Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008

I can't believe this is my last post for the year 2008! I do have sad news to report. I did not reach my goal and finish my tiger. As you can see I lack one little section which is about 3,000 stitches left. However, I will start 2009 off with a bang because I will have a HUGE finish right at the beginning.

I have been getting my new projects ready for the new year. It is looking like I will have about 20 or so projects going at one time. How I will ever get them stitched I do not know. This does not include my monthly class at my LNS or my ornaments that I am doing this year. I am looking forward to starting my neighborhood RR and my new HAED.

I will doing the Ozark Sampler Myster SAL on 25 count yellow fabric over 1. I also purchesd the LE fibers from ozark Sampler and I will be using them in a patchwork freebie I found online. The design calls for DMC but I am going to use my new pretty fibers.

My New Years Resolutions:
1) Finish at least 3 BAP's
2) Try a new reciepe each week and report on how it turns out
3) Go out with my girlfriends at least twice a month
heres the real biggie: Try not to purchase new stash but stitch the things I have!!!!

Have a SAFE and Happy New Year!!!!!


Terri said...

Sorry You didn't get your tiger done in time. But you are right you will have a great finish at the beginning. Good luck with your goals.

Virpi said...

You nearly made it. It seems you don't have much left. Can't wait to hear about your recipes...

Chiloe said...

It's hard not to buy new stash but when I look back at my stash, I have too many nice projects that really deserve to be stitch !!! And I think I did reach that SABLE state ... scary ......... but I do need threads to kit up my projects so I may order some when jj's collectible will have a sale !!!

~Kim~ said...

WOW, girl, to watch this Tiger grow has been amazing!! Im excited to always see your progress! Keep up the great work, and I THANK you for all your friendship you have given me over the past years.

Love, Kim