Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash and 2 Disney Finishes

I want to start this blog with a huge thank you for all the kind comments that you sent me after my last blog post.   It is so nice to hear that I have such wonderful online friends!  I have been feeling a little better about myself but not up to my usual happy self.  If you are just reading this, then scroll down a blog post and you can see what I am referring too.
LOOK!!!  I did get my sewing machine back!!!  The first thing that I had to do was hem my husbands pants!  He is going to Vegas this weekend with about 10 guys this weekend and his pants are too long.

My machine is working great however, when I tried to load the thread with the automatic threader, this is what I found...a pile of parts.  Seems it broke on the way to me. I will have to manual thread my machine now instead of using the automatic threader.
February stitch from stash:
We were given a "FREE" weekend to shop because of the Nashville cross stitch convention. We could spend $100 and it NOT count against our challenge    I decided to take advantage of this so I bought:

Cross Stitch Collections Magazine - $16.00

I bought the magazine for this chart - Cinderella's Castle

Mill Hill Kit - Pet Shop  $4.50

Mill Hill Tea Kit - $4.50
I had a Gift Card from my local LNS for $20 so the Mill Hills were a total of $9.00 after the GC.

New Bag for the extra DMC threads from my kits $2.00
So, I spent $28 on my free weekend to shop where I had a $100 budget.
Stitch from Stash results -  $0.00 spent for the Challenge month.   As of right now, I have $50.00 in accrued stash money for my cross stitch retreat this summer!!!
New Disney Finishes::   Ursula and Pumba!!  Aren't they cute???

Hopefully, I will have a Sistine Chapel update this weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sistine Chapel and Disney Finish

I finally finished page 2 of scene 16 on Sistine Chapel.  I didn't think I would ever finish this page because I made a mistake!  See the border where it curves?  I was off by 2 rows and had to frog from the curve down on the border.  I decided to take a break and stitch me some Disney!!!

I stitched Marie from the Aristocats.  This is one of my favorite movies!  She just looks so cute.  I think I am going to stitch some more ornaments and take a break from Sistine Chapel. 
If you noticed I haven't been posting positive thoughts in a while because negativity has taken over my life again.  It happens.   I was in a meeting last week and was basically told that if I wanted to be a good teacher I would have to change my entire personality and that since I wasn't a mother I wouldn't understand kids really.   I was proud of myself, because I realized that this was a meeting that it wouldn't do any good to say anything because the people talking wouldn't listen.  I kept my mouth closed, which was very hard because I really wanted to say something.  It was just one of those times that you should just stay quiet and let other people make fools of I did.   Needless to say, I did leave the meeting feeling horrible about myself.
My sewing machine has been sent back to the Brother dealer.  They think I may get it back in a couple of months and  I can expect to pay around $300 to have it fixed!!!! UGH!!  It better come back in brand new condition!
Off to finish watching Olympic skiing! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sistine Chapel update, positive thoughts and suggestions needed.

It has been an exciting week for me!!!  I finished another page of Sistine Chapel.  This is page 1 of 4 on this section title Jonah.  So far, I have stitched 4 pages this year.

Since the weatherman said that it was going to snow almost everyday this week and I will probably be stuck on my hill for the week, I decided to bake a turkey.  We have an entire turkey to eat this week. DH will not need me to cook all week!!!

In my stitch and swap group, we have a database for what we want to accomplish for the month.  In January my goals were to:
Goal 1: Finish 1 scene of Sistine chapel - Done
Goal 2: Read 3 books - Done - I read: Skeleton, Deepest Waters, and Cold Case by Kate Wilhelm all legal  thrillers,  Eggsecutive Decision, Buffalo West Wings, an Affairs of Steak by Julie Hzyz.  This is series about the executive chef at the white house who also happens to solve murders.  Then I read Agony of the leaves by Laura Childs.  This is a tea shop owner who solves murders.  Yes, I like murder mysteries.  Favorite types of books. So I read a total of 7 mysteries this month!
Goal 3: Put up my Christmas decorations - DONE

Goal 4:  Finish my friend Janeths rag quilt...NOT DONE!  My embroidery machine just stopped working.  I took it in the authorized Brother sewing repair shop and they kept it for 2 weeks.  I got a call on Wednesday letting me know they CAN"T fix it!  It has be to sent back to Brother for them to fix it.  Since I bought my machine at a different store (she was selling it for $1,000 above the suggested retail price) she can't send it back for me since she doesn't have the warranty information.   The store I bought it at is a 3 hour drive one way.  This store offered to fax all my warranty information to the local store here but she refused.   So I had send my machine via UPS to Mountain Home and it should get there by Tuesday.  I have NO Idea when I will see my machine again....feeling very lost without it.

This is my new light up journal I bought at Disney.  It is so pretty that I have no idea what to write in it!!!  Any suggestions what I should use it for??? The notebook part is replaceable....

This is my new touchscreen laptop.  DH forgot to get me birthday gift last year, so when he asked this year, I reminded him.  So, he took me out on Wednesday and bought me a new toy. Still learning to work it.  The keyboard is bigger than my last laptop and my work laptop.  This is taking some getting used to ....but I love it!!!

Positive Thoughts for the week:
Monday January 27
Thankful for all my students.  They were so happy to see me today and were very concerned that I was sick for 2 days last week.  Just makes you feel good to know you were missed.

Tuesday, January 28
Quiet time at home in order to read.   I love just sitting in my chair reading and eating some popcorn.

Wednesday, January 29
Date night with DH!!!  Went out to dinner and bought a new laptop

Thursday, January 30
Professional Development day - spent the morning at the local tech center working on paperwork.  This was just wonderful!!  I have 33 math portfolios due on Feb 24th and each one is around 90 pages each.  So it was nice to get some quiet time to work.

Friday, January 31
Pizza delivery day!!!  DH went to play cards with the guys, so I could order my favorite pizza- thin crust with beef, mushrooms and green olives  DH hates green olives, so this is just my pizza!!!!

Saturday, February 1
 UPS!  Instead of driving 3 hours to mountain home to drop off my machine and then 3 hours home.  I just took it to UPS they are going to deliver for me!!!  Just made me day!!!

Sunday, February 2
Snow day!!!  So pretty watching it snow all day!  school was cancelled midday so I don't have to set an alarm.