Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cinderella and a FINISHED Scarecrow

I finally framed Cinderella. I ordered the frame and double mat from Hobby Lobby and did the framing by myself. I love how the two purples really make her dress pop!!I chose a small frame instead of a really big one. I thought the really big ones pulled attention away from the piece. This will be my fair entry this year.

I finished my 3 foot scarecrow!!! I am so excited to say that I actually finished a cross stitch piece this summer! One UFO down and MANY, MANY more to go!!! The next UFO I plan on working on is my cupcakes from an Ozark Sampler RR. Ballerina is coming out of hiding too...summer is over so time to work on the Tutu!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yoga, Retreat charts, Bert and Insane new projects

It is Stitch Kitty Bert!!! He decided to hide in my stitching bag today. He so does love stitching!

I finished page 8 of Yoga. I am SICK of this pattern....I have been working on this pattern since the week after my anniversary in May. I am going to HAVE to stitch on something else!!! It does look good....but I can't handle stitching with DMC 422, 834 and 738...this is all page 9 basically is with very few other colors thrown in the mix. I am going to work on Scarecrow I think...

Our annual Cross stitch retreat was held in June and this year I was unable to go. However, since I had paid my deposit I was able to receive the freebies patterns donated by designers. I received a HUGE envelope but these happen to be my favorites!!! I love these!!!! As you can see there is a small theme going on here.....Thank you to Karin for sending them to me!!! I so appreciate it.

My FAVORITE ride at Disney World is The Haunted Mansion!!! I LOVE this ride...When you first go in, you go into the stretching room. These portraits are on the wall...however you only see the top half....when the room stretches you get to see the whole picture. Anyway, I have come to be the proud owner of these portraits in Cross Stitch form. They are each about 18 pages in length and I am planning to stitch EVERYONE OF THEM!!!!!! I am INSANE!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star Wars Rage Quilt

I have been very busy embroidery and sewing my nephews Star Wars Rag Quilt. Isaac eats, breathes, and lives for Star Wars. This was the only type of quilt heLink wanted. Do you know how hard it is to find Star Wars designs?? A needle in a haystack would be easier. I finally found them and set myself to stitching them. I have found that Star Wars designs love the color Black. I used up an entire spool of black threads. I love how it turned out. All I have left to do is the clipping of the seams, and then I need to wash and dry it twice to make it really shaggy...
These are just a few of the designs...if you would like to see the entire quilt and the blocks close up then click HERE and it will take you to my Photobucket account. I do want to say thank you for the comments that are left....I do love reading them!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seasonal 9 Patch RR

I found these designs in the Just Cross Stitch Magazines and just had to stitch them. I thought they would look cute all together in one design. There are 9 different designs for each of the 4 seasons......

Fall: October 2007
Spring: April 2008
Summer: August 2008
Winter: December 2008

Everyone did wonderful work stitching on my RR. I want to thank everyone for doing a fantastic job!!!! Sandy was kind of enough to send me these two really cute Disney Figurines which are now sitting in my sewing room!! I love them!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yoga Update

I sat down today and had 600 stitches to complete to finish page 7. My plan was to finish this page today and I did! As you can see I am working on her Henna Tattoo. There was so much confetti stitching on this section that it took me almost all day to stitch it. I was able to put in a few more stitches on page 8. After I finish page 8, almost all the confetti stitching will be it should go much faster.

Mark could not put his feet down tonight because Bert refused to move off his footstool.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

As Seen on TV - THE EGGIE- My Review

I have been watching the infomercial for the Eggie for a while now. I LOVE hard boiled eggs but I hate to make them so I thought this would be great for me. However, I hate to pay shipping and handling so I waited until I could buy them in the stores (even though the TV commercial says they are only sold on TV). I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I had a spend $15 get $5 off coupon. The eggie was $9.99 so I picked 4 Yankee Votive Candles and basically got those for free. I came home and washed them out like it said to and then sprayed Pam onto a paper towel and wiped them down with it as the instructions said.

I lined them up in two rows and then cracked the eggs in them. I have fresh country eggs from my dad's chickens so they were small eggs. I did find that in a couple of them the yolk were WAY to big and I kinda had to force it into the Eggie. I am not sure how they will do with large eggs....will let you know later. The instructions say I could add seasoning but I wasn't going to go crazy on my try.

I put them in warm water enough for them to float and brought them to a boil. They boiled for 15 minutes and then I set them on a cutting board to cool. They popped out of the container very easy and sit flat on the plate.

As you can see..they turned out well! I really enjoyed them. So I have to give the Eggie Two thumbs up!!! It was good. I can't wait to try them with just egg whites. I am not a yolk person.

I have to share a picture of Bert. He is napping with Brigen. Aren't they just so cute!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scarecrow Disaster Fixed

The Guilty party who loves to hang out in the Dryer!!!!

The other night I opened a coke, set in on my side table and then proceeded to stitch. Bert decided to chase the bug in the house which is usually cute, but this time he jumped up on my side table. Which sent the coke flying off the table and onto my scarecrow. I screamed so loud it worked Mark up and he came running thinking I was hurt. The coke pooled onto the design and I had to rush it to the sink to soak.

After soaking and then drying in the bathroom for a couple of days. I ironed out the wrinkles and was able to work on it for a couple of hours today. I stitched in the spider in Alpaca Rainbow Gallery threads. I usually do not like fluffy fibers but when using it on 7 ct is not hard to work with at all!!! It is coming along nicely..hopefully I will be able to have it stitched and then finished before Halloween.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Half Naked Cowboys

Gotta love half-Naked Cowboys!!! My mom and I were in Branson a while back where we found this fabric. Mom has a great friend of hers who loves cowboys so mom asked me to make her a pillow. I did and I even spiced it up by putting suede leather fringe around the edges. This was the first time I have added fringe to anything but I do love how it turned out!

I am feeling very restless today...I don't want to stitch, read or sew. I have several projects that need to be completed...but I don't want to do them.I think I am going to have to force myself to work on Yoga...My goal is to finish it this summer. I have 6 pages to hopefully I can do that....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finished a page on Yoga

It is 3:43 am and I had to post that I finally finished page 6 of Yoga!!!! That was my goal for the day. I am getting closer to being finished!!! There is so much confetti stitching that I want to work on this as much as I can this summer when I have LOTS of stitching time. The ballerina is a lot of the same stitches so it will go much faster than this it is only 4 pages so that helps too.
I went to the pool today with a friend and I have to say I am one crispy critter right now. I am so burnt that I actually have on a sweatshirt because I am cold. Mark thought it was funny until he was stuck spreading lotion all over my back and shoulders because it hurt to move them!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pets and stitching-Advice needed.

I am in need of some tips. As you can see little Bert LOVES my stitching. He decided to pop his head into my scarecrow while it was on a scroll frame. I have since then moved scarecrow to a qsnap so this does not happen again.
Bert has a tendency to jump on my lap and bat my fabric, thread with his little claws. Which by the way, the claws HURT! We haven't declawed him yet because he has escaped the house and climbed a tree while we were on vacation.
I am worried that I will be working with a delicate piece of fabric and his little claws are going to tear it any advice for stitching with a kitten in the house???? Right now as I type he is asleep on my lap.....he of course will wake up when I finish typing this and start playing with my threads. Sigh...the life with pets.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

UFO Scarecrow Update

I was so busy with my Rag Quilt this week that I didn't work very much on Yoga so no picture to show you. However, I did work on my scarecrow for an hour a day. That doesn't seem like much but when you stitch on it everyday, you can see progress. I also changed my stitching style and use the sewing method with this project since it is on large count fabric. That helps tremendously since this is such a huge project. I was able to finish all the yellow on the shirt, out lining the green and black on the right hand side, fill in the green and buttons down the center and all the pink spots on the right side. I just have the rest of the shirt, bowtie, head spider and crow until finished!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rag Quilt is finished!!!

I am so excited!!! I finished my niece India's rag quilt! It turned out so cute!! Bert was very helpful also on helping me work on this quilt. He was very lucky he didn't get a needle in the paw. He kept trying to stick his nose in my embroidery machine.

As I mentioned before this is a very random quilt...Here are some of the blocks that are on it. You can also see all the blocks in my Photobucket Folder. This was such fun to make however, it was a little strange. Since when stitching a rag quilt you have to stitch with the seams showing and it means that you have to stitch wrong sides together. I had to rip out a few stitches on this quilt. The Fabric is two types of denim on top, white flannel in the middle and on the back is a brown fabric and a Boyds Bear fabric. My niece does love her bears

Thanks for all your comments on Scary Bear....I found a different bear to use and I liked it better....You can see that in my photobucket account. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments....I love reading them!