Sunday, March 27, 2011

ballerina and family update

Family update: We got a phone call on Thursday from Marks sister to call her immediately. This is strange since we haven't talked to her in 2 years. They just don't return phone calls, emails etc. So we called her and got no answer (typical). Mark then called his dad and his dad told us some shocking news. It seems last week, he wasn't feeling well on his way home from work, so he pulled into the local fire station. He then proceeded to have a heart attack and the fireman rushed him to the hospital where he had surgery and they put stints in his heart. We find out after he is HOME from the hospital. He didn't want to worry or bother us about him being sick. Mark then asks me what we should do....I tell him to go to Orlando and see his dad. The dogs and I will miss him...but he needs to go. The next thing I know, Mark has booked us both on a flight to see his dad and we are counting this as our anniversary trip since we are flying to Orlando and staying on Disney property. Marks dad got us 60% off our it was cheaper than staying in a regular hotel. We leave on Friday and will be on Monday. WE have hired our normal house sitter/dog sitter for the weekend.

Stitching update....I have been focused on ballerina and as you can see I have made a bit of progress. I do have to frog a section but I figured out where and now just have to frog it...I think I am going to wait to frog until I get more stitched. It is turning out nice....I think I will take her on the plane with me. I need something to work on during out flight.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Animal afghan is finished!!

I am happy to say that I finished my Animal Afghan! So both Baby afghans are finished and both babies have been born. Mark dropped off the Teddy Bear Afghan to baby Maggie yesterday. Since I still have this coughing, sniffling crud I decided it wasn't a good idea to go visit a new baby. The Animal afghan will be put in the mail this week. Along with a HUGE stack of things.
This illness has kicked my behind. I don't want to do anything!!! I go to work...come home and sit in my chair. I am so tired of coughing, it is getting ridiculous. I do have a funny story to share You never know what is going to be said in my classroom and you do have to stay on your toes...
Student "Mrs. H, does your butt still hurt?"
Me...thinking really hard where this is going then "No, it doesn't...but thanks for asking"
He knew that I had gone and gotten a steriod shot for my he was wondering if the place I got my shot was still sore!!! Never know what is going to be said....but he was worried that I might be in pain and/or miss more classes. He worries if I am not there.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ballerina Project

Here is the first update of my Ballerina design. Mary had completed everything on the right side and I have stitched everything on the left. It is turning out very lovely...the only problem is that there is a an extra row!!!!! I have two options. Rip out everything on the Right or work around it. I am choosing to work around it! I will make it happen.
Still at home sleeping the days away from my strep throat! I can't believe how much I sleep. I lay down for a nap at 11:00 am and don't wake up until 3:3o pm. Talk about tired. Mark is out of town until Wednesday. So it is just me and the furbabies.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Afgan and Round Robin project

My animal Afghan is coming along. I only have 6 letters to go!!! I am so excited!!! I finished Ride a Bike for my RR. This one was hard for me because it is stitched backwards for me. I usually stitch ///// then go back with \\\\ well...not this one. She wanted the stitches to go \\\\\\ then ///// which if you don't know, is very hard for your brain to do that. I found myself frogging several times because I stitched my usually way!!!! I hope she likes it. I think it turned out cute!
I have been home with Strep throat since Thursday. I came home Wednesday with a sore throat and then went to the doctor on Thursday. I really jsut thought I had a sore throat..nothing else...nope it was Strep. I have been home since Thursday and not much stitching has been accomplished. I have been sleeping most of my days away.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Puppy Bag

Becki and I went to JoAnns the other day and she found the cutest fabric for me to make her a stitching bag. She picked all the colors, fabrics and ribbon. I have to say this picture doesn't do it justice. I put her name on it along with "Lily's mom" Lily is her doggie!! I hope she likes how it turned out!!!

An offer I couldn't refuse

As most of you know, I love big projects. When any of my stitching friends attempt a huge project I try and give some advice on how to make the project easier. We were stitching at my friend Janeths house and Mary kept complaining about her Ballerina. She has been complaining about this ballerina FOREVER!! and I mean I was watching her stitch and it was the most complicated stitchign I had ever scene....I even told her this so this isn't a shock. She as making it way too hard and I mean way to hard. So she made me an offer....and I took it!!! She offered me in return of stitching the Ballerina design, the rest of this year in FREE Ozark Sampler products. If you don't know already....I take a monthly class with Mary that is $25 a class and there are about 10 classes left this year....this also includes fiber packs....etc. Anything she offers this year...I get for free. I do have to stitch this design. Pretty good deal I think! However, the ballerina is now called the dumba$$ Ballerina. We got tired of listening to Mary complain about it...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gibbs is one year old!!

How time flies!!! It is hard to believe that we have had Gibbs for over a year. This little guy has made our lives so interesting since he was adopted. As you can see how tiny he was when we first brought him home...compared to him now. BTW.... The toy in his mouth is a Kong toy, which in theory is the toughest toy around. However, not for Gibbs....he has managed to eat this eat all up and he has proceeded to poop blue for a bit (gross but true). He loves to jump on the middle of the bed and sleep right between Mark and I. He usually waits till were asleep and then moves closer to Mark on the bed.