Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Deadly Yarn

This is the new book I got in the mail today! You gotta love ebay! It is the 3rd book from Maggie Sefton. It is a knitting mystery and it comes with Delicious recipe and a knitting pattern!! I don't knit but still....I like her books.

Not much happened today...went to dinner with my mom, sister and her friends for my sisters birthday. We had Thai food, it was OK.

I am so ready for summer vacation. I think I will be painting the other 4 rooms in my house that are very plain pale pale pink color when we bought the house. I think I will be adding the following colors: tangerine, lilac, sage green and maybe a rose color....I have so many colors in my house it isn't even funny!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Eye of Tiger update

I am finally able to work on my Eye of Tiger piece. I am really loving this piece. It is going to look fabulous when finished and I think Jag thinks so too! He decided to pose while I took the picture...isn't he just the cutest??

Today is my sister and niece's birthday. It was a Shrek Birthday for my niece. They had the party at the theater and then went to see Shrek. Mark and I decided not to see the movie because it was PACKED!! I hate being in a packed place!! So we hae plans on going to see it later...

Right now I am reading the trashy romance novel! If you like books set in Victorian England then you need to read The Naked Earl by Sally MacKenzie. Excellent book!!!

It is back to work for me tomorrow....Semester tests begin on Friday!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates are everywhere!!

We went and saw Pirates of the Carribean 3 today! Johnny Depp was hot as always. However, whenever I watch the Pirate movies, I just want to give all of them a good scrubbing and get them to a dentist!!! LOL!! Guess that is just me!

If you are going to see POTC 3, don't leave until after ALL the credits have run!! There is a prize for you after the credits....

I did work in my stitching room today. I kitted up my 2 angel projects, put away things that were just sitting in the floor and made a space for me to work in!!

This evening was spent watching saved episodes of Charmed on my DVR and working on my Eye of the Tiger piece. I am actually enjoying this HUGE piece and hopefully will get it finished by the 2nd week of the fair...I need to figure out exactly when I need to have it finished to enter in the fair. Maybe get a countdown ticker to add to the bottom of my blog...That is a thought!!!

First Post in my Brand New Blog

I decided to start a new blog today because Yahoo 360 just wasn't cutting it anymore. As you can tell by my title, I love to read and cross stitch. The books I choose are either, cozy mysteries, historical romance novels or the current "chic lit" romance...basically trashy romance novels!!! I just finished a triology from Jane Feather ..The Bachelor List, Bride hunt and Wedding Game. They were great!!!

Tonight, a friend came over and we had a Johnny Depp night. We watched the first two Pirate movies because we are going to watch # 3 tomorrow!!!! He is so cute!!! My poor husband was banned to the bedroom while we watch the Big Screen!!! He was a good sport, I made him chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles to help him feel better!

Went by my LNS today and bought two new charts. I got "Tuxedo Tea for Two: By Debbie Draper and "Our Pets" by Marilynn and Jackie's Collectibles. Our Pets is an animal ABC chart...very cute!!!!

I guess that is about it for today....