Monday, June 30, 2008

Prize in the mail!!!

I was one Happy Stitcher today!!! I walked to the mailbox today expecting only bills...but I got my LK Crazy Caption contest!!! I was one very happy Stitcher!!! They sent me: Stocking, Holly, Santa, Cookies of the new Xmas Fliptis, Hocus pocus, Fall Squared and the big prize:

The Carzy Caption winner kits: Normal is just a setting on the Washer!! This has the fabric, buttons and charms!! I was one happy person!!!

Awesome stitching day!!

Yesterday, I had a friend cover over and we spent the afternoon watching the Tudors season 2 off Showtime. We watched the first 5 episodes before she had to go home. My DH went and played poker all day and night. I spent my day watching TV and stitching. I worked on my Tiger yesterday and today. I finished page 8 of 16 pages. I would love to finish this by September to enter it in the fair...but I am not sure I can do that...

DH and I went for brunch today today at Granite City. It was so yummy! I spent the afternoon playing in my sewing room. I took a long hard look at all my charts...and I cleaned out several that Iwill never stitch.....I did put all my disney charts/kits in one location. I put all my disney magazines in another....It seems I have alot of disney charts! I need to get to stitching them!

Stitching update:
BAP's finished: 1/5
Stitches stitched: 147,660
Stitches Left: 105,778
Percentage complete: 58.3%

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small finish

I have a finish!!! I worked on my Kat's by Kelly design. This is the 2006 monthly Kats series. It started as an RR project where 4 different ladies worked on it. I am now working on the last few months to finish it up. I need to stitch 5 more Kats until it is finished. I think tomorrow I am going to work on my has been a while since I worked on it.

Stopped by my local LNS today to pick up some fibers for my friend Kim in WI. I also delieved the trunk show that Debbie Draper was so kind to send the retreat girls to oooh and ahhh over them!!!!

No stitching numbers to update....still only have 1/5 BAP's finished. It is so depressing. I want to finish all of them before the end of the year....not sure it is going to happen though.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Since the retreat has been over...the stitching but has really bit me in the stitching spot! I finished Viv's SFE piece...well the stitching part..I need to do the actually finishing on it but I will do that this weekend. I also finished my part of the Ozark Sampler Mystery SAL.

Today I started working on my Weenie dog piece for my Aunt. She wanted me to stitch a pattern that looks like her weenie Dog - George W. I think it is turning out very nicely. We also went up to my Aunt's house and had lunch. We then went and visited our family cemetary and layed flowers on my grandparents/great grandparents and uncles grave. It was very peaceful afternoon.

I still have to go through all my stash from the retreat....I took home almost a small suitcase full of stash! I am so happy!!!!!
Stitching update on my 5 BAP:
Projects finished: 1/5
Stitches completed: 144,836
Stitches left to stitch: 108,602
Percentage complete: 57.1%

2008 ILCS Stitching Retreat

I was able to host the retreat this year and we had a ball!!! Karin came in early and we went to Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, AR to the Big Cat rescue. We arrived about 45 minutes before feeding time and we walked around and looked at the bed cats. Some of their stories were so sad. It just amazes me about how people will treat animals. After reading some of their stories I was ready to break into tears.

Thursday morning, several of us went to Gentry to the Wildlife Safari. It was so amazing...we had the most awesome experience! We were able to bottle feed 2 four-week old baby tigers. Kitty and Cat. It was so cool. We also was able to play with a baby spider monkey, lemurs, baby rabbits and a big boa constrictor. We went to a new LNS in Gravette. I did some shopping and found some really good deals on sale!! I was very proud of myself for that. That night we went to Shoguns for dinner and then to Hobby Lobby. Thursday night, I held a fiber class and a fiber challenge class.

Friday morning, we went to Hobby Lobby and then over to Rogers to spend the day. We had lunch at the Tea Room, popped over to the Dollar Saver, then the Rabbits Lair. The last LNS we visited was The Busy Needle were Sara taught us a dye class....she was fabulous. Everyone dyed some beautiful fabrics and threads. My husband grilled chicken and ribs for our dinner and we all had a wonderful time.

We all went to Tulsa on Saturday. We visited Stitchworks and The Silver Needle. We had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. Saturday night we went to Olive Garden for Dinner and then Debra hosted a wonderful Finishing Class.

Sunday morning everyone headed home. Not before Karin, Vicki L and I went to War Eagle Mill and Cavern. Karin and I went into the big dark scary cave....while Vicki L was the smart one and sat outside to stitch. Karin and I dropped Vicki off at the Bus Station and then we were off to Tulsa again so we could take Karin to the airport.

I finally was home around a 8:45 pm....the sad thing...I hosted the retreat in MY hometown and the girls who drove home from Indiana beat me home!!!

Stitching Update
Stitches stitched: 144,636
Stitches left: 108,802
Percentage completed: 57.1%

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer time!!

I love summer time. I have really been enjoying my break. When it hasn't been raining I try to lay out in the sun for about an hour a day. I listen to my ipod and read a trashy novel. If the baby pool is warm I somtimes will take a dip it in.

I have had to go to 2 workshops this week. I went to one to learn how to podcast the other was today over how to use calculators in math. The hard graphing calculators. It was interesting.

Today's mailman brought the disney magazines I bought off someone on the 123board. I was very excited about that!!

I have finished 25 of 30 sections on inspirations...yep you read that right...I only have 5 sections to go. My goal was to have it finished by the end of may...didn't happen so I pushed it back to the retreat which is 1 week from today. Basically I need to finish a page a day to reach my goal. Not sure it is oging to happen but I have lots of vines and flowers to do so maybe...just maybe.

I have reached the 1/2 way mark on my 5 big projects...hopefully when I finish Inspirations I am going to work on my Tiger...that is my fair entry piece so I have to have that finished by Sept.

Stitching progress:
Stitches completed: 139,036
Stitches left: 114,402
Percentage complete: 54.9%

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woo- Hooo

I have some finishes to post!!! My ILCS group is doing a round robin and I decided to join in. I gridded up the 2006 Kats' by Kelly. I had 4 different ladies stitch on it and I am finishing it up. I finished January and April Kat this week. I also finished my Model for X's and Oh's but I can't post that one. I also finished up page 21 of 30 from Inspirations. I have to say I am too lazy to take Inpsirations out of the q-snap huggers to show off the finished sections.

Tomorrow is the official last day of school for the kids. have to go on Tuesday to finish up adn then it is summer for me!!!! I am going to stitch and stitch! I didn't reach my goal of finishing Inspirations but I did finish my model...which is exciting for me. So according to my chart with my 5 is my update:

Stitching update: 1 of 5 BAP finished
Stitches stitched: 125,930
Stitches left to stitch: 127,508
Percentage complete 49,7%