Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sistine Chapel and Disney Finish

I finally finished page 2 of scene 16 on Sistine Chapel.  I didn't think I would ever finish this page because I made a mistake!  See the border where it curves?  I was off by 2 rows and had to frog from the curve down on the border.  I decided to take a break and stitch me some Disney!!!

I stitched Marie from the Aristocats.  This is one of my favorite movies!  She just looks so cute.  I think I am going to stitch some more ornaments and take a break from Sistine Chapel. 
If you noticed I haven't been posting positive thoughts in a while because negativity has taken over my life again.  It happens.   I was in a meeting last week and was basically told that if I wanted to be a good teacher I would have to change my entire personality and that since I wasn't a mother I wouldn't understand kids really.   I was proud of myself, because I realized that this was a meeting that it wouldn't do any good to say anything because the people talking wouldn't listen.  I kept my mouth closed, which was very hard because I really wanted to say something.  It was just one of those times that you should just stay quiet and let other people make fools of I did.   Needless to say, I did leave the meeting feeling horrible about myself.
My sewing machine has been sent back to the Brother dealer.  They think I may get it back in a couple of months and  I can expect to pay around $300 to have it fixed!!!! UGH!!  It better come back in brand new condition!
Off to finish watching Olympic skiing! 


Keebles said...

It must be the season because I'm in the same slump. And don't fret about those jerks at work. You don't need to be a mother to understand children (I've seen plenty of mothers-including my own-who are horrible at understanding children). You took the higher ground and that makes you the better person! You are a wonderful teacher and a wonderful pup-mom!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Vickie. Love the Disney ornament.


Silverlotus said...

Well, that was a very terrible thing to say to you. I hope you haven't let it get to you too much, because it isn't true. I know some people who aren't parents who are absolutely fabulous with children, including our neighbour who works with autistic kids. She is amazing, and I know you are too.

Anonymous said...

I wanted the let you know that you have been an inspiration for me for awhile. I first came into contact with mystic stitch. I didn't comment all that much, but your words were exactly what I needed. I have started more difficult cross stitch projects because you make it look so easy. I just recently purchased Historical Fashions by Pako and am starting it. You made it seem so easy. I know I can do it, I've seen it done. People never know to whom they have touched. I check your blog every so often. I noticed the depression. I just want to say that you have been and inspiration to me. Thank you.

Barb Lowder

too_busy_to_stitch said...

As always - love the Disney finish (also Sistine, but Disney is magic :)). What rubbish. All generalisations are dodgy, but what they said to you? In many years if various teachers, whether they are a mother doesn't make much difference. We've seen mothers who are so wrapped up in their own families, they don't have the time for their students.