Sunday, November 27, 2011

So close yet so far!!!

From my previous post, I had said I was going to spend the weekend working on Yoga.  I did make quite a bit of progress.  The goal I set for myself was to finish all the confetti stitching.  I just wanted to leave it where I didn't have to follow the pattern, just color in the lines.  I reached that goal.  I need to use DMC 3829-dark gold on the small leaf section, DMC 834-light gold green for the bottom and finally DMC 938 for her backside.  Yep, I am stitching the Yoga's behind!!!  

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday:
I stayed home all day and did not spend a single dime!!!!  Can you believe that???  I did go out with my mom on Saturday. We went to lunch at Red Lobster, Build a Bear (Teddy needed some new clothes and a new gingerbread friend), Hobby Lobby for DMC 834 and finally to the Friendly Bookstore that helps support the local library.  I bought 4 new to me trashy novels!!!  There is something about the smell of a used bookstore that just makes me sigh in contentment. 

More Stitchy stuff:
I have to buy a whole bolt of 18 count aida!! Friday night, I pulled up the patterns that are saved on my computer that I want to start next year.  Of course, they are all BAP's.  The Pemberly house needs an entire yard of fabric just by itself, the four Haunted Mansion cross stitch designs need 26 x 44 for each pattern...and the Afternoon calls for 16 x 11.  I figure I should just by a bolt of fabric.  However, I am not buying the fabric until I have enough swagbucks to get it for FREE!!!  I found it on Amazon being sold by MCG Textiles and it will cost $95 with shipping.  So I need a total of 9000 swagbucks to be able to get it for free.  I only need 6606 more.  It will probably take me till May to get enough but it will be so worth the wait if I can get the whole bolt for free including shipping!!!  
-Recruiting Section:
 if you are not a member of swagbucks, then feel free to click the link on the left and join!  If you join, I will earn a few swagbucks!  So far I have cashed in for:  $25 GC to Barnes and Noble,  $75 for Amazon where i was able to purchase and entire set of Brother embroidery threads, and another $25 for Amazon.  Great place to earn free GC just for searching the internet and taking a daily poll.  VERY EASY!!

Back to work tomorrow.....So ready for Christmas Break!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ballerina is framed

Got a text message from Mary after she had ballerina framed.  I think she turned out lovely!  The mat really makes it pop!!!!  I hope the lady receiving it just loves it.

Here is where I am on Yoga tonight at 11:47 pm.  I am planning on stitching on it all weekend so hopefully you will see much more progress on Sunday night.

This is the ONLY picture I have of Karin and I at the actual stitching part of our retreat.  Karin is holding her door prize she won just waiting patiently to open it.  Doesn't she look lovely with her feathered hair???

Are you ready for Turkey day???  I have my bird already thawing.  He will go in the oven tomorrow night around midnight after he gets a good coat of butter.  He will then be covered in foil and baked on 200 degrees until around 9:00 am.  I wake up to a wonderful turkey smell!!!! YUM!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A New me and Yoga update!

A new me!! That is right.  For the past year and a half I have been growing out my hair.  I really love being able to put it in a pony tail and the long curls. However, I have gotten tired of the Frizzy, wild 80's look when the wind blow. Here is a picture of my hair before my hair cut.  I was having to pull it back with a small clip and I had the Elaine Benes hairstyle from Seinfield.  As you can see from my self portrait via my Ipad how I looked before

I had my DH take the after picture.  I had 6 inches cut off the back.  It was cut into a many layered bob. When I went in my hair dresser actually laughed at my hair and said, "Wow!! You really need that cut off!!!"

I am loving the new cut!  I finished page 10 of Yoga today!!!!!  WHO HOOO!!! I only have 2 pages left to stitch.  Since I am on break starting Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope to finish another page this week.  

I downloaded a new app for my i-pad. It is the Cross Stitch Collection magazine app.  I really liked flipping through the magazine online however, you can't print from it.  So my question is, why would you buy a years subscription for this magazine if you can't print a working copy?????  Would you buy one???  It is cheap only $40 for the year.  What do you think????

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time to color!

Yep, it is time to color in Yoga. I have finished all the confetti stitches so the only colors left are DMC 938 and 834. Very exciting!
I cashed in some swag bucks and a mypoints certificate for a total of $100 in Amazon GC! I ordered an entire set of Brother embroidery thread and two floss bobbin containers. I am thinking of switching from floss bags to bobbins. My bags are starting to tear easier than before. Plus all my floss takesup an entire shelf and about 10 plastic shoe boxes!

Question: how do you store your floss? I am looking for suggestions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stitching weekend!!!

This was the best weekend!!! Karin and I went to Cecilia Samplers Cross Stitch Retreat in Branson, MO We made this plan way back in February of this year that this would be fun to go to and see what it was like. Karin flew into Bentonville and I picked her up from the airport.  The retreat was very casual.  No classes, you just came and went as you pleased.  There were scheduled activities in the evenings but your days were left open to play and explore.  
As soon as we checked in we went to the shop and proceeded to spend the entire $100 GC that we received for attending the retreat.  That didn't take long!!!
The first night Karin and I went and looked at Christmas lights.  We went to two different drive through displays.  The first one was the Festival of Light and as we handed the girl our coupon for $1.00 off the ticket, she laughed and said the coupon we had was for the Trail of lights. OOPS!!!  The first was beautiful. It was the regular light displays.  We then found the Trail of lights.  It was a drive through which had little scenes set up like this teddy bear one below.  We really enjoyed it!!!

On Friday, we went shopping!! We hit the outlet malls, the downtown area and we found the Gone with the Wind museum.  It was GREAT!!!  This is one ladies private collection.  Actually, it was only 1/2 of her collection. It seems she rotates things out every 3 or 4 months. It has casting call time sheets, wardrobe/make up lists, Clothes, dolls, etc.  We really enjoyed walking through it. The painting we are by was painted by the  curator of the museum.

We also stopped by and visited with Santa.  Santa is bringing Karin a my little pony.  When he asked if I had been good....I had to pause and not say anything.  I think it is best not to lie to Santa.

Saturday morning, we got up early and went to breakfast. We went into this buffet and was seated.  The breakfast was $4.99.  Karin got up and made her plate, came back and I did the same.  As soon as I came back, Karin went and fixed us some water. We never saw a wait person.  Pretty soon, the bus boy came by and asked if we wanted coffee...we said no.  WE finished and no server.  We left our money on the table for the breakfast and wouldn't you know it.....the server appeared up front with our checks.  It was the bus boy!!!!  He never introduced himself or stopped by again.  We told him the money was on the table.
We then went to the National Tiger Sanctuary just north of Branson.  Karin and I did the behind the scenes tour where we were able to feed the tigers.  The worker there was kind enough to take the pictures with my Ipad.  We are preparing their snacks and mixing in the vitamins they need.

This is Midnight....we didn't get to feed her but the worker did give her a snack.

This is Vincent, one of the 9 tigers on the property.  He likes to stand and eat his snacks.  This tiger actually cracked a bowling ball with his teeth!!!  It takes 1200 lbs to crack a bowling ball!! WOW!!! There was also a Lion and mountain lion on the property.  We really enjoyed this was so cool to get to feed them and hear their stories.  BTW....if anyone has an extra $600 to spare,....Vincent could really use a new ball to play with in his pen.

In case you are wondering about Stitching at the Cross Stitch retreat...I did finish Page 9 of yoga!!!!!  We played games on Friday and Saturday night. We both won  a door prize.  I won a years subscription to the Cecilia Sampler Ornament Club. Karin won an organizer.  We made lots of new friends...stitched and played.  It was  a lot of fun!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ballerina is FINISHED!!!!!!!

WHOHOOO!!!!!!!  I am so excited!!!  I finished ballerina around 1:30 am!!!!  She turned out so beautiful!!!!  So now I get to focus on Yoga and get her finished.  If I finish her by 12-31-11 by 11:59 pm...then I will have met all my modified goals for the year!!!

This is my booth at the local arts and craft vendor store.  I have placed 5 quilts to be viewed and then if they would like to special order a quilt they can do that also. I am hoping that it does well...

I had to share this photo. When I came home from work Friday afternoon this is what I saw.  I couldn't resist taking their picture...aren't they so cute????

Last night while I was stitching on ballerina, Brigen and Jag decided they needed some cuddle time so they both jumped up and took a small nap on my lap.  They did interrupt my stitching time but it was so worth it!!! Aren't they so cute???

Weight loss: I forgot to add this last week.  Last week, I lost 0.7 tenths of a pound.  Then, this week...I ate VERY VERY bad.....I had McDonalds, Pizza, PF Changs, and Halloween candy. Last week I weighed in at 135.7 and this week 136.0 so...not much weight gain. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Stitching week....I still have a finish to show off but I am waiting to hear if she has received it.