Sunday, November 10, 2013

Puppy Love and new Rag quilt

This was a busy two weeks.  My DH went out of town and left me to my devices.  I have to say I enjoyed being single again.  It was nice that if I wanted popcorn for dinner, then I could have that and not worry about anyone else. Wednesday the UPS man stopped by and dropped off a box from the Disney Store.

As you can see even Disney boxes are magical when you open them up!!!

 Insides was my new Disney ornaments for my tree this year.  I ordered 16 of them!!!!  I usually buy a few GCs during the year so I can order my ornaments when they go on sale.  I opened all the boxes just to make sure they sent the right ornaments.  Last year, they sent 2 wrong ones and I had to return them...which I hate doing.

Mickey has a body and feet!!!!  I spent today stitching that can of worms.  Who knew that a can of worms would take as long as it did.  Moving over to work on Minnies Body this week.  My goal is to finish this by the end of this month.  I just have Minnie and then Pluto to stitch.

I started a new rag quilt for one of the ladies in my cross stitching group.  She wants a Fall and Winter theme.  I embroidered a few fall blocs last night.  

My ILCS yahoo group is planning to have an online Finishing retreat weekend.  I have been trying to figure out how I am going to finish my Mill Hill Victorian Village designs.  They require a 6 x 6 frames and you just cannot find those anywhere.  To custom order them would be too expensive.  I thought about making them into a wall hanging or a quilt, but since Mill Hill keeps coming out with different designs, it would never gt finished.  As I walked through Hobby Lobby this weekend, I saw these 6 x 6 cake boards in the Cake decorating aisle...Inspiration hit and I figured I could turn my MH designs into a wall hanging.  I can get 3 wall hangings out of each package!!!  Best part....I don't have to cut any cardboard on my own.  Since I can't cut a straight line...this is perfect for me!!!  Now to find the perfect fabric and ribbon for the backing.  I will probably have to buy 2 yards of fabric and multiple rolls of ribbon so they will all be alike when I finally get them stitched and finished.


cucki said...

Wow very beautiful stitching.,
Big hugs x

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Love the Disney kits as always! Beautiful stitching as ever!

stitcheranon said...

Lovely stitching..very pretty

Linda said...

Great progress on Mickey and Minnie. I really do need to start stitching some of my Disney Kits. Great looking quilt.
Are you going to show us the ornaments you bought?


Vicky L said...

Wow! A lot of ornaments. I was hoping to see some. Puppy Love is looking wonderful. What a great idea for the Mill Hill finishes.

Love Crochet said...

I love it all, so cute...

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