Sunday, April 13, 2014

Disney Shopping and The Masters!!

WOW!!  Two-weeks since I updated my blog!  I have been busy!! First thing, please send positive thoughts to the universe or say a quick prayer because I applied to have 80% of my student loans forgiven because I work with special needs students!!!!  I won't know anything for 60 days!!!

 I have a small finish to show off...Isn't Bambi just the cutest?????  

I know I am involved in the Stitch from Stash but my Uncle gave me a GC for my birthday (which was in February) this past month.  I was in Hobby Lobby minding my own business when these 3 kits just jumped in my cart and begged to come home with me!!!!! So I couldn't deny them!! My GC was for $40 and all three kits with the HL discount totaled:  $23 so I am under budget since I used Birthday Money!!!

The Masters tournament was this weekend so I dug out my Augusta the 13th hole to work is nothing but trees and a tiny bit of sky!!

My new Thirty-One adventure has been keeping me busy.  DH asked me why I am doing this and my reason for him is that I enjoy meeting knew people and getting out of the house  My REAL why, which I am keeping secret from him, is because I want to surprise him with a $0.00 balance on my student loans!!!  If they are forgiven then I need have 200 - $200 parties!  Doing this, we will be completely out of debt...No Car payment or student Loan payments!!!! This is my goal!!!!

Would anyone be interested in an Online Stitching Retreat the weekend of May 16-18?  It would be held in my Thirty-One yahoo group.  There will be stitching prizes along with some Thirty-one product prizes.  This is the Stitchers Hermit weekend so we will all be stitching!  I will have HS graduation Saturday morning (8th year in a row to graduate and they keep making me come back!) but the rest of the weekend will be stitching and chatting!!!  

Let me know if are interested...invite a friend!  It will be fun! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quilt Finished!!!

My DVD of Frozen came in the mail this week and I have already watched it 4 times!  I LOVE this movie!!  I found this quote online and it is the question I have to ask myself.   When dealing with depression, I find myself afraid of doing things because I might fail.  One of the things I have done to help myself is to become a Thirty-One Consultant.   Yes, I know I say this all the time...but I am LOVING my new part time job!  I get share my love of bags with my friends and family!!!  It has made me come out of my shell a little since I have to talk about the products not to mention, I have to ask people what they want to order and if they want to book a party!!    I have 5 parties line up for April so far and I am thrilled!!!!  I have even gotten my first commission check for 3 hours worth of work...I am very excited!!!!   The new April special is out and if you work need to talk to me about the special!  

I finished my friend Janeth's quilt this week!!!!  I had a very TINY spring break because we made up two snow days on Monday and Tuesday.  My goal was to finish her quilt.   I love how the embroidered blocks turned out!

This is the Back of Quilt

Front of quilt

Whole front of Quilt

Remember the eagle quilt I made for my Uncle's Christmas present??  My great aunt Josie, fell in LOVE with it and it almost took it home with her!!  So I promised to make her a quilt of her own.  Since my machine was in the shop for so long, I finally was able to cut it out and get it arranged the way I wanted....

Don't you just LOVE the colors????  I hope to finish it this week!!!!

 I am stitching a Bambi ornament this week....hopefully I can finish it!

Stitch from Stash -March 2014

I was frustrated with my Sistine Chapel so I pulled out little Thumper here.....He was fun to stitch and I had all the supplies on hand!

So far, I have done a GREAT job stitching from my stash.  I did not spend a dime this month!  So far I have banked:  $75.00 for the past 3 months of not spending anything on Stash.  

This was supposed to be posted by the 28th of  March...however,  I was focused on finishing a quilt and lost track of the days.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sistine chapel and other whatnots

Wow!  What a week!  We had to go to school on Saturday this week due to all the days we missed for snow.  We have missed a total of 13 days so far!  We have made up 3 of the days by coming to school on 2 holidays and now a Saturday.   We have 10 more days to make up as of right now we will be going until the middle of June sigh....  

I finished a page on Sistine Chapel and I have put it up.  I love the piece but I need a break from it.  I am just not enjoying working on it.  I find ways to avoid stitching because I see it there.  So today I cut fabric, gathered floss for all 20 Disney ornaments I need to stitch up.  I am going to work on small projects for a while....isn't that shocking????

Here it is, Sistine chapel, all packed away in its very own Thirty One bag!  This is the Super Organizing Tote which is on sale right now for 50% off!!!!  You can join my Thirty One Stitching group or my Thirty one Facebook group.   Both are closed groups where I just tell you about what specials are going on with Thirty-One.  You don't have to buy, you can just be inspired!!!

Back of Super Organizing Tote

Front of Super Organizing Tote
 It started sleeting and snowing today so I spent the day in my sewing room working on embroidery quilt blocks.  Just a couple more to go before I can put this quilt together!  

Love this teacup design!

This coffee grinder and cup is really cute too!!

So I bought new twistable colored pencils to use with my stitching My highlighters were going out so I decided to try these because they look like so much fun!   Would you count them as Stash? Since I am in the Stitch from Stash group....would you count this against my monthly budget???

Yal'll have a great week!  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Adventure in my life

March specials!

As you know I LOVE Thirty-One products!!!!! In the past year I have had 3 parties and attended at least 5 more. To say I am obsessed is a slight exaggeration!!!  I finally decided to do something positive in my life!  I have become a Thirty-One Consultant!!!  I am  little anxious, nervous and very excited!

I hate pushy sales people....that is the one thing I was concerned about. You know those people I am talking about, they continually call you, email you about buying something??  They annoy me.  So I am not going to be a pushy salesperson. I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or pressured.  I know several of my friends do NOT have a facebook account, will never have a facebook account so with them in mind I created a special Yahoo Group.

Vickie's Totes and More

This group will just be me posting the new sales for the months.  If you want to host an online party, catalog party or just order something that is great!  If you want to lurk, look and drool, that is fine too!

I plan to hold a stitching retreat on the weekend of March 21-23 as my Introduction to Thirty-One.  There will be stitching prizes and a Thirty-one prize.  I will have plenty of stitching games and it is a drop in retreat.   If you find something that you would like to purchase that would be awesome!  If you don't then that is fine too!   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Embroidery Weekend!!!

If you have to be stuck in your house due to snow, you might as well be busy!   Friday night DH left for his guys trip to Vegas so I transformed the living room!!!!    I moved my embroidery machine into the living room so I could watch movies and embroidery at the same time.  
Gibbs was missing his daddy in this picture....he usually lays here with his head in Marks lap.
One of my friends asked me to make her a embroidered block quilt.  Since my machine has been out of commission, I was very busy weekend!

variegated thread cabin

sewing block

snowy wolf

snowy cabin in the woods

Hot coffee snowman!

Winter Cardinal in flight

Cardinals by the mailbox

Sewing quote...this picture does not due it justice!!  I tried to get a better picture.

Chickadees in a hat

My machine was working so hard, that two bobbins blew up!  

The one on the left was a FULL spool of bobbin thread...used it all!

This one is my favorite...a mason jar full of flowers
I just have a few more blocks to go before I can put the quilt how the blocks are turning out!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash and 2 Disney Finishes

I want to start this blog with a huge thank you for all the kind comments that you sent me after my last blog post.   It is so nice to hear that I have such wonderful online friends!  I have been feeling a little better about myself but not up to my usual happy self.  If you are just reading this, then scroll down a blog post and you can see what I am referring too.
LOOK!!!  I did get my sewing machine back!!!  The first thing that I had to do was hem my husbands pants!  He is going to Vegas this weekend with about 10 guys this weekend and his pants are too long.

My machine is working great however, when I tried to load the thread with the automatic threader, this is what I found...a pile of parts.  Seems it broke on the way to me. I will have to manual thread my machine now instead of using the automatic threader.
February stitch from stash:
We were given a "FREE" weekend to shop because of the Nashville cross stitch convention. We could spend $100 and it NOT count against our challenge    I decided to take advantage of this so I bought:

Cross Stitch Collections Magazine - $16.00

I bought the magazine for this chart - Cinderella's Castle

Mill Hill Kit - Pet Shop  $4.50

Mill Hill Tea Kit - $4.50
I had a Gift Card from my local LNS for $20 so the Mill Hills were a total of $9.00 after the GC.

New Bag for the extra DMC threads from my kits $2.00
So, I spent $28 on my free weekend to shop where I had a $100 budget.
Stitch from Stash results -  $0.00 spent for the Challenge month.   As of right now, I have $50.00 in accrued stash money for my cross stitch retreat this summer!!!
New Disney Finishes::   Ursula and Pumba!!  Aren't they cute???

Hopefully, I will have a Sistine Chapel update this weekend!