Saturday, November 27, 2010

Afghan, Yoga, stitching question and I must be crazy chart

Family Picture (cats refused to pose)

I LOVE being off work for Thanksgiving Break even if I haven't been home for each day! I swear there has been something going on since I got off work on Nov. 19. I had a Girls Night out since my friend got married today. (yep...I was in a wedding today!), birthday parties, trip to Branson and then one to Mountain Home (3 hours away) rehearsal and then today's wedding. I am tired!! Jammi and I at the wedding today.
I have managed to stitch on a few things. As you can see, I am working on a cute animal baby blanket. I have 7 letters completed and only 19 to go!! WHO-HOOOO!!! I am supposed to be making another blanket but I just can't find a design that says stitch me. So I am going to make her a lap quilt with dragon flies and then I am going stitch her a ladybug birth sampler that I found in a Just Cross Stitch magazine. I loved this design and I just know it is perfect for her. So...would you be disappointed with a birth sampler and a quilt instead of a cross stitch afghan?
I also finished page 2 of Yoga...only 1o pages to go!! I can't wait! Besides an ornament or two....this is the chart I am going to be working on until the end of the year...unless something just bites me like my 3 foot scarecrow I should be working on(not going to think about that UFO!)
Now...I must be crazy. I found this chart titled An Afternoon Embroidering (click link) and I just fell in love with it! I want to buy this chart ---did you see the price???---and stitch it next year. I know I have 10 other UFO's that i need to finish...but this chart is just calling me!!!!!! I just can't justify the price....or should I just bite the bullet and say..get it and stitch it???? decisions, decisions!


Debra said...

wonderful progress and nice pictures. If anyone can stitch it - it would be you. I know you will be getting it.

Susan said...

Perhaps your DH will give you this as a holiday present. Glad you enjoyed your time off and gave yourself a break from your stressful school year.

Shari said...

wow, I can see you doing that new have you bought it yet????
SOunds like you have had a fun, busy break!!!

Sue said...

Vickie, I say 'go for it'! LOL.....I know you would do a fantastic job; I have seen all your stitching and it is magnificent.

Sue V.