Saturday, July 19, 2008

UFO Finish

I finally finished a UFO...Cookies and Tea. This was in the Just Cross stitch magazine, Oct. 2004. I started this a couple of years ago and made a HUGE mistake in the pattern. I searched and search but couldn't find the mistake. So I put it away until yesterday. I dug it out and found a way to fix the mistake. I stitched on it all day yesterday and today. I finally finished it! I think it turned out really cute.

I just gave up on Tiger being finished in time for the fair. I got tired of trying to put in over 800 stitches a got old real quick so I am digging in my UFO box to see if there is something else I may finish before school starts.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Care for some Cheese with this whine?

I am in a funk...not sure what is going on with me. I haven't felt like stitching...started a new book and it just couldn't hold my interest. I just looked at my stitching UFO"S and WIP's...nothing interestes me. I am going to take a small stitchng break. Not for long...just until I get back from my vacation.
Mom and I leave for PA and DC next Tuesday. We will be gone for an entire I am going to take some time off for that week. Maybe the bug will have hit me again by the time I get back from vacation.
I have been keeping myself entertained. DH and I got a Nintendo Wii the other day. I have spent my day's skiing down the mountains and also working out with the Wii fit! Talk about a workout!! I have never worked so hard playing a video game. I did over 100 spins using a hula-hoop on the this game. You have to stand on this balance board that can read what your body is doing. Kinda freaky.
I hope that I will be losing some weight or at least toning up. That is really what I need to do..tone up. Who knows...maybe I can fit into my skinny jeans by Oct. That is my goal..I want to fit into my skinny jeans by Oct.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Inspriations is complete!!!

Yes, that is right!!!! I started this piece on Oct 1, 2007 and have been working on it off and on since then. I put the final stitch in tonight at 9:44 pm. You are reading about one VERY happy Stitcher here!!! I have been dancing a jig all night!!!

I dug in my UFO box tonight and pulled out my Gingerbread and Tea piece......I think I am going to work on it next. I also think I am going to pull out Cherokee Child since I haven't worked on her in a while....

Stitching update:
Completed BAPS: 2/5
Stitches stitched:158,859
Stitches left: 94,588
Percentage completed: 62.7%

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Finished Feb and Aug. Kat along with section 28/30 on Inspirations

This has been an interesting weekend. We went over to our friends house on the 3rd to shoot off fireworks and have a cookout. They have a pool in their backyard and they told us to bring over the boys for a swim. They boys had so much fun!!! This is a big step for them because even though they are labs...they DO NOT like water!! When it rains it takes me forever to get Tusk to go in it so he will go potty. Its very took a while for them to dive in....Mark had to get in the middle of the pool and Brigen would just stand there and bark at him. Finally, Tusk stepped in and tried to swim. They were both very BAD swimmers at first but after a while they began to enjoy it. We had to take them home during the fireworks because when we were shooting off bottle rockets....they barked every time we shot one off.....They don't like the sound of them. We had to postpone the big fireworks we bought because of the rain.

On the fourth, we went down to my grandparents house to sepnd it with my family. We had a very good time shooting off fireworks with the kids. India found a baby frog and decided to keep it. She put it in a big jar with some grass and a rocks until she got home.

On Sat. Mark golfed and watched movies and stitched. I worked on weenie dog and read some.... That afternoon, we took the boys swimming again at our friends house (they were out of town and gave us permission)...this time they just dove right in....didn't take any prodding or anything.

Mom came over and we grilled steak that night. I sat up and watched Pride and Prejudice again. I just love that movie and Colin Firth makes an awesome Mr. Darcy.

Today, I stitched all day on Tiger.....I didn't get as much stitched as I wanted to but I did get about 1/4 fo the way finished on page 8. That is my weekend in a nutshell....

Stitching update:
BAPS finished: 1/5
Stitches completed:151,650
Stitches left: 101,788
Percentage complete: 59.8%