Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Puppy Love and Sistine Chapel update

Even though it is summer, I feel like I haven't had time for much. It isn't like I have had a job to go to or any major projects going. I have just gotten lazy because I get sucked into Facebook, Pinterest and this slot machine game I play.  That is my whole excuse.   August just snuck up on me and now I have been spending a few hours a day in my classroom.  

I did pull Sistine Chapel out this past weekend.  I am still on the on the third page of the second panel.  It is moving very slowly.

Several people asked about my Disney Table Runner and where I found the pattern.  I bought this Italian magazine off Ebay a couple of years ago.  

I pulled out my Puppy Love to work on and I just love this design.  Mickey's butt looks so cute!  

I have been working out at home 4 days a week.  Here is my obstacle course that I have to go through when I workout.  They just want to encourage me I know.   I have not lost any weight this summer.  I am still the same weight I started at however, I have lost several inches so I am proud of that.


Monique said...

I laughed at your obstacle course. Maybe they are just there to make sure you do your work out correctly??

cucki said...

Sweet *.*

Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces Vickie. I love your obstacle course.


Kevin said...

I bet that Sistine Chapel will be magnificent when it's done! I envy anyone who tackles those detailed charts such as the HAED projects. One day, I really hope to stitch one of those (Faery Tales is here waiting, but I'm too chicken to start it!)

The Disney design looks like a fun stitch!! And your dogs are beautiful! They say muscle weighs more than fat, so although your numbers aren't changing, the inches you're burning off is a sure sign you're doing something right. I bet your workouts are burning off the bad stuff and adding good muscle tone. Best of luck in your working out and stitching. Looking forward to seeing your progress.