Monday, June 30, 2014

Stitch From Stash June and LONG update!!!

Wow!!  June has flown by!!  I guess it didn't help that I school went until June 10th this year!  I had 2 days off then it was back to workshops!!  I did take a whirlwind trip to Disney but that is later!  

Here is my Augusta piece!    This is my Stitch From Stash   I have been working on my Augusta the 13th hole piece. I started this piece back in 2007.  I think 7 years is a long time to have as a UFO!!!  I have been stitching up a storm on it!  I have 8 pages left!!!  The best part....the final 4 pages are only a 1/2 page each!! YAY!!!!!!  I spent NOTHING this month on stash!  I haven't had time!!! 

What I have been up to!!!

It was a very stressful school year and I had one of my friends call me at the first week of June only to say, "I want to go to Disney...will you go with me???"  What a silly question....she had some timeshare points and I have a father in law who works for Disney and he can get us in free!!!  So we planned a whirlwind trip!  We left on Wednesday the 18th, drove 18 hours and arrived on Thursday!  We relaxed, played in the parks and finally came home on Sunday.  My friend was so generous, that she shared her summer cold with me!  When I got home,  I had to go straight to the doctor and get on Antibiotics!  

Right now,  I am sitting in a dorm room on the University of Arkansas campus at my Math and Physics workshop.   My husband is married to a "college" student again!   I get to be here for a week, then off to Denver for my Thirty-One Conference.  After  I get home from Denver,  I am hosting a Thirty-one party and then jetting off to Las Vegas for my Cross Stitch retreat!!!! YAY!!!   After Vegas, I can finally relax a couple of weeks before I start back to work.   This is a very busy summer!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stitch From Stash May Report

May was a very a great month!!!  I did not spend a dime on stash!!!  YaY me!!!!   I have been working on my Mystic Stitch -Augusta the 13th hole.  One of the new things I did was actually grid my fabric with bright green thread...making my BAP go a lot faster!!!

So No money spent for the month of May!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished a page and Naughty doggies!

YAY!!!!  I finally finished page 5 of Augusta the 13th hole!!  I didn't think I would ever finish it due to so many issues!  

First, my q-snaps cracked!!!  I guess it is time to buy new ones!  Luckily, I had a back up set!  

Then, I came home from work and found that someone had eaten my ENTIRE pattern!!!  I had my working copies but they ate my symbols page!  I emailed Mystic Stitch and they were kind enough to send me another pattern since I did have this picture to show!

My Cross Stitch Thirty-One retreat will be starting on Friday Night..let me know if you want to attend!!!  I will be posting the Bingo Words on Wednesday, May 14.  I just ordered a couple of prizes to be given away.  I also will be giving away some stitching items!!!  IF you live international, you can have the items shipped to my house and I will ship them to you!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Stitch From Stash

I know I posted these earlier but I did some shopping this month!!  I bought:

The Little Charts were $15.00 each so that is $30.  The big chart was $34 rounded up.  Which is a total of:
$64 with my $40.00 GC I got for my birthday which doesn't count towards my budget according to the rules...I spent $23.00.  $2.00 under my $25 budget!!!   Only spending $23 in stitching is great!!!

Stitching Retreat:
Don't forget that I am hosting a Thirty-One Stitching Retreat on my Yahoo group on May 16-18  This is the International Hermit Stitching Weekend.  There will be Stitching Prizes and Thirty-One prizes!!!  Please click here to join the retreat!!  Invite your friends!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finished a Page and Stitching Retreat

I finished a page on my Augusta the 13th hole!  I am not sure how much longer I will on this one since I pulled out a Disney Kit I want to start!  I need fabric for my kit since it came with Aida and there are lot of 1/2 and 1/4 stitches so I want to stitch it on an evenweave.  

Stitching Retreat:
I will be hosting a Thirty -One Stitching retreat on my Yahoo Group - Vickie's Totes and More   The retreat will be May 16-18 which is our Hermit Weekend.  I will be giving away stitching prizes and Thirty-One prizes!!!    I hope you can attend...please click my link to join and feel free to share this with other stitchers!  You don't have to purchase to win prizes!!!!  

Thirty-One Special!

I LOVE being a consultant!  I found myself staying home a lot and just keeping to myself. By joining Thirty-one, I am out and about meeting people.  I have already earned my joining fee back!!!!!  The month of May we will be Celebrating  Nurses an Teachers with this wonderful Icon with a cute quote!!!  If your are one of my overseas friends and would like to order a stitching bag, you can have it shipped to me and I will ship it to you!!!  

If you have a teacher or nurse you would like to celebrate please let me know!!!  I will be happy to help you celebrate....just leave me a comment and I will get back with you immediately!!!! 

UPdate on me!

I told you that my depression was really bad this winter and now my summer clothes don't fit!  I gave away all my clothes when I lost my weight last summer. Now, I am in a pickle because nothing fits!!!  I am back on my diet again.  Which is really hard because my darling husband is eating Hershey kisses as I type this post!  I love Hershey kisses but I want my pants to fit more!!! 

Still waiting to hear about my student loans so please remember this in your prayers or send good thoughts my way!!!  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Disney Shopping and The Masters!!

WOW!!  Two-weeks since I updated my blog!  I have been busy!! First thing, please send positive thoughts to the universe or say a quick prayer because I applied to have 80% of my student loans forgiven because I work with special needs students!!!!  I won't know anything for 60 days!!!

 I have a small finish to show off...Isn't Bambi just the cutest?????  

I know I am involved in the Stitch from Stash but my Uncle gave me a GC for my birthday (which was in February) this past month.  I was in Hobby Lobby minding my own business when these 3 kits just jumped in my cart and begged to come home with me!!!!! So I couldn't deny them!! My GC was for $40 and all three kits with the HL discount totaled:  $23 so I am under budget since I used Birthday Money!!!

The Masters tournament was this weekend so I dug out my Augusta the 13th hole to work is nothing but trees and a tiny bit of sky!!

My new Thirty-One adventure has been keeping me busy.  DH asked me why I am doing this and my reason for him is that I enjoy meeting knew people and getting out of the house  My REAL why, which I am keeping secret from him, is because I want to surprise him with a $0.00 balance on my student loans!!!  If they are forgiven then I need have 200 - $200 parties!  Doing this, we will be completely out of debt...No Car payment or student Loan payments!!!! This is my goal!!!!

Would anyone be interested in an Online Stitching Retreat the weekend of May 16-18?  It would be held in my Thirty-One yahoo group.  There will be stitching prizes along with some Thirty-one product prizes.  This is the Stitchers Hermit weekend so we will all be stitching!  I will have HS graduation Saturday morning (8th year in a row to graduate and they keep making me come back!) but the rest of the weekend will be stitching and chatting!!!  

Let me know if are interested...invite a friend!  It will be fun! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Finished!!!

My DVD of Frozen came in the mail this week and I have already watched it 4 times!  I LOVE this movie!!  I found this quote online and it is the question I have to ask myself.   When dealing with depression, I find myself afraid of doing things because I might fail.  One of the things I have done to help myself is to become a Thirty-One Consultant.   Yes, I know I say this all the time...but I am LOVING my new part time job!  I get share my love of bags with my friends and family!!!  It has made me come out of my shell a little since I have to talk about the products not to mention, I have to ask people what they want to order and if they want to book a party!!    I have 5 parties line up for April so far and I am thrilled!!!!  I have even gotten my first commission check for 3 hours worth of work...I am very excited!!!!   The new April special is out and if you work need to talk to me about the special!  

I finished my friend Janeth's quilt this week!!!!  I had a very TINY spring break because we made up two snow days on Monday and Tuesday.  My goal was to finish her quilt.   I love how the embroidered blocks turned out!

This is the Back of Quilt

Front of quilt

Whole front of Quilt

Remember the eagle quilt I made for my Uncle's Christmas present??  My great aunt Josie, fell in LOVE with it and it almost took it home with her!!  So I promised to make her a quilt of her own.  Since my machine was in the shop for so long, I finally was able to cut it out and get it arranged the way I wanted....

Don't you just LOVE the colors????  I hope to finish it this week!!!!

 I am stitching a Bambi ornament this week....hopefully I can finish it!