Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates are everywhere!!

We went and saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 today! Johnny Depp was hot as always. However, whenever I watch the Pirate movies, I just want to give all of them a good scrubbing and get them to a dentist!!! LOL!! Guess that is just me!

If you are going to see POTC 3, don't leave until after ALL the credits have run!! There is a prize for you after the credits....

I did work in my stitching room today. I kitted up my 2 angel projects, put away things that were just sitting in the floor and made a space for me to work in!!

This evening was spent watching saved episodes of Charmed on my DVR and working on my Eye of the Tiger piece. I am actually enjoying this HUGE piece and hopefully will get it finished by the 2nd week of the fair...I need to figure out exactly when I need to have it finished to enter in the fair. Maybe get a countdown ticker to add to the bottom of my blog...That is a thought!!!

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