Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of the year

Wow!!!  It does not seem like it should be December 31 already!!!!  I went to the mailbox today and there was Stitchy Mail!!!!!!  I found my 1000 plastic bobbins I ordered from Amazon.. 

 I won a Years worth of Ornament Kits from Celcilia's Samplers in Branson.  My first kit came in the mail today!!!!  We will be doing 12 ornaments from this book...the first one is the Gingerbread house on the cover.  I forgot I was getting this so it was a HUGE surprise.

Finished putting away all my Christmas stuff today.  Mark and I went out to dinner and he went to bed at 8:55....he is NOT ringing in the new year with me.  I am getting ready to get out my Cinderella's castle out and start working on it.  Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Organizing, Questions and new Calendars

Yes, I am still organizing!!  Tonight, I focused on putting all my freebies in paper protectors. I still have to place them in a binder by category.  I still have several saved on a flashdrive that I have to go through too. Then I have to go through my floss that I have gotten onto bobbins and sort them by number.  Sigh, this is a HUGE undertaking.  Not to mention I have magazines and I still have to enter all my charts onto an excel spreadsheet!! I do have a magazine question but it down below....

Freebies to organize...sigh...

I bought 3 new calendars this week.  Most people are going digital and using their I-pads, i-phones etc to keep up with things.  I am a little old school, I do like my outlook calendar for meetings at work. At home I like paper and pen. Strange I is what I bought:
Book Challenges and Daily appointments
I like to write down appointments, dates, etc in an old fashioned datebook.  This year, I am going to be adding books that I finished so I can keep up with my reading challenges. 
Wall Calendar for the house
 Mark and I need a calendar for the wall so we can keep up with each others Dr. appt. Marks travel for work, etc.  This is where we keep the dogs appointments for the vet and doggie groomer.
Cross Stitch Calendar
I like to keep up with my stitching.  I write down when I start a project, what I work on each day. Very nerdy but I like it.  Since I am stitching my Disney patterns this year, I thought this was just darling!!! It tells the story of the Sorcerer's apprentice each week.

As I was browsing in Barnes and Noble today, I flipped through the new JCS issue and found this new building series that is starting this year.  I bought this issue and went home and ordered a years subscription (7issues) from  They had a $5.00 off coupon and the cost was only $18.00. Cheaper than buying each individual issue and ordering a subscription from JCS

Magazine Storage Question:
Since I am organizing, I am finding I have a number of magazines that only have 1 or 2 patterns in them that I want to stitch.  So here is my question: Do I tear out the charts I want and store them in a binder? or Do I just keep the magazine whole and just put the patterns in my database?  There are a few I would keep whole because I just love them....but the rest, I could give or take.  What is your opinion???  

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stash Hoarding = Giveaway!

I know you are curious about this title, but like most stitchers we hoard our stash.  My hoarding got out of control.  I couldn't turn around in my craft room. The dogs and cats loved being in there with me but we all didn't fit...Take a look at everything that was in my little room:
Cross Stitch patterns
Jag hanging out in the empty box
Hoarded Stash
Cleaned out room

more horded stahs

furniture in room
So as you can see I have a lot of stash!!!!  I cleaned most of the night and all day today!  I am exhausted.  Tonight I plan on winding thread and watching movies.  Here is the final product of my cleaning:
Bert and Jag playing while I work

Sewing tools and thread all hanging on the wall

Bookshelves with empty spaces on them!!!!

Cross Stitch wall of exchanges!!!
As you can see I destashed quiet a bit!  So I will be having several giveaways in the next few days...Here is the first.  I  cleaned out enough fabric to fill a Glad trashbag full.  So I separated them into two boxes.  It has Aida, evenweave, baby towels and who knows what else.  To win:

1) One entry for leaving a comment
2) One entry for posting about the contest on your blog (you have to email me the link to the post)

I have Mark pick two winners on Sunday.  Someone will start the year as a winner.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Stitching and presents

This Christmas tree is my final stitching project of 2011!!!  It for the RR I am in for one of my Yahoo groups.  This belongs to Berly and when I send it to her then all of her RR will be complete.  I am also sending her Judiths which you can see below.

Since I finished stitching all my required stitching and goals for this year, I have been transferring all my floss from floss bags to bobbins.  Talk about a very boring process!!!  I have been sitting in my chair just winding and winding.   I am hoping to have a winding party at one of my friends houses soon but my new bobbins that I ordered from Amazon have to come in before we can.  I have a feeling I will be winding for a while.

This is one of Marks Christmas presents.  I gave him a 5lb Hershey's candy bar.  He was shocked...he did not expect this gift!!!  He was very good to me this year.  This year, Santa gave me: a Chocolate Diamond Anniversary band, 4 charms for my charm bracelet, 3 new books, a new razorback hat and jacket.  The first 3 seasons of Designing Women and keyboard for my I-pad!!!  

The Anniversary band is also my valentine was a two holidays in one but it is so pretty.  I tried to take a picture of it but it didn't turn out that well....This gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Finally, You can see pictures of Judith in Germany's RR.  It needs to go to Berly for her stitch on and then it will go home to Judith.  I did have a slight problem.  I was getting it ready to be mailed and went to another room to get the envelope, and when I came back....the patterns were gone!  Seems Gibbs needed a mid-morning snack. he ate Judiths patterns!!!! UGH!!!  So I had to post to the group that she needed to send Berly the last pattern.  Darn dog....he thinks he needs to eat everything!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reading Challenges for 2012

As most of you know that read my blog, I do love to read. This year, along with my stitching goals, I am going to enter some reading challenges.  I have been searching and reviewing the different challenges out there. Here are the ones I have decided to enter:

Laura's Victorian Challenge:
For the Victorian Challenge, we will focus on the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. We will count books that were written by Victorian authors during this time period, books set during the Victorian age, or books about a Victorian author, history, manners, architecture, Queen Victoria etc. Also besides reading books, short stories, audiobooks and movies will also be accepted. The sky is the limit; I would love to make this a true celebration of all things Victorian.

Regency and Victorian Challenge:
-Any sub-genre of Regency/Victorian Reads counts (paranormal, historical, contemporary, young adult etc.) I need to read 8 books to be considered the princess I know I already am!!!
Romance Challenge:
I need to read 12 romance novels to be considered a Queen!! Love this...because I do love to read romance novels.
100+ Book Challenge:
I have to read over 100 books this year. It can be a cross over challenge so all the books for my challenges above do count except for audiobooks. They don't count. Sad, because I listen to books all the time...but I can do do it!!!

The Young Adult Reading Challenge:
My goal is reach the Mega Level where I have to read 50+ Young adult books. Which is what I need to do so I can keep up with my teenagers at school.

Cruising through the Cozies:
I have to read 13 Cozy Mysteries to be considered a Super sleuth! This is for me!!!

Ok...This is all my Challenges for this year.  Which means  I will be reading as much as  I will be stitching!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas ornament finish and Disney ornaments

My last post I had asked for opinions on which threads I should use for the swirls.  I loved reading all your choices, I chose to use lavender since I do love purple.  I also changed the ornament string on the top row or ornaments. It called for white, I changed it to the brown.  I have to admit that this picture doesn't do the ornament justice.
So what do you think of the lavender????
Julie and Yes Dear asked me to take picture of all my ornaments on my Minnie Wreath. They are all at the bottom of this post.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advice needed, Disney Wreath, and New Chart!

I wanted to show off the wreath I made to go over our fireplace.  It was really easy to make and took about 15 minutes.  I think it took longer to hang it than it did to make it! In case you are wondering..You get one big wreath and 2 smaller wreaths.  Use floral wire to tie the two smaller wreaths to the larger one to make the ears.  I added a red and white polka dot bow in the middle for Minnie Mouse.  I decorated it with cross stitched Disney ornaments.

Bobbins!  I have slowly started switching from floss bags to bobbins. It is a VERY long and boring process. I have one of those floss winders but I don't like it.  So I am doing it by hand.  I would love any advice you may have for making this easier.  
I did try to get my husband to help me while he was watching football.  He did a great job right???  I would agree except he didn't write the number on the bobbin or put the thread back in the baggies so I know what to number it.  Sigh.......

A HUGE thank you to my friend Cathy on the Mystic Stitch boards. I have been looking for this pattern for a while and she had it in her stash!  She sent it to me so I could stitch.  It just reminds me of my Jane Austen books/movies.  It looks like a house that would be in one of the novels.

This is the ornament I am making for a Christmas Ornament Kit exchange in my Ozark Samplers group.  Everyone picks out a pattern from the current year JCS Ornament issue.  We kit it up for each person in the exchange.  When the day is over, you have around 7 or 8 ornaments kitted up and ready to stitch!!!  It is alot of fun! However, I have a predicament. The pattern calls for white snowflakes and swirlys.  The fabric I have chosen is below. Basically, you can't see white on white.  So should I add a lilac color or just use the pinks/aquas/greens for the swirlys? 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am so happy to show you the finished Yoga design!!!!  I put the final stitches in around 10:30 pm.  The first thing I did was email my sister and let her know it was FINISHED!!!!!
I am a little lost right now.  I have finished all my projects for 2011!!!!  What to do now???  I do have a couple of small exchanges to finish so I will be working on those next.
I will also be organizing my floss!  It has taken over my sewing room.  Floss is everywhere!!!
I want to thank everyone for the kind support and encouragement on my BAP's this year!!! I do appreciate them all!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Agatha Christie and Yoga

I have been hooked on watching Agatha Christie's Miss Marple series on Netflix.  She is a little old lady who lives in England and has a very sharp mind.  She helps the local police solve mysteries everywhere she goes!  It is set in the 1920, 30's era. It is interesting to see the clothes, cars and huge English houses.  

I stitched quite a bit on Yoga tonight as I watched Miss Marple.  She is very close to being finished!!!!  

Swagbucks update:  I cashed in 2250 swagbucks for 5 - $5 GC to Amazon.  Swagbuck rules are you can get 2 prizes a day, and 5 a month.  So I am cashing them in each month.  Each $5 GC costs 450 swagbucks.  As you can see, I am earning them back very quickly.  I earn quite a few at night by watching swagbucks TV.  Every 10 videos I watch, I get 3 bucks.  I earned over 70 on Friday night alone!  I was busy!!! I will have my aida very soon!!!

Weightloss has been updated.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yoga is getting there

This week I was able to finish the leaves, and all the light gold for the bottom portion of Yoga.  I still have the rest of her body to stitch.  I am so close to this that I can almost taste it so to speak.
I put up two christmas trees this year.  Usually, I have three but one broke last year and I haven't replaced it.  I really love my Disney because right now, I have one 7.5 tree that is nothing but Disney ornaments with a Mickey mouse train that circles it.  Then in my entry way, I have a 6.0 ft. tree that is my Cinderella tree!!  I even ordered more ornaments this week so lord help me. 
I have finished almost all my Christmas shopping. I have just a few small presents to pick up. I also have to mail my niece and nephews things to Hong Kong.  
I started a new page for my weight loss.  I am hoping that if I make myself be accountable for reporting if  I worked out and finished my 8 glasses of water, then I won't get frustrated and stop.
Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

So close yet so far!!!

From my previous post, I had said I was going to spend the weekend working on Yoga.  I did make quite a bit of progress.  The goal I set for myself was to finish all the confetti stitching.  I just wanted to leave it where I didn't have to follow the pattern, just color in the lines.  I reached that goal.  I need to use DMC 3829-dark gold on the small leaf section, DMC 834-light gold green for the bottom and finally DMC 938 for her backside.  Yep, I am stitching the Yoga's behind!!!  

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday:
I stayed home all day and did not spend a single dime!!!!  Can you believe that???  I did go out with my mom on Saturday. We went to lunch at Red Lobster, Build a Bear (Teddy needed some new clothes and a new gingerbread friend), Hobby Lobby for DMC 834 and finally to the Friendly Bookstore that helps support the local library.  I bought 4 new to me trashy novels!!!  There is something about the smell of a used bookstore that just makes me sigh in contentment. 

More Stitchy stuff:
I have to buy a whole bolt of 18 count aida!! Friday night, I pulled up the patterns that are saved on my computer that I want to start next year.  Of course, they are all BAP's.  The Pemberly house needs an entire yard of fabric just by itself, the four Haunted Mansion cross stitch designs need 26 x 44 for each pattern...and the Afternoon calls for 16 x 11.  I figure I should just by a bolt of fabric.  However, I am not buying the fabric until I have enough swagbucks to get it for FREE!!!  I found it on Amazon being sold by MCG Textiles and it will cost $95 with shipping.  So I need a total of 9000 swagbucks to be able to get it for free.  I only need 6606 more.  It will probably take me till May to get enough but it will be so worth the wait if I can get the whole bolt for free including shipping!!!  
-Recruiting Section:
 if you are not a member of swagbucks, then feel free to click the link on the left and join!  If you join, I will earn a few swagbucks!  So far I have cashed in for:  $25 GC to Barnes and Noble,  $75 for Amazon where i was able to purchase and entire set of Brother embroidery threads, and another $25 for Amazon.  Great place to earn free GC just for searching the internet and taking a daily poll.  VERY EASY!!

Back to work tomorrow.....So ready for Christmas Break!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ballerina is framed

Got a text message from Mary after she had ballerina framed.  I think she turned out lovely!  The mat really makes it pop!!!!  I hope the lady receiving it just loves it.

Here is where I am on Yoga tonight at 11:47 pm.  I am planning on stitching on it all weekend so hopefully you will see much more progress on Sunday night.

This is the ONLY picture I have of Karin and I at the actual stitching part of our retreat.  Karin is holding her door prize she won just waiting patiently to open it.  Doesn't she look lovely with her feathered hair???

Are you ready for Turkey day???  I have my bird already thawing.  He will go in the oven tomorrow night around midnight after he gets a good coat of butter.  He will then be covered in foil and baked on 200 degrees until around 9:00 am.  I wake up to a wonderful turkey smell!!!! YUM!!!!!