Monday, October 27, 2014

October Update - Augusta

Check it out!!!! Augusta is two pages away from being finished!!!!  I am so excited!!!   I am so ready for this to be finished....

Look at my early Christmas present from the best uncle in the world!!!!  It is a Disney Tree where Mickey spins around the castle and the trains go in circles, the princesses dance.  It is just amazing!!!!  I love it!!  It plays Christmas songs and lights up.  I am in heaven!!!

Just wanted to show you a cute picture of Gibbs.  He has now decided that he can't lay on the couch unless he has a pillow.  My baby is not spoiled in the least.  Bert has been up to no good this week.  He has killed 3 chipmunks this week.  I know he just wanted to play with them but I think he scared them to death!  Poor little guys!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Augusta Update

I have been working very hard on my Augusta pattern this week.  I have 5 Half pages to go and this design will be finished!!!! 

I had to take a sick day this week.  I finally gave in to my allergies!  They are horrible.  I did wind up taking a 5 hour nap...that was nice.  I have to go back to work tomorrow and I think I could use another day off!  I am loving all the new fall shows that are coming back!  I have to say that Castle was one of the top ones I was waiting on...then I was so confused on the episode.  

I went to my LNS and the owner has decided to turn the store into a crafters mall where crafters rent out a seciont of the store to sell thier crafted items.  So I blew my SFS budget for October  I spent $39 and bought 2 fat quarters of fabric and 3 magazines.  I know for certain that I don't have the one in the first picture...

Now these two...wasn't sure if I have them or not...if I do then I will be having some type of contest next week..stay tuned!!!

Modification to my September SFS...I won a $100 GC to Amazon a few weeks ago. I had a balance of $72 on it.  I  bolt of 28 count Monaco cloth. There are 10 yards of fabric on this bolt.  I plan on using this fabric for my Disney Dreams Kits.  I don't really care for the fabric that comes in the kits since it is Aida...I love aida but not for these kits.  They have too many half and quarter stitches!   

Bolt of fabric:  $92.00 - GC of $72 = My cost:  $20.00 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash September and Disney

This is my Stitch from Stash September report along with a little Disney mixed into the post. I am still trudging along on my Augusta design.  Do you realize I started this in bored and stopped working on it???   I decided it was time to finish plus, I got tired of  DH asking about his golf piece!  I have 1 whole page and 4 half pages left.....So happy to have this finished!!

Sistine Chapel Decision --- I heard from the designer who told me to work other sections of the design and make my mistake fit.... that makes me nervous....but I am going to work a few more scenes to see what happens.   

I have been learning about Essential Oils.  I went to a class in late August and became hooked!!!  I ordered the whole kit just to get the discount but now I find that I am actually a consultant with this company along with being a Thirty-One Consultant...not sure how that is going to work??  However...I LOVE my oils.   I have been using the one for pain on my dog because of his sore hip...and he is doing better!!!  This thrills me!!!  I use my Peace and Calming in my classroom...things are great!!!  Do any of you use essential oils?? Do you have a favorite?

It seems we are in for another snowy winter...all the persimmon seeds have small spoons in them which means a wet snowy winter.    In case you are scratching your head this is what I am talking about.  See those spoons in the seeds????   That means snow..lots of snow!!! UGH!!!!

So,  I was in Sams the other day (Sams is like a Costco) and saw Mickey Footed Jammies!!!  I just ha to have them!!!  They will keep me nice and snug this winter!!!!  I bought the red ones...the solid black Minnie's would show all my doggie fur!!


Yesterday,  We drove to the Tulsa State Fair to see Disney on Ice - Let's Celebrate!   Loved it!!!  Here are just a few pictures of the show. Ice skaters just amaze me!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sistine Chapel Uh-Oh

Before I get into my UH-Oh...let's start out with great news...I got my biopsy results back and I do not have skin cancer on my nose!  I was pretty certain that it wasn't nothing but it is better to be safe than sorry.   When I went back to school on Monday it was a great teaching moment.  My kids pointed out that I had a red scab on my nose so I had to tell them what happened.

I got some stitching mail this week!!!!   I had run out of certain DMC colors to finish my husbands Augusta 13th hole golf project.  So I ordered them from 123stitch.  I spent $7.50 (rounding up) on DMC now I can finish his present!!   

Need Advice please!!! Please send me your suggestions!!!!

 Below is my Sistine chapel.  I checked and double check the stitching when I started the new scene.  I finished one page and then moved to the second page...The first page was the border and brown left triangle portion...the next page was the colors, rest of the triangle and the devil.  however....I am off by 2 rows!!!  I have no idea how this happened!  I have emailed the designer for help because the book said that the devil sections may not line up correctly.  So would you move to a different scene and then work your way back down to see if you could find your mistake or rip out two pages and start again???? 

This is  a better close up..see were the purple lines start on the top right???  they should be 2 rows up!  UGH!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sistine Chapel -Jonah Scene

I had to take a sick day today because I had to have a small cyst removed from my nose.  The last thing I needed to do was to go to work with a band-aid on my nose.  My High School kids would have a field day with that!!!!  So I took a sick day...which I am glad I did.  I did not realize how much pain I would be in after the numbing medicine wore off!!!  I should have the results from the biopsy in a couple of weeks.  The doctor doesn't think it is skin cancer but they are checking just to be on the safe side!!

I spent the afternoon napping and got some stitching done as well.   I finished another scene on my Sistine chapel.  Below you will see the Three completed scenes and then the one I finished tonight.  I have 42 scenes to go and only  322 pages left!!!    My next scene is 12 pages long....sigh.....

So excited that the new fall Thirty-One catalog has come out.  Check out all the bags I won for my fall home shows!!!  I worked my behind off but I won over 22 bags!!!  LOVE them all!!!  I have provided a link so you can see the new catalog.  We have a new feature on website that lets you see what your personalization will look like before you order!!!!

School is going well just a little busy.   I am on the evaluation schedule that the principal has to observe me several times so I have seen him more this year than in the past years combined.   All is well though.....I have decided there is no need to stress over his visits...all will be fine!

Not sure if  have told you guys what Bert my cat has been up too....but he has managed to catch and bring into my house 3 LIVE bats!!!!!  I have let my Dear Husband deal with those critters. I haven't figured out how or where he is catching them especially since the cat is declawed!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Stitch from Stash

WOW!!!  It has been over a month since I updated my blog.   School has started back and I have just lost all track of time.   Below is my Augusta Design.  I have finished another page.  I only have 6 more to go!!!!  I cannot wait to be finished with this design.  I spent $0.00 this month!!!!!

In July, I went on a cross stitch retreat.   I mentioned this in my last post.  I was able to get several Mill Hill kits to go in my collections.  The store didn't have the last 3 kits I needed to complete my collection so I placed them on order.  I am still waiting....sigh...but I do love the ones I purchased!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where to Start.....

This has been the hardest two weeks in a long time!  I went to my Thirty_One Conference in Denver earlier this month and it was amazing!!!  I joined Thirty-One to help pay off my student loans, who knew that this was going to be very life changing for me. Denver was amazing and I had a ball....the picture below is me dressed up for the formal dinner.

This is Stinkbug...he is our new Chillious Thermal that will only be available in August...We also have a Monkey, Owl and little bird all with matching ice packs!!  Let me know if you just need one of this next month!

Heartbreaking news:  

Getting up on Sunday morning, I checked my phone and found a Facebook message from one of my recently graduated students.   He let me know that one of my ducklings who just graduated drowned in the lake the previous evening.  Needless to say I was in shock and tears.  I was in a different state and things needed to get done!  Luckily, one of my co-workers was able to contact people for me and went with me to  visit his parents.  The memorial was this weekend (long family drama that it is just too much to get into) and it was just so hard.   I just broke down when I saw his picture along with his diploma, cap and gown.   We worked so hard to get that diploma and he was so proud.  I walked into my classroom earlier this week and saw my board with my seniors signatures still on it.....I cried!  Someone is going to have to clean my board for me because I just can't do it.  

Stitching Note: 

I went to Vegas for a Cross stitching retreat!!!  It was so much fun!!!  On Thursday, Karin and I went to Stitchers Paradise where I spent a little too much money.  I am taking this month as my free pass on the Stitch for Stash.   I will post pictures later of what I bought.  We went to our friends Betty's house for dinner on Thursday.  Heat - 110 degrees

Friday, Karin, Betty and I went to Hoover Damn, Disney outlets (go figure), Sushi for lunch,  Gelatto at the Bellagio hotel, Stitching in the hotel room along then off to the Excalibur food court for dinner.  Heat - 117 degrees

On Saturday, we went back to Stitchers Paradise, The Popcorn girl for some fantastic popcorn!  I bought Salt and Vinegar; Dill Pickle; Oreo; Nutter Butter; Mac and Cheese and something else...I can't remember and since Jag is only my lap, I can't get up.   After that, we went back to the hotel because the heat just drained us.  We took a 2 hour was nice.  We walked over to the Luxor for the Buffet and spent the rest of the evening stitching. Heat - 104 degrees

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!!!!

Finished page 8 of Augusta

Bert is helping me get ready to deliver Thirty-One orders

Hoover Dam!

Famous Vegas Sign!

I have 16 ornaments left to stitch this year!!!!!