Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yoga update and the critters

I finally have an update on Yoga. I have now finished 4 pages and 8 pages to go. My sister emailed me and wanted to know if I would have it finished by the time she went back to Hong Kong this summer. She goes back around the 2nd week of July. I am probably going to have to say NO...because I am not sure I can finish 8 pages in that around 8 weeks. Maybe if I wasn't going on a 10 day vacation in the middle of June....and if I only worked on Yoga every spare second of my day. It might be possible.
Align Center

I had to show off my two youngest little furbabies. Mark tells me that Bert has an 80 lb growth always attached to him. As you can see he and Gibbs just love to play. You will usually see Bert trying to walk down the hallway, however, Gibbs has his mouth around his head/neck trying to play with him. The other morning gibbs was bopping him on the head and then Bert would Swipe at him with his little claw. They did this for 5 minutes or would think Gibbs would learn.

Mark has started playing Angry Birds on his computer and Bert just loves to play with him. When Mark is flinging birds, Bert is sitting there watching him. Every once and a while he will swipe at the screen!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Nope...not my Ipad...still waiting on that...but my Victorian Village Round Robin FINALLY came home!!!! I mailed this RR to Angela in May, 2009. It came home FINALLY on Sunday, May 22, 2011. Yes, there were many speed bumps in the road for this RR but I do LOVE how it turned out. I fell in love with design when it first came out. It was first published in the US Cross Stitcher Magazine in December, 1993. It was designed to use the entire DMC Flower Thread collection. However, I used just plain ol' DMC. It was also supposed to be stitched on an afghan but I changed it to hand dyed blue aida. I want to thank Angela, Janeth, Mary, Carol, Barb, and a mystery stitcher who didn't sign their name! Especially to Carol who stepped in and stitched a design even though she wasn't on the original list!!!! I still have 5 buildings to stitch but I am so happy to have it home!!!

Just had to throw in a picture of Jag and Bert. This is how I usually find Bert in the morning, with Jabba Jag sitting on top of him. Jag likes to put Bert in his place!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anniversary, Stitching and animals

Mark and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday. We went to dinner at a very fancy restaurant. On the way to dinner, Mark gave me a card. It said:

I have ordered an anniversary

present you are sure to love

after it is has been

delivered to the house in

2 to 4 weeks

He said this was all I needed to figure out my gift. I sat there in the car for the entire trip down to Fayetteville (45 minutes in Rainy Friday traffic) trying to figure it out. I first thought Disney and he ruled that out quickly. He said it was something I didn't have but mentioned would love to have and it wasn't Disney related. I was stumped. Finally, I pulled out a magazine and started reading...I saw an ad for something I wanted and took a guess. Still wrong only by number..I guessed an IPAD...nope.. he ordered me an IPAD 2!!! What a fabulous husband. If you look at the first letter in the first column going spells out IPAD2. I got him a new wedding band and some wooden golf tees (5th year is wood). At dinner, my shoe broke. It happened to be my favorite pair of 3 inch strappy gold heels. The strap over the toes broke off so I had to hobble to the car with my shoe was kinda funny.

As I picked up Ballerina to work on it this past week....Bert decided it was a good place to lay down and wasn't happy when I made him get up. In the middle picture, you will see the progress I have made on Ballerina. This week is Yoga....Bert loves to nap in strange places and in strange positions. This is him napping on Marks lap.

I haven't forgotten Gibbs and his antics. This week, he decided he wanted to sleep by Mark and he jumped on the bed. He flopped down right beside Mark, unfortuantely Bert was sleeping where he flopped. Mark heard a squeak and had to dig poor Bert out from under Gibbs. Bert was a little dazed and Gibbs had no clue what he had done. Bert proceeded to bite him on the nose to let him know he did not like getting squished. Both puppy and kitten are doing fine. They are actually becoming good friends.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Contest Winner

Thanks everyone who entered and commented on Bert! He is just so cute and has made himself at home here at the Hartwell house. As most of you know I am a HUGE Disney fan so we named Bert from the movie Mary Poppins for the lovable character Bert played by Dick Van Dyke.

Congratulations to Wanda from my Mystic Stitch group!!! She won the drawing. Please email me your address and I will get a prize in the mail.

As you can see...Jabba Jag has decided he can now eat with the Bert. He was unsure of him for a while and refused to eat with him. Gibbs loves him is hard to see but Gibbs is sitting and staring at him!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Bert and a contest

This is the newest member of our family. He is very tired from being scared by the boys. The dogs were very excited to meet him...Jag not so much. He is currently residing in the guest bathroom hiding behind the toilet. The boys are sitting outside the bathroom trying to get a peek of him!
In honor of our new family member, I am going to hold a contest. You only get one vote....Can you tell me where we came up with his name - Bert. If you get it correct, your name will go in a hat for a random drawing. Who knows what I will send you!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ballerina -Gibbs and his doggie door

Ballerina has risen again. I posted early that I ripped a hole in the project and I have started it again. This time I am stitching it on 14 count aida (not evenweave), and I am following the required threads. This makes it interesting. Some symbols call for 6 threads at a time!!!! I am not stressing too much over it.

I did have to change my stitching goals for this year. There is no way I was even going to make a dent in them with all this obligation stitching I have to do. So I am going to focus on my 2 obligations pieces and then my ufo's. I am going to start with one that is almost finished and work way down to the ones which require lots of stitching!!!

Mark installed a doggie door in our kitchen. You would think it would be for the dogs to go in and out of it but no....Gibbs uses it to bring in his logs. As you can see he was trying to put it in the door, Brigen didn't like that idea so he pushed it out the door. So Gibbs is starting all over again. He eventually did get it in the house, and he placed it over with his other treasures he has brought in the doggie door. I keep waiting for him to bring me a rabbit or a chipmunk. UGH!!!