Sunday, December 4, 2016

overdue udate

Hi everyone!!  It has been awhile since I posted.  I had my procedure and received the results this past week.  The tests came back as abnormal levels of acid in my system.  The way they explained it too me is that the levels from the electrode should be 0 to 14. I was an overachiever with levels of 26.9.  The GI doctor has recommended surgery to fix this issue.  However, I see the allergist on Wednesday evening and the lung doctor on Thursday. I hope once my doctor has all the facts we can come up with  plan to get me well again.


I have a small finish - I finished Trick or treat pals!!! Turned out so cute!!

I stitched more on Ella the Princess Frog...Not much but a few stitches

Victorian Christmas Eve
Here is my start on that design...

I have always loved this design. It is from a Just Cross Stitch magazine, I will post which one later.  To be honest, I am too tired to go find out!!

I actually think this is sideways....I am stitching it on 16 count Christmas Green Fabric.

I worked some on Eek.  I finished a pumpkin and started another one.  

On Thanksgiving day, I started my Disney Thanksgiving pattern.  I stitched a turkey!!!

This weekend, I started Mini Teddy Bear Tree

This week I spent most of the time working on Princess Grace.  I love this design and just feel like working on it for a while.
I have some new stash to show but will do that later this week...there is a lot!!!  I mean a lot!!!!