Monday, February 13, 2012

Hermit weekend and Winners

My stitching weekend was extended by one day!  We had a snow day today!! I curled up under a blanket and stitched my morning away.  As you can see I am almost finished with my spring 9 patch.  I would have gotten a lot more finished this weekend but, I had some house keeping to do!

These pictures are out of order and you can see my messy house!!!  Before Mark left, we had talked about rearranging the living room. He got the bug today.  We moved the sectional to the other side of the room and we even took one of the chairs out of it.

We moved my stitching chair and items to the other side of the living room.  We know have more space in the living room...

Saturday morning, I decided to tackle my kitchen.  The nutritionist mentioned I should clean out my cabinets and refrigerator, so I could get rid of all the tempting foods in my house.  I decided to clean out all my food cabinets and organize them.  As you can see, I moved all my spices to one drawer so I can find them when I need them.

This is my now clean out fridge.  I took out everything, including the shelves. I scrubbed it down and organized it.  I found 4 jars of Mayonnaise...who needs 4 jars??  I realized that Mark would use one jar until there was about 1/4 of it left and then he would put it back in the fridge. Then it would be placed on my list to go buy some more mayo.  This continued until I had 4 jars!!!  I also 6 jars of pickles.  Same thing happened....needless to say we had a little chat.    We have a pantry that has a shelf that I can't see it and have to stand on my tip toes to reach it.  So I pulled everything out, reorganized it. After 3.5 hours, I cleaned out 3 garbage bags of things I didn't even know we had!!!  Talk about feeling great!!!!!  YEA!!!

I had Mark pick random numbers for the Cupcake Drawing and the Houses drawing.  The winners are:

Cupcakes:  Shari from Shari's Sharings
Houses:  Sue from Sue's Stitching, Reading, and Family

I had to laugh since they both start with the Letter S.  Ladies if you will email me your address.... I will get these charts in the mail


cucki said...

congratulations to all the winners..
very lovely stitching..
hugs and love xxx

cucki said...

congratulations to all the winners..
very lovely stitching..
hugs and love xxx

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching and congrats to the winners.

Berly said...

Congrats to the winners! Great job on the housework. 9 patch is lookig good too!

Meari said...

Congrats on all your organizing! Is that all the spices you have? I have two of those 3-tire shelves full of spices, LOL. It takes up two sections of the cabinet.

Stitching looks great. Congrats to winners.

Ewa said...

I love cleaning house! Great job, Vickie!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you really got a lot done on your nine patch, Vickie. Grats on the progress, and on the cleaning. I hardly ever have to clean out my fridge because I almost never put leftovers in it!!! Grats to the giveaway winners too! And I'm having to lol at the four jars of mayo and six of pickles. I would have had to have a talk with him too!! (I'm the same way though. I buy a new one as soon as I'm half done. So I can understand you wanting to buy a new one before you run out!!)