Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Tusk

My little Tusk turned 5 on Friday. I had several people ask me where Tusk was when I posted the picture of my sleeping furbabies. Well, this is where Tusk likes to sleep, right under Daddy's recliner. He prefers to be wher Mark is and Brigen prefers to be with me. The cats go where they want...isn't that the way they usually are???? Tusk had a very happy birthday. He played ball, got to nap on the furniture downstairs, a new paper bag to tear up and he got a couple extra treats. He also recieved lots of hugs and kisses. So I would say he had a GREAT birthday.


stitchinfiend said...

Great pic.

Anonymous said...

We had a yellow lab that loved to lay under the recliner too. Once I did not know he was there and I closed it up - I saw 4 legs go about straight up as he tried to get out in time. He did.

Now we have a chocolate lab and she does not do this, but she likes to sit under my stitchin when it is on the frame and I have it pushed out to get up. She just fits under it like a canopy! Happy Birthday to Tusk. He looks very handsome.