Monday, October 27, 2014

October Update - Augusta

Check it out!!!! Augusta is two pages away from being finished!!!!  I am so excited!!!   I am so ready for this to be finished....

Look at my early Christmas present from the best uncle in the world!!!!  It is a Disney Tree where Mickey spins around the castle and the trains go in circles, the princesses dance.  It is just amazing!!!!  I love it!!  It plays Christmas songs and lights up.  I am in heaven!!!

Just wanted to show you a cute picture of Gibbs.  He has now decided that he can't lay on the couch unless he has a pillow.  My baby is not spoiled in the least.  Bert has been up to no good this week.  He has killed 3 chipmunks this week.  I know he just wanted to play with them but I think he scared them to death!  Poor little guys!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Augusta Update

I have been working very hard on my Augusta pattern this week.  I have 5 Half pages to go and this design will be finished!!!! 

I had to take a sick day this week.  I finally gave in to my allergies!  They are horrible.  I did wind up taking a 5 hour nap...that was nice.  I have to go back to work tomorrow and I think I could use another day off!  I am loving all the new fall shows that are coming back!  I have to say that Castle was one of the top ones I was waiting on...then I was so confused on the episode.  

I went to my LNS and the owner has decided to turn the store into a crafters mall where crafters rent out a seciont of the store to sell thier crafted items.  So I blew my SFS budget for October  I spent $39 and bought 2 fat quarters of fabric and 3 magazines.  I know for certain that I don't have the one in the first picture...

Now these two...wasn't sure if I have them or not...if I do then I will be having some type of contest next week..stay tuned!!!

Modification to my September SFS...I won a $100 GC to Amazon a few weeks ago. I had a balance of $72 on it.  I  bolt of 28 count Monaco cloth. There are 10 yards of fabric on this bolt.  I plan on using this fabric for my Disney Dreams Kits.  I don't really care for the fabric that comes in the kits since it is Aida...I love aida but not for these kits.  They have too many half and quarter stitches!   

Bolt of fabric:  $92.00 - GC of $72 = My cost:  $20.00