Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Inspriations is complete!!!

Yes, that is right!!!! I started this piece on Oct 1, 2007 and have been working on it off and on since then. I put the final stitch in tonight at 9:44 pm. You are reading about one VERY happy Stitcher here!!! I have been dancing a jig all night!!!

I dug in my UFO box tonight and pulled out my Gingerbread and Tea piece......I think I am going to work on it next. I also think I am going to pull out Cherokee Child since I haven't worked on her in a while....

Stitching update:
Completed BAPS: 2/5
Stitches stitched:158,859
Stitches left: 94,588
Percentage completed: 62.7%


Stitcher said...

Great finish. I have this one in my to do pile

Gorgoglio said...

Congrats on your huge finish!!!

Chiloe said...

You can be proud of yourself !! It's beautiful.

Shari said...

woohoo!!! I knew you could do it Vickie!! It looks great!!!!

Meari said...

That is SO beautiful! congrats on finishing it.