!!"  really fast!!!

Photo taken from Google...
The house called for WDW - Tin Roof....I checked it on 123stitch and I really didn't like it.   So I changed it.  It is a witch's house!!  The house has be somewhat spooky.  I had my hubby pick from 2 threads and he picked:

blueberry......I like it.  The fabric is a 32 opalescent Joblean from Silkweavers.   Even though she is a witch..she has to sparkle!!

Since I have such a headache, DH asked if  I was sleeping in the bed or the couch.   I said couch!   Couch is more comfortable when my head hurts.  No animals to jump on me....just me and the couch.  Weird...but I sleep better without all the noise, animals and DH snoring.

Night all!!!  Until tomorrow!