365 starts for 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week one of Year of starts with finishes!!!!

HI everyone!  I hope you have had a great stitchy week.  Mine was busy!!  I can tell you this year of starts is going to be interesting. I was able to start 8 new projects!!!!  There was a reason I started so many.  I didn't realize how many new 2017 SAL's I joined in my Facebook Groups.  I only spend 30 minutes on a new start.  I have figured out a rotation system...it might not make sense to you but I think it will work for me.

As I said I only spend 30 minutes a day on my new starts, then I put them away.  I then pull out a WIP to work on for the week.  Here is how my rotation is going to be for the month:
Week 1:  Halloween Project -this goes with the Trick or Treat SAL for Stitch Maynia
Week 2:  Christmas/Winter project - goes along with a SAL Stitch Maynia and another group
Week 3-  One of my Miras, L & L -  Just a pretty lady
Week 4 -  Designer Sals - Cloud Factory and Frosted Pumpkin
Weekend Stitching: I will work on 2 full coverage pieces for 2 to 3 hours

I am picking a project that I want to finish by the end of year.  I hope to have several finishes this year.   Which, I already have 3!!!  I finished the head, dress and her shoes.

Faery Tales Update:  I try and work on this at least 3 times a week....here is this weeks progress.  This is also my HAED Challenge 4 piece...I just have to stitch this whole page.

New Starts:

Day 2 Start:  Brook Books Bride Ornaments - Home

Day 3 start- Xmas Stats here and I started with day 1

Day 4 start - First Christmas Wall hanging - I started with the upper left corner. The Alphabet Blocks.

Day 6 Start:  Brooke Brooks Advent Animal Calendar = Katie Kitty  Free download

I wasn't sure if I showed this one or not...Sue Hillis 12 Days of Stitchers Christmas.  I was in a daily SAL on Stitch Maynia...I didn't get all 12 days in there!

Day 8 - Mill Hill Country Church    If you look under the words country church you can barely make out a ecru blob. I started on the church

Day 7 Mill Hill Book Seller 

Day 5: Disney Dreams Snow White.  I am staring one of these on the 5th of every month since Walt Disney's birthday is December 5th.  

Middle Earth Wednesday - I am working on this HUGE chart every Wednesday since that is the middle of the week.   I ran out of DMC 920 so I need to run by Hobby Lobby to pick some up.

Weekend Stitching this week:

Victorian Christmas Eve:

This is the upper left hand corner.  I worked on this Sunday afternoon.  I probably would have gotten more done if Bert hadn't convinced me we needed to take a cat nap! 

A Wintery Heirloom - HAED.  Yes... I am still working on this one even though I cringe when it is time.  I am going to finish this design!!!

 Here is my progress...Mark and I were binge watching Dexter on Netflix so not as many stitches on it. I did put in some!  Every stitch counts!!

That was my first week!!!!!    Until Next week!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Stitching Plans

Let me start off by saying I am completely insane!   I have decided that this year, I am going to attempt the Stitch Maynia Year of Starts.   One new project everyday for the entire year!!!  That is 365 New starts to go with the 46 WIPS I have started already.  I am insane!!!  I have no idea how I am going to do my rotation. The Heaven and Earth Facebook Group has a new Challenge starting today.  Start a fresh page on your current Haed, or start a new Haed which has at least 7,300 stitches on it.  You have to finish the page by April 1st (I think) and you win a free HAED chart picked for this challenge.   Here is my challenge piece - Faery Tales page 24.  

The one finish I plan on having this year is Faery Tales.  I started it in 2007 and I want to finish it by the end of 2017. I think 10 years is long enough on this project!  

Today I have actually 2 new starts.  They both met all my Facebook Groups Stitch Along January 1st:

Joan Elliots - Dollhouse

Tilton Crafts - Up on the Rooftop

There are several project I am doing that is a series which will count as one new start each month.  The series I am starting are as follows:

Windows SAL that started in 2014.  I found this series one night on Frimousse blog.  I feel in love with it when I saw it!!!

I am also starting Brooke Books Birthday Cake series you can get for free from the Craftsy Website.
Stitchy Box is offering 12 Quaker Cakes from AuryTM designs.  They aren't too bad for a monthly subscription.

I am starting Brooke Books Advent Animals.  This picture was taken from Brookes Facebook group for the Animal Stitch Along. It was stitched by Stephanie W. She did an amazing job!  I am using is just show what the design will look like when finished.  I am stitching mine on one piece of fabric also.

I am also participating in 2 Mystery SALs:
Frosted Pumpkins - Happily Ever After designs.  On the 15th of each month, a new design is emailed to me.

Come back each Sunday and see my new starts for the week along with whatever WIPS I have pulled out for me to work on for this week. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

overdue udate

Hi everyone!!  It has been awhile since I posted.  I had my procedure and received the results this past week.  The tests came back as abnormal levels of acid in my system.  The way they explained it too me is that the levels from the electrode should be 0 to 14. I was an overachiever with levels of 26.9.  The GI doctor has recommended surgery to fix this issue.  However, I see the allergist on Wednesday evening and the lung doctor on Thursday. I hope once my doctor has all the facts we can come up with  plan to get me well again.


I have a small finish - I finished Trick or treat pals!!! Turned out so cute!!

I stitched more on Ella the Princess Frog...Not much but a few stitches

Victorian Christmas Eve
Here is my start on that design...

I have always loved this design. It is from a Just Cross Stitch magazine, I will post which one later.  To be honest, I am too tired to go find out!!

I actually think this is sideways....I am stitching it on 16 count Christmas Green Fabric.

I worked some on Eek.  I finished a pumpkin and started another one.  

On Thanksgiving day, I started my Disney Thanksgiving pattern.  I stitched a turkey!!!

This weekend, I started Mini Teddy Bear Tree

This week I spent most of the time working on Princess Grace.  I love this design and just feel like working on it for a while.
I have some new stash to show but will do that later this week...there is a lot!!!  I mean a lot!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Glad last week is in the books

Last week was terrible!!!   I am so glad it is in the books.  I missed not one but 3 homework assignments that were due!!!  OMG!!!  In my defense when they added these dates to my class I was home with Pneumonia and they didn't post the changed dates.  So I had to rush around and get things finished.  Have you ever had a supervisor  think you are doing your job wrong, call you  in to talk to you about it, then when you try to explain, they talk over you.  You then decide your best bet is to just be quiet and agree with them?  That was me this week....I am just frustrated.

Please say a prayer for me on Wednesday.  I have to go into the hospital for a small out patient procedure.  As  I told my students,  they are going to put a camera down my throat, place an electrode in my esophagus  to see if the acid in my stomach is coming into my lungs as I sleep.  After this, I get to carry around a black box that will read the electrode.   I get to be a science experiment until Friday!   Fun times!!!

New Stash:  I found this off Ebay and won a it at a great price!!!

Stitching Updates:    Not much to accomplished because not much stitching time but....

This past week I worked on:

Witch One - 4 part series and I finished one part!!! Yay me!!!

Faery Tales - I was able to put in a couple hundred stitches.  Moving slowly but every stitch counts right???

Princess Grace -  I was able to put in a few stitches in the base.  

New Start:  Winter Wonderland:   As you can see...not much accomplished but I was able to put in 100 stitches:

My Plans for this week include:

I will have Two new starts:

Pooh's Christmas Tree - Disney Catalog Ebay Find

Victorian Christmas Eve - Saturday Project

My Three WIP's I will be Working on are:

Mirabilia Ella - Thursday/Friday Project 

Trick or Treat Pals -  Tuesday/Wednesday Project

Hot Air Balloon Santa - Sunday  

Mom and I are going to Branson MO to look at the lights and do some Christmas shopping.   Plus she is going to buy me my Christmas present. We are going to Celia's Samplers on Monday and my Christmas Present this year is going to be:

A Whole New World -  All 5 patterns and 5 handdyed fabrics!!!!!   What a great present!!!   

Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Starts and a crazy insane plan!

It feels weird to not be posting every day!!  I decided to do one more Halloween start just because I love the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney so I thought I would stitch a Mill Hill Haunted mansion. I worked some on it this week but I have to admit something.  I am hooked on 3 video games on my Ipad/Iphone.  The first is Disney Magic Kingdom where you build your own magic kingdom. Second,  Disney Tsum Tsums where you make chains of Disney Characters and finally Disney Emjoi where when you unlock a character you have a Disney emjoi for your phone text messages.   

I realized something..I am so addicted that it is interferring with my Stitching so I am having to limit my time on these two games.  I just stopped cold turkey the Emjoi one because this is one I was spending so much time on.  I had to stop!!!  

Can you please send up good thoughts for little Tiger Lily?  She is spayed on Tuesday and declawed.   I didn't want to declaw her but she won't let me hold her to clip her nails or put the little caps on here.  I pick her up and she does everything she can to get down.  I blame this because she was abandoned when she was little and never shown love.  She will just now sleep by me when I put favorite blanket on me. 
On to stitching!!!!

Here is my 2nd start this week.  This chart has been in my stash for 2 years and I finally the heck with it I am going to start it.  It is called: An Afternoon Embroidering.  The chart is only 98 pages ...that is all
Here is my first 100 stitches...most of these stitches are blended.  There are 1 page of blended threads!!!!

I put in 400 stitches in A Wintery Heirloom...I really hate trees!!!!!

I sat down this weekend and went through my charts, magazines, kits and planned out all 52 new starts for next year.  Then I realized I forgot to add in my Disney Dreams kits...so I am going to start a new Disney Dreams kit on the 5th of every month in honor of Walt Disney Birthday.  I am going to stitch them in order of the movie release so the first one in January will be Snow White.

I have created a google spreadsheet with all the projects names, stitchcount, percentage stitched and pages.  I am a nerd...I love seeing the numbers.

Here is my stitching plan:  I am going to start a new project every Monday from now until January 2018.   I am only going to spend about a 30 to 60 minutes on this project each Monday.  Then the rest of the day will be on a SAL piece which will probably be my Brookes Books Dress up SAL.   Tuesday/Wednesday  and  Thursday/Friday will be a different WIP. Saturday and Sunday will be two different projects that have at least 100,000 stitches in the project.- A HAED, My Golden Kite..etc.

Here are my projects this week:

New start on Monday:  Santas Workshop by the Disney Catalog and will be stitched on white opalescent.  This was an EBAY find.  I have told a friend she can borrow the chart when I am finished.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Princess Grace - I will be working on the Vase Base and Pillars.

Thursday/Friday:  Witch One - Hopefully I can finish a couple of these pieces.

Saturday:  I am digging out Faery Tales - I took a month off so hopefully I will enjoy stitching it again.   I will be at the bottom near the giant Goldfish.

Sunday:  I am starting Winter Wonderland.  I planned to start it this year but I have just never got around to it....This was a Christmas present from my sister.

This is my stitch plan for the week!!!  Let's see what can happen!!