Monday, June 30, 2014

Stitch From Stash June and LONG update!!!

Wow!!  June has flown by!!  I guess it didn't help that I school went until June 10th this year!  I had 2 days off then it was back to workshops!!  I did take a whirlwind trip to Disney but that is later!  

Here is my Augusta piece!    This is my Stitch From Stash   I have been working on my Augusta the 13th hole piece. I started this piece back in 2007.  I think 7 years is a long time to have as a UFO!!!  I have been stitching up a storm on it!  I have 8 pages left!!!  The best part....the final 4 pages are only a 1/2 page each!! YAY!!!!!!  I spent NOTHING this month on stash!  I haven't had time!!! 

What I have been up to!!!

It was a very stressful school year and I had one of my friends call me at the first week of June only to say, "I want to go to Disney...will you go with me???"  What a silly question....she had some timeshare points and I have a father in law who works for Disney and he can get us in free!!!  So we planned a whirlwind trip!  We left on Wednesday the 18th, drove 18 hours and arrived on Thursday!  We relaxed, played in the parks and finally came home on Sunday.  My friend was so generous, that she shared her summer cold with me!  When I got home,  I had to go straight to the doctor and get on Antibiotics!  

Right now,  I am sitting in a dorm room on the University of Arkansas campus at my Math and Physics workshop.   My husband is married to a "college" student again!   I get to be here for a week, then off to Denver for my Thirty-One Conference.  After  I get home from Denver,  I am hosting a Thirty-one party and then jetting off to Las Vegas for my Cross Stitch retreat!!!! YAY!!!   After Vegas, I can finally relax a couple of weeks before I start back to work.   This is a very busy summer!!!