Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stitch From Stash- July

Month:  July
Spent:  $64  
Earned:  $23
Budget:   $25+ $23 - $64 =  -16

I completely BLEW my budget this month!!!   I forgot that we were starting a new session and so I was BAD!!!  I went to Cecilia's Sampler in Branson, MO which is an amazing Cross stitch store.  I was very bad in that store....but more on that later!!!!

I did have  small finish that I cannot show until I mail it.  It is an exchange but I did finish it.

Here is Faery Tales!  I made it to the end of the first row and I had enough fabric at the end!!!!  I was worried to be honest.  Even though I measured and remeasured I was sill a little anxious.   I actually finished 2 pages of this project this month but I only gave myself credit for one.  If you take a look at the second picture, you can see the small section that is the last page of row 2. So, to be honest, I won't give myself credit until I stitch that column all the way down.  That should equal one page.

This giant and little boy has been nothing but confetti stitching.  I feel like I am going so slow!

My purchases this month:    I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase part 3 of the Dollhouse  design from Cross stitch Collections. I also purchased a Cloud Factory chart from Etsy.   Then while at Cecilia's I purchased the Just Cross stitch Ornament preview issue (shown) and Not shown is the Just Cross stitch Halloween issues and Ornament Issue. 

I really didn't find anything else because they were out of Mill Hill kits and nothing struck my "OMG I just have to stitch that!" until I wen to the checkout.  I saw this design being stitched up and I love houses so I asked about it.  It was a FREE chart!!!  It is from Handblessings but it did require 4 charms which I did purchase.   Isn't it cute???  You can find it here if you are interested in the details.  It looks like you need to contact your local LNS to get the patterns.  You can call Cecilia's to order the charm pack and patterns.   

That is my month!  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vacation Day 4 - Charleston then home

So was our last day in Charleston.  We went to the beach just to see the pretty water and feel the sand on toes....Just breath taking.   We spent about an hour at the beach then we went to Sonic for lunch.   After that, we did make a stop at Hancock's fabrics because they were having a GREAT sale!!!  We took Karin to the airport and said goodbye until next year!!!  Mom and I pulled out of Charleston around noon and I pulled in my driveway at 4:45 am!!!  I was was a fun trip!!!!

Love the feel of my toes in the water!

Vacation Day 3 - Savannah GA

I lied...I found some other pictures from Day 2 in Charleston that I must share!!!

My new Downton Abby ornament...isn't it pretty???

I am not usually a hat girl...but I needed this one!!!!  

Meet my new friend Jake.....

Check out this cool Plastic lamp I bought for my classroom!!!!  WE are the tigers so there you go!  They do make them to order and will ship!   If interested let me know and I will give you the info!

Savannah time...we stopped in this little store and I found my babies!!!! 

We spent lots of time walking around and I love historic buildings so I wanted to share a few pretty ones I saw...

We found another historic cemetery that you could walk we did.  This is how graves used to be built...

I am not sure why all these tombstones are on this wall but there were a lot of them....

We did go to Paula Dean's restaurant to eat dinner.  It was Sunday, so it was buffet only with an option to order side dish of fried okra...which we did!  This was so good!  The sweet tea came with lemon and mint in it!  I love it!!!

Big platter of fried okra anyone????

Vacation Day 2 - Charleston - Rainbow Row and Haunted Ghost tour

One of my items on the to-do list was to see a plantation. We went to see Boone's Plantation and again no photo's allowed.   The house was amazing!

Karin is waiting for the tour.  It was so hot down in Charleston we were thankful for the shade.

Love this 100 year old tree that was down by the water....

Spanish moss was just beautiful!!

This nice lady was sitting in one of the slave quarters demonstrating how to make sawgrass baskets.  I asked to take her picture and she said "that is why I wear the hat".. It takes 3 weeks to make one basket!!!

Mom was in the butterfly garden willing a butterfly to land on her.

We walked down to my favorite part of the trip!  We made it to Rainbow Row and Battery Park.  I love all these house so that is what you will see for a bit.  We did own a piece of this history is only 1.7 million....DH said we didn't have this week but maybe later.

Just had to get some pictures by the water!!!!

We went to the Moon Pie gift shop!!!  I love moon pies!!!

 DH said he wouldn't mind living here.....

Can't you just picture women wearing Victorian Gowns sitting on the veranda???

We wanted to go on a Ghost tour so we hear the history.  It was amazing!  We went into the oldest cemetery in Charleston.  The stories were are a few of the old tombstones...

This was one of the first "angel" markers they used in previous times.   It is a little you know it has evolved into the little cherub we see today....

 I need opinions....The next two pictures were taken in the dark...not lights...nothing.  The tour guide said that I have energy streaks from those who haven't crossed over...what do you think????

According to my Jawbone Up - we walked 17,600 steps this one day!!!!  I was exhausted!!!!

Vacation Day 1 - Asheville, NC and Charleston SC

This year I met up with my stitching friend Karin in Charleston, SC.  We planned this for several months and was so excited to go!!!  The morning we were to arrive  in Charleston was the day after the tragic church shooting.   The church was a few blocks from our condo and we just happened to stumble upon on it as we were walking.  This is the first picture I am showing....

My mom came with me this year so I didn't have to do the 15 hour drive by myself.  Mom and I went to the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC.  This is a fabulous site to see!!  I wish I had more pictures however, they don't allow visitors take pictures on the inside anymore.  The reason is because some crazy people were bringing in tripods and then others were actually laying on the inside pictures.   This house took my breath way and if you get the chance...go see it!!!  

Mom and I resting on the veranda.... 

Detail work is amazing...

I love all the windows....

We decided to walk through the garden...

I think the conservatory is bigger than my house!

Just a pretty flower...

Mom and I in the rose garden

Mom and I did have a heart attack moment driving from North Carolina to Charleston.  Mom was reading the details of the shooting outloud when the diesel beside us blew a tire and it sounded like a gun shot!!!  We both jumped and screamed.  I was shaking so is funny now but then we wasn't sure what happened!! 


We picked Karin up from the airport in Charleston.  As we were waiting we saw Geraldo Rivera walk right in front of my car.  We arrived at the condo and it was nice!  Karin did an excellent job finding us a great place to stay right in the historic district.  Everything was within walking distance.

While we went out the first night...I saw these beautiful houses. I would love to live in a house like this!!!

When we got done exploring for the night we walked back to the condo and my mom asked me where my car was...I told her it was in the lot wasn't it? had gotten towed.  It seems our condo had designated parking and we didn't know this.  I parked in someone's spot.  The numbered spots were very hard to see.  So $180 later, cost of towing and cab ride, I finally got my car back.   The condo company said they would reimburse the towing fee since we couldn't see the numbers clearly.  Lesson all the information on a condo rental.  DH was great.I called him crying because it was towed...he replied "It happens, so go get the car"  gotta love my hubby!  More posts to follow