Sunday, November 1, 2015

November already??? New stitching journal!!!

It is very hard to believe that is is already November.   I had 3 trick or treaters last night which is the most I have ever had!!!!  I took this weekend off!  Last weekend, I spent 10 hours in my classroom playing catch up.  I decided this weekend was all for me!   I spent time working on Faery Tales.  I am happy to say that once I reach the bottom of this column, I will have reached the halfway point!!!!   I never thought I could say that but by the end of the year, I will be halfway finished!!!!!

The detail on this design is just amazing!

I am so excited!!!  I scored a major deal this weekend!!!!   I was reading a post on one of my facebook groups about a girl whose Staples had their Erin Condren life planners on clearance for $15.00.  These planners are usually around $50.00 so I thought I would check ours.   Of course they didn't have any but the manager asked me if I had a picture of her receipt and I he matched the price!!!!    My sister is actually buying me one of these for Christmas for my personal planner for my appointments, Thirty-one parties..etc.  

This is my new stitching and reading journal since it is for 2015-2016.   They are spiral bound and you can replace the cover with a new design if you get bored with the one you have.

Each month has a page for notes and a great quote....

you have the monthly layout for your appointments.  I will be using this for birthdays etc...

I chose the vertical layout which has 3 boxes for each day. The top row will be for my daily stitching - what I stitched, how much progress I made. The middle row will be what book I am reading or listening too.  The final row will be how I am feeling.  I suffer from depression and anxiety so it is good to keep track of the amazing things that happen to you in life.  

There is also 6 pages of notes which I will use for books I want to read, or charts that catch my eye.  

there are a few pages of graph paper.  I haven't decided what I am going to do with these.

The last thing is stickers!!!!  There are pre-printed ones and blank ones!!!  So excited!!!!

I am so excited!!!!   I love my stitching journal!!!!!!