Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My first baby blanket!!

I finished my very first baby blanket tonight!!! I posted earlier that a coworker of my husband had a baby a couple of months ago and Mark wasn't sure if it was a boy or girl...ugh...husbands. So, I knew that the happy couple has dogs because we baby sat them one weekend. I decided that puppies was a safe route. Yes, I know it is blue...but it is so cute!!! I have to say the satin binding was a huge pain in the backside to put on. I did have troubles with the corners and they aren't exactly perfect...but they are there. Needless to say I am pretty proud of this quilt. In case you are is one of those panels you can buy at hobby lobby....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Reviews- Teens/Cozy Mystery/ Romance

I have read some fabulous books tthe last couple of weeks. Since it is getting close to back to school time, I have read some fabulous teen books. My students love to read Realistic Fiction books so that is what I have been spending my time reading. You know, they can be really is just amazing how depressing they can be especially if you have to keep reading and reading them. So without further typing....on to the reviews:

First Category: Cozy Mystery - Bookmarked for Murder by Lorna Barrett

This is the second book in the Booktown Mysteries. Trish, who owns the Haven't Got a Clue Bookstore, is hosting a book signing by award winning author Zoe Carter. This is a rare signing because Zoe does not like publicity and has refused to participate in any promotions of her writing. Haven't Got a Clue was overflowing with fans who were excited to finally get to meet the author and her sign their novels. Even in attendance was Zoe's very cranky and outspoken niece who didn't have a problem yelling at her Aunt in public.
After a disagreenment with Kimbery, Zoe stepped out to get some air...or so everyone thought. Unfortuantely, she met her untimely demise in the bathroom, very similar to the way Elvis left this world.
This sets Trish to solving who killed Zoe and why. There are so many twists and turns that I didn't figure out who the killer was until it was actually revealed. I had no idea who did it...and was I shocked!!
You know, I still want to slap her sister, Angelica. She is such a witch to everyone!! I felt so sorry for poor Ginny and Mr. Evertt for everything that woman put them through. Russ sounds like such a nice guy which are very far and few between. I have to say that even though it isn't right, I can see why the Sheriff would be jealous of Trish and try to get even with sin't nice but I can see why.
I give it 2 thumbs up...a definite read if you love cozy mysteries!!

Review #2 - Romance: Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

Jane Austen is one the most well loved authors to this day. Her most beloved male character - Mr. Darcy, still makes women swoon, including myself!!! So when I read the title, I just knew I had to read the book!!

Emily is a manager of a book store in New York. Emily is just your everyday girl. She is not much fashion and dreams of meeing Mr. Right. Now her best friend Stella is a completely different story. She is wilder than a March Hare and would you believe she is married to a guy named Freddie, this isn't a love match however, it is a green card marriage. Stella asks Emily for a week in Mexico with the girls, however, Emily cringes at the thought of this idea. She does a quick internet search and finds a tour over Jane Austens life in Europe. She quickly books the tour and spends her Christmas with a bunch of little old blue haired ladies, not to mention the one very hot journalist. The Hot Journalist is there to find out why woment love Mr. Darcy- he just can't figure out why women still go Ga-ga over this fictional character.
This trip is great for Emily. She finally takes the time to look at herself and the people she surrounds herself. However, there is one glitch. She actually keeps seeing and conversing with the real Mr. Darcy. Somehow, someway Mr. Darcy becomes real to her . She finally figures out what she is looking for in a man and her relationships.
If you are a Jane Austen fan then you will love this book.

This is a very graphic, emotional read. I would recommend all teens read this however, the parents should read it along with them so they will be able to answer their questions.

Nancy is your typical 14 year old girl. She lived with her mom who has divorced Nancy's dad. Nancy loves hanging out with her friends and even gets the chance to go to a Garth Brooks concert. She manages to get separated from her Aunt and meets up with this "wonderful" eighteen year old college boy named Colin. He was so kind and considerate. He sat and talked with her and then gave her a ride home when she couldn't find her aunt.
Colin kept calling and talking with her, meeting up with in public, just being a nice guy. That is until he fills her up with a couple of bottles of win and then rapes her.
Nancy is just sick and after a while tells her mom what happened. They do contact the police and try to find this guy. However, the damage has been done. Nancy started getting sick and gaining weight. They thought she was pregnant...however that would have been a blessing. Colin gave her HIV and thus starts her story. We go through her time at school with having HIV, how her friends react, how Nancy learns to live this horrible disease.

The book was written in the early 1990's so HIV and AIDS was still a somewhat new disease. This is a very powerful book. It is graphic and I do warn parents they might want to read the book first.

Stitching update.

I finished the 2nd part of my patchwork design. I used the Blue Angel Glory floche threads. This is a very thin thread and it is very hard to separate. I am stitching it over one on 32 count fabric.

I started a new project tonight- The Daughters of Longbourne by Stitching Parlour. This is part of my Everything Austen Challenge. I need to have it finished by December 31st.

I also worked on a baby blanket today. My friend Kayla came over to help me get it stitched up. I am using one of those quilt panels that you can purchase by the yard. The quilt is for an ex-coworker who had her baby a couple of months ago. Mark came home one day and said J had her baby and we need to get a gift. I said ok..what did she have? He wasn't sure. You have got to be kidding....he wanted me to pick up a baby gift and he didn't know what she had!!! UGH!! MEN!!! So, I asked what did she name the baby....Barrett. Now that can be a girl or a boy..still no help. So I decided on a blue quilt background, it has puppies flying a green kite. There are green chenille blocks along with green and yellow ribbons for the kite tail. We finished everything but the satin binding. I started doing the binding on the machine..but it was too think and I didn't like how it looked, so I decided that I will have to hand stitch it. Once I finish the binding I will post a picture.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Fancy Stolen Casket

I just finished reading this book and I loved it!!! I found myself laughing outloud so much that my husband was giving me funny looks. The book is based out of South Carolina and it takes place in a funeral home. Callie is the makeup artist for the deceased and she loves her job. She does have an unusual obsesson with Victoria Secrets bras, but all us flat chested girls sometimes have this obsession. Her best friend Jane is completely blind and she has a very unusual occupation. This is a book that I do recommend for anyone who loves a good cozy Mystery.

Couple Five is finished!!!

Finally!!! I started this couple back in April and I have been stitching on it some. Not as much as I should have but I finally finished them tonight. I had to go online to do a little reasearch to figure out what era this was since the original text was written in dutch. Wikipedia had the answers for me...It is for King Louis the 14th era. I am so excited to put the final stitch in tonight or should I say VERY early on Monday morning since I finished it about 3:30 am!!! Yes I am up that late. I was having to catch up on my Food Network shows. Tonight was the season premiere of Ace of Cakes - I love this show!! Then we had the Next Good Network Star and finally I some Throwdowns with Bobby Flay to watch. Made for some good stitching time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Stitching update

I went to the Busy Needle last night and completed the finishing on my Mardi Gras Mask . I had to cut it out, glue on the feathers, the stick and the jewels. I think it turned out wonderful!!! I also worked on Winchester House while I was on vacation. I was able to get a lot accomplished during rest time and the flight. Now back to Historical fashions..I want to finish couple 5 soon!!! I have been working on it since April!!!

Back to the real world

Yes, I made it home from my disney trip and it was fantastic!! Mom and I had so much food and we met tons of characters. They were really out and about visiting with everyone. My mom was just so excited since this was her first visit. We stayed at the wilderness lodge which was near the Magic Kingdom. We traveled by boat to the Magic Kingdom and monorail most of the time. It was so nice. Our room faced the Magic Kingdom and if we were back by 10:00 pm then we could watch the firewords from our balcony, talk about being spoiled. We did stop by Minnie Mouses house and as you can see she loves to sew and has even placed 1st place in a quilting contest.

I think our favorite dinner was with Cinderella, the prince and her Step Family. The characters must play their part and the step sisters were so funny!! They would look at you and say "So are we going to take a picture or not? I have better things to do." or I told one they looked pretty and she said "I know!" We asked the Prince how he dealt with his sister-in-laws and he said he goes out riding alot because they are a trial. He tries not to be around them!!

If you would like to see our pictures please click here: Disney Pictures I must tell you there are tons of them...but you will get the idea about how great our vacation back to the real world. Laundry, cleaning house...Ugh!! Why isn't my life like a fairy tale???

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lizzie Kate Boo Flip-its are finished!

I have been stitching and stitching on my LK boo project and I put the final stitches in today. I did make a small error on the design however, I am not telling where it is and I am hoping you won't be able to spot it!!! So this is another project down which means I can finally start my new Jane Austen project. However, as you can tell from my ticker...I am leaving for Disney in 2 days so new stitching projects will have to wait until I get back!!!

Mom and I are ready for this trip. We are so exctied!! We have one daily reservation planned for a character meal. We are eating at:

Cinderella's Royal Table

Norway Princess Lunch

Donalds Tusker House

Mickey's Back Yard B-B-Que

Sci-fi Resturant

Crystal Palace with Pooh

1900 Park Fare with Cinderella and her family including the prince

Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch

Grand Floridan afternoon tea

We are going to be eating good!!!! I probably won't be posting until we get back. So take care everyone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mardi Gras Mask!

I finished my Ozark Sampler Fiber Class Challenge project. WEll, one of them at least is finished. This project was started back in February. The colors really pop!! It was supposed to be stitched on perferated paper..but I don't like to stitch on that so I stitched it on 14 count black adia. I plan on glueing it to cardstock, backing it with fabric. Then Iwill use feathers ribbons, beads and a chopstick for the mask handle. Mary gave us a pink mask handle but I think Jag took mine and now I can't find I will use a PF Chang's chopstick!!!

I have one more project to finish before I can start stitching on the Jane austen challenge piece.

Jane Austen update: I downloaded the novels on i-tunes podcasts for Mansfield park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. I have been looking for a podcast that I like of Pride and Prejudice. I plan on listening to them on the plane and while stitching.

My sister emailed me to let me know that Lulu made it safely to India!! She is happy to be with her family and I know my sister is happy to have her home too!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oklahoma City Trip

Mom and I took Lulu the Boston Terrier to the Will Rogers World Airport today. She is on her way to her new home in New Delhi, India. My sister is very anxious to have Lulu home with her. I have to say, I felt bad about leaving poor Lulu in her kennel for her long flight to New Delhi, but the air cargo guy at the airport told us not to worry. She would be in great hands.
AFter we dropped her off, we decided to drive over to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I have to say it was a very humbling experience being there at the memorial. It was very quiet and respectful. The chairs were very hard to see especially all the little bitty chairs that represented the babies from the daycare. I left the memorial crying.

It was back to Tulsa where we stopped at the Silver needle and the on to Macaroni Grill for dinner. IT was VERY GOOD!! After dinner, we stopped at Joann fabrics and then we came home. I have to admit it was a very tiring day. Tomorrow will be worse....I am finally getting to paint my guest room!!!