Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sistine Chapel update

On Sunday, I spent the day working on my Sistine chapel.  I was able to put in another 700 stitches.  If you look closely you can see some legs and hands.  Just for fun, I have put in 4,799 stitches and only 0.8% complete.  That is it for now.

Yep, I got my flu shot earlier in the year but I felt TERRIBLE on Monday!  I could barely lift my head up off the pillow and I just knew that there was no way I could make it to work on Tuesday.  I decided to drag myself out of bed so I could go to Wal-Mart and then to the High School so I could make out lesson plans. I drove to the High School first (20 minutes from home) and realized that my lanyard had broken on Friday so my Keys were on the kitchen counter instead of in my off to Walmart I went to buy some food for our empty cabinets. After I arrived, home, I headed back into town and made out lesson plans for the week just in case I am sick for the rest of the week. There is NOTHING worse than being sick and having to drag your behind into work just because you don't have sub plans.  It is easier to be at work deathly ill than have to make sub plans.  Every teacher will tell you it is more work to make those darn plans than just coming in.....
I have spent the day relaxing in my chair watching the 1970's version of Masterpiece Theater Upstairs/Downstairs on Netflix and napping. I have napped so much that I am not tired now...but I am feeling better.  I am taking off one more day to just to recoup.  No sense rushing back to work when I am still sick. I am planning to go back to work on Thursday....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fantasia Update.

Fantasia was up next in my Rotation.  I put in my 1,000 stitches and that was just the flooring of the design.  Next time it is up I will get to start Mickey!!!  

Next up, is Last Judgement.  I wanted to show just how big this design is going to be...I laid the fabric on my coffee table.  It takes up the whole darn thing!!!!  I have to be insane to be starting a project this big!!

Thirty one Bags-  I thought I would show off some more of the bags I won for hosting a thirty one party:
I won this one, it is the Super Organizing Tote that I bought just for Sistine Chapel.  I like my items to match so I bought all the same pattern...Lotsa Dots.

This is the outside, it has 5 or 6 pockets on the outside.  Looking below you can see how much it holds. I have a 3 in. three ringer binder with my working pattern divided into sections, one jammer box, one regular floss box, my fabric and qsnap in the green pillow case and the blag bag is all the extra fibers for the projects.

Here is my Keep it Caddy.  I put the dogs treat box by it for you see just how little it is.  It also has 1 big pocket in the front, 2 mesh pockets on the end and 4 little pockets for pens etc in the front.   

Inside I keep my working project, clipboard, planner, ort jar, scissors and highlighter.  In the pockets, I keep my tape measure, xtra needles and thread haven.  This one I got for 1/2 price so it was only $12.50.

The last new bag for this round of pictures is my new Laundry tote. It is the Room for two tote.  I got it for laundry, one of my friends got it so she could put her stash in it and clear out the basket in her living room.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Faery Tales Update and new stitching bag

Faery Tales was in my rotation this week.  I was able to work on the clock.  After putting in around 1,100 stitches, I have completed 8.7% of this design.  Next up is my Fantasia design.

I posted earlier about my Thirty one party and my bags finally came in!!!  This is my large Utility Tote with the Lotsa Dot print.  Doesn't look like much does?...scroll down:

 Here is one of the views with ALL my projects in it (except Sistine Chapel-that gets its own bag that I will post later)  It has in it 9 floss boxes, 15 MillHill kits and fabric, two expanding folders with all my patterns and fabrics.  Plus on the side, all of my Disney ornaments.  Pretty impressive huh???

Here is a close up of it with all my stitching in it. My friend is having a party on Saturday and I plan on ordering the top to the tote so I can close it up.  This is slid under my stitching table and makes my stitching area a little cleaner.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Furbaby Tusk

This is from a few years ago, but he looks so cute here!  He has torn his ACL and now has to have surgery to repair it.  We are not sure how it happened.  The Vet thinks it was from jumping up on the bed.  Now, my poor furbaby is hobbling around on 3 legs.  We have to take him out the front door to go potty.  He can't go out the backdoor due to the deck and stairs.  He loves to sleep inbetween us and we have to pick him up to place him on the bed.  He is a pitiful soul right now.

After the surgery, we have 2 months of rehab.  I have no idea how doggie rehab works but we are about to find out.  Please keep my furbaby in your thoughts as he goes through this surgery.  We think the surgery will be next week.  Right now he is on doggie antibotics and pain meds. He has another vet appointment to check his leg and schedule the surgery.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Round Robin is home and 2 finishes

In my ILCS group, I run the Round Robin (RR) for anyone who wants to join us.  We started this in August and it came home earlier this week!  It is the LK design titled "Wouldn't it be great" chart.  I saw this at my Cross Stitch Retreat in CO and just loved it!!!  I want to thank the ladies who worked on it....

 Here is my first ornament finished...the shadows don't show his colors very well...but in order to show his colors great, you can't see the pretty sparkly fabric....
Dale is my 2nd finish....In case you don't know how to tell Chip and Dale apart, it is really easy: As you can see Chip has a Chocolate Chip nose and dale has a red nose....

Weight -
I am having issues with my weight.  I was consistently losing for a while, however I have hit a plateau and have actually gained a couple of them back.  I changed my exercise routine and moved from the Wii to the treadmill.  I am hoping by walking faster and eventually turning it into a jog, I will start losing again.  However, I have lost inches so that makes me feel better.

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss Challenge Winners

This should have been posted last week however, once school started back I lost track of time!!!  I want to thank all the ladies who joined in and I hope you had fun.  So for the results:

1st: place - with a loss of 2.66%  is BERLY!!!
2nd Place - with a loss of  1.47% is Mary
3rd Place - with a loss of 1.33%  is Lynda!

Congratulations ladies!  If you will email me the email address you want your 123Stitch GC sent to, I will get them ordered by Friday!  

Thanks for participating!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sistine Chapel and Skinny Jeans

I finished page 1 of my Sistine Chapel.  I have 346 pages to go!!!  As you can see from the last post that I did make a HUGE mistake.  I read the floss number for the symbol wrong and so I had to frog it out and restitch it.  It is looking great!  I did have some issues that there was one symbol not listed at all...I had to check the group files and found it there.  Then, I couldn't find the symbol so I had to ask my group but luckily they were very helpful.  It is a learning process.....

Brigen just got back from the groomers...he is looking might handsome in his bandanna.

Tusk is looking very relaxed and handsome in his bandanna too.......Yes, I still have my tree up.  I am not sure when I will take it down...I just love it so much!!!!

Skinny Jeans update....They are UP!!! I can't button them and I can't breathe but they are over the hips!!!!!  Now, to just be able to move in them....Here is my workout challenge for the month:

It is not easy...but I am doing it!  My stomach is in pain and I have to break them up into smaller reps.  I can't do them all at once...but I am getting better!!!!  Tomorrow I get to rest...YEA!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sistine Chapel is started!!!!

So EXCITED!!!!  I put in the first 1040 stitches of Sistine Chapel.   I didn't realize that most of the stitches are blended stitches.  It makes the piece even more challenging!  This is 0.2% of the project.   I know I am supposed to move onto my Disney Ornaments next, but I waited so long to start this...I am just going to stitch on it for a while.  Will move to the Ornaments when the kids come back to my classroom on the 7th.  I may have a page or possible 2 pages finished by then!!!!!   I do love the colors!!!!