Monday, November 26, 2007

Scary Movie and Funny Hubby

Mark and I watched a very scary movie tonight. I screamed my head wasn't bloody or anything......but it was just creepy. We watched 1408 with John Cusack and Samuel Jackson. It was about a writer who wrote books about haunted hotels and he went to stay in this hotel in New York. The legend says that no one survives and hour in the room. I am telling you, weird things happened...lots of unexplained events. He kept trying to escape but the room wouldn't let him!!!! I really recommend this will make you scream.
Also, it was suggested that people wanted to see my DH's happy dance for when I am finished with a cross stitch I asked him if he would do it again...what do you think???

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I did it!! I did it!!! I finished Eeyore!!! Yes you read that right. Eeyore is finished!!!! I worked on him all weekend and set a goal to finish him. I did it!!!!!

This year I held Thanksgiving at my house like usual. I had about 15 people come and it was so much fun. On Friday, I put up my Disney tree and it looks fabulous!!!! I actually put up all my ornaments that I crossed stitched last year. This next year I plan on stitching the rest of them.

Saturday, I went shopping with mom. I stopped by my LNS and there was a trunk show going on from Follow the Leader. I bought the cutest chart called Be True. It is a patriotic design. Then I came home and decorated the Red/White tree. We plan on getting one more...this year Mark wants a real we will use all the homemade ornaments his mother has made him over the years. I know it is crazy to have 3 trees...but I actually have enough ornaments for 3 trees!!! That is the sad truth.

Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone. I have 3 weeks until Christmas break!!!

Stitching update:
Stitches left to stitch: 229,648
Percentage complete:26.5%

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Inspiration and Augusta progress

I worked on my Inspirations and Augusta #13 this week. I am about 1/2 finished with the first page of Mystic and I finished page 3 of Inspirations. Inspirations is stitching up very quickly....there is lots of backstitching in this piece. Mystic is stitching up more slowly than my other pieces. This weekend I worked on my new model for X's and Oh's which is stitching up very quickly.

My new rotation system is going nicely. I am even planning on what I am going to stitch next!!! LOL!!

New stitch count:
Stitches left to be stitched: 240,586
progress percentage completed: 23%

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Completed Model

My new model for Debbie Draper has just been released. The title is Stocking Stuffers. I stitched this in 18 was a rush job because the stitcher who had it previous couldn't finish it due to persoal reasons.

I love the colors and I think it turned out really great!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stitchy Mail today

I had a great surprise when I went out to the mailbox today. My Mystic Stitch patterns arrived!!! I was so excited. I ordered them on Tuesday night and they came on Saturday. Talk about great service!!! They were having a sale Buy 4 patterns for $34.00. Which is great because usually each pattern isw $15.00 each.

I got the following items:
Cherokee Child - which I am starting in Dec. for a contest:

Old Bridge to #9 - Augusta Golf Pattern:

Bridge to #9: -Augusta Golf Pattern

Evening Carriage Ride:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I made a Stitching Decistion Tonight

Yes I did...I made a huge stitching decision. I was talking to my friend Kim tonight about my 16 projects I have in my rotation. If I wanted to stitch on each one every month then I would only be stitching on them for 2 days at a I picked 6 projects that I definitely want to stitch and decided to work on them. Once I finish one then I will go get another one to work on. I will have about 10 UFO"s which is shocking...but if I am not happy with what I am working on then why stitch? Stitching is supposed to be fun!!!!

The projects I have chosen are:
Mystic Stitch - Augusta 13
Mystic Stitch - Cherokee Child
X's and Oh's model
Eye of the Tiger

These are the ones I will work I will add small projects along the way. I am very excited about this!!!! I do have progress to show on Eeyore. I worked on him this week. His future owner was born on Tuesday so I really need to finish him!!! LOL!!! Off to check emails

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Big Finish!

I actually finished a huge project this weekend!!! I finished my Harvest Crops piece! I was so excited to do this...I worked all Saturday and Sunday on it....I think it looks fabulous! Plus, I finished my model and got it back in the mail to the designer.

I stopped by the little thrift store on Saturday and did I make a HUGE find!!! Someone was a stitcher...I found an 11 inch set of q-snap huggers for $2.00! I as so excited...I can't wait to break them out and see what I can stitch with them!!

Off to work on Eeyoure...planning on finishing him this week....that is the plan..we will see what happens.

Stitching progress:
left to stitch: 565,710
percentage completed: 17%
Projects left to stitch: 12 projects