Monday, December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2007. When looking back it has been a great year for all of us. Mark and I celebrated our first year of marriage and have had some very good times this year. We were able to take several small trips and see different things.

I had a very good stitching year. I need to go count how many finishes I had this year...maybe I will do that tomorrow. Plus I just finished page 6 of my Tiger...only 10 more pages to go!!!! Picture on the Right!!

For 2008, I have set the following stitching goals:
I want to finish: Eye of Tiger, Cherokee Child, Augusta 13th hole, Inspirations. Plus I would like to stitch at least 12 of my disney ornamnets and finish my 2006 Kats by Kelly that was started in a Round Robin in one of my groups. I hope to stitch other small projects as the year goes on too. Maybe I will finish one of my 10 UFOS!! My percentages is for the Huge projects not the smaller ones...since those are so quick to do...I really don't put those on my list.

Stitches left to stitch: 205, 386
Percentage complete: 18.9%

Friday, December 28, 2007

overdue update

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already. It was very busy time for Mark and I. We had to drive to OK. to visit my grandparents and dad. We spent Christmas eve there where we recieved this wonderful Breadmaker from my uncle for christmas.

Christmas morning we exchanged gifts and my husband spoiled me. He ordered me a stitching light that sits on my lap because I am always complaining I cant see the holes! LOL! He aslo got me a massage, stitching calendar from myLNS which has coupons for each month.

That night we went to my moms and I got the coolest gift. Igot a HUGE tiger!!! Our school's mascot is the I got one!! I was so excited.

I had to spend the day after christmas talking care of my grandmother who had her pacemaker replaced. It gave me lots of time to stitch. If you take a look on the right you will see the very first page of Cherokee Child finished!!! YES!!!

I am currently stitching on 4 BAP....and I have a lot to go on them. I have set a goal to do one Disney ornamnt a month. Plus a few small projects. I will pick up one of my UFO projects when I finish one of my BAP' hopefully by summer I will have finished one or two of them. That is my goal for now.

Stitches left to stitch: 207,598
Percentage complete: 18.1%

Friday, December 21, 2007

2008 ILCS Retreat Nametag

Here it is!! Patty did a wonderful job on the design. It represents the state of Arkansas wonderfully!!! Here we go:

Fabric: 18 count Red Aida using White thread or 18 count White aida using Red Thread
Arkansas colors are red and white.

Embellishments: 4 Crystals placed in each corner. The state Gem of Arkansas is Diamonds so this is represented by the crystals.

1 Arkansas Razorback charm to be placed somewhere near the stitchers name.

Once you pay your deposit and Debra lets me know....I will send you 4 crystals and a razorback head for you to stitch up your nametag!!!

LHN finish

Today I finished my friends christmas present. She asked me to make her a wedding sampler. We looked and looked at samplers and she couldn't find one that she just "loved" until we looked at the Dear Diary Series from LHN. She loved the design of the Lucy Fairchild design. So I made a few changes and this is the final result.

Stitches left to stitch: 222,054
Percentage complete: 30.5%

Monday, December 17, 2007

Diabetes Tree

On Saturday before our 1/2 an inch of snow I stopped by my LNS- The Busy Needle to check out the Diabetes Tree. Each year, Sara has a fundraiser for Diabetes. IF you make a cash donation then you get to pick an ornament off the tree and your get a set of ornament patterns from designers. This year, X's and Oh's offered a contest to help raise money for this good cause. I took some pictures of it for everyone to see. I even found Karin from NV ornament. The pink checkered ornament came in first place.

On my stitching note, I had a small finish from Heinzeit. I finished Dogs. It was stitched on 18 count chocolate aida with spearment Six Sweet Strands. I plan to put it in my guest bathroom.

I also started on my LHN design for my friends weeding sampler. I also worked a bit on my Augusta piece. I updated a picture on the right. I actually have 3.7% but my percent bars are only 5% at a time. I would love to say that I am half finished with the first page...but nope not yet...I hope that on the next rotation I can finish at least 1/2 the page.

Stitches left to complete:228,821
Percentage completed:28.4%

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiger Update

If you look to the right you will see my tiger update. He is actually starting to look kinda scary. It is tough working on an eyeball...but I am starting to see the tiger reflections starting to take place.

Last night I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30....that is way early for me....but it was a good thing. I got up this morning at 5:30 and made artichoke and spinach dip for the christmas party I have to attend tonight. I was gathering my things to make cheese dip when I realized I was out of rotel I have to stop by walmart to get them. I also wrapped a christmas present. Right now I am waiting on my space heater to heat up my bathroom. It is currently 58 degrees in there and too cold for me. So I get up let the heater warm it up and then get ready for work!!!

stitches left :222,554
percentage complete: 28.8%

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Coaster Exchange

I went to buy a coaster for my coaster exchange I was in earlier this month and couldn't find one. I was so worried because I had to mail it to my friend Viv in the I emailed her and asked if I could make her something else for the coaster exchange. She was so gracious to let me stitch something else...this is what I made her!!! She was so happy since she was going to have to go get a snowglobe for herself.

What do you think???

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fun Weekend!!

Mark and I had a wonderful weekend!!!! We went to Branson, MO with some friends for the weekend. On Friday, we went to Silver Dollar City to see the fesitval of lights. It was so pretty!! The park wasn't full at all and we just walked around and looked at the hundreds of lights. We had dinner in the old mine on metal plates and metal cups like you would eat off on the wild west trail.

Saturday, we did some Christmas shopping at the outlet malls. I got several great deals. My friend bought me 2 new charts for christmas. I got 2 Dutch Treat Designs ...they are table toppers. ONce is Santa's midnight Ride and the other is Ice and Bo tabletopper (polar bears). They are very cute!!! The fog was so thick that we could have cut it with a knife. You couldn't see 2 feet in front of was terrible. That night we just stayed in and watched Christmas shows and played board games.

We got up Sunday morning with the weather threatening freezing rain so we packed everything up and headed home!!!! That was a trip to remember....I stitched the whole way home and poor Mark had to drive in the rain. It poured the whole way home. We had to make one stop to pick up the boys at the puppy kennel. They were so happy to see us.

When we got home, there was a wonderful package from my SS,...who by the way is Pam k, She sent me:

1. several Christmas freebies
2) dmc floss
3) pluto kit
4) snow white kit
5) foam princess door hanger kit
6) small stitchers kit

On the stitching note...I finished page 4 of Inspirations. I updated the picture on the right side of my blog...

Stitches left to stitch: 224,508

Percentage complete: 28.2%

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bird in my House

A bird flew into my house last night and it was the funniest thing that I have ever seen!!! We didn't realize he was there for a bit but the animals sure did!! Jag was meowing and jumping at the ceiling fan...Tusk and Brigen were running around barking. Finally, Mark looked up and saw him. We tried and tried to catch him..he flew onto the fireplace mantle, bookshelf, both Christmas trees..we were laughing so hard because the dogs and cat just kept chasing it!!!!!
Finally, Mark put the boys outside and the next thing we knew Jag had him in his mouth! He dropped the bird and it looked I approached it with a towel it flew off and the chase began again!!!!

Jag ran off....caught the bird again! He started running through the house with the bird in his mouth...I finally picked up Jag, who started that cat growling thing, made him drop the bird. The poor thing had to be dead...he just lay there...Mark picked him up in a towel and took him outside. He just lay there...I shook the towel...the bird flew away!!! The dogs and cat were looking and lookkng for him!!! It was just too funny!!!

Now if you look to the right you will see the progress I have made on my Cherokee child. The goal is to have 3 pages stitched by March 1st. I am about 1/2 way through the first page.

Stitches left to stitch:227,308
Percentage complete: 27.3%
projects working on: 5

Prize in the mail

I got the coolest prize in the mail this weekend!!!! My Stitch it Quick group had a coaster exchange and this is what she sent me:

1) coaster (since this was the exchange) -snowman on lime green fabric...which is very pretty
2)28 count carnation pink fabric
3) Lizzie Kate Boxer - Summer cottage
4) Mill Hill Button Beads - Christmas village
5) Down sunhine lane Gold wreath and hearts
6) Hinzeit -Santa Claus

I LOVED everything!!! I was so shocked when I opened this package.....I was showing Mark and all he just laughed. He doesn't understand us stitching girls!!!! Aren't I a lucky stitcher!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

new project

I started my Cherokee child last night. It is part of he Mystic Stitch goal is to have the first 3 pages stitched by March 1st. I am not sure if it will happen but that is my goal.

Tonight, Mom and I went to a Christmas service at my Uncles church. it was very nice..different but nice.We are not used to such rituals in church. I did enjoy it though. Then we went to the old pizza joint we love!!!! It was so good...home of buy 1 get 1 free!! so we bought 2 pizzas...She got one to take home and so did I!! I am so for breakfast.

There really isn't much progress to show on my cherokee child...I only did about 300 no picture for that. If you look to the right you can see progress on my Augusat #13!!

Stitches left:228,408
percentage complete: 26.9%