Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash September and Disney

This is my Stitch from Stash September report along with a little Disney mixed into the post. I am still trudging along on my Augusta design.  Do you realize I started this in bored and stopped working on it???   I decided it was time to finish plus, I got tired of  DH asking about his golf piece!  I have 1 whole page and 4 half pages left.....So happy to have this finished!!

Sistine Chapel Decision --- I heard from the designer who told me to work other sections of the design and make my mistake fit.... that makes me nervous....but I am going to work a few more scenes to see what happens.   

I have been learning about Essential Oils.  I went to a class in late August and became hooked!!!  I ordered the whole kit just to get the discount but now I find that I am actually a consultant with this company along with being a Thirty-One Consultant...not sure how that is going to work??  However...I LOVE my oils.   I have been using the one for pain on my dog because of his sore hip...and he is doing better!!!  This thrills me!!!  I use my Peace and Calming in my classroom...things are great!!!  Do any of you use essential oils?? Do you have a favorite?

It seems we are in for another snowy winter...all the persimmon seeds have small spoons in them which means a wet snowy winter.    In case you are scratching your head this is what I am talking about.  See those spoons in the seeds????   That means snow..lots of snow!!! UGH!!!!

So,  I was in Sams the other day (Sams is like a Costco) and saw Mickey Footed Jammies!!!  I just ha to have them!!!  They will keep me nice and snug this winter!!!!  I bought the red ones...the solid black Minnie's would show all my doggie fur!!


Yesterday,  We drove to the Tulsa State Fair to see Disney on Ice - Let's Celebrate!   Loved it!!!  Here are just a few pictures of the show. Ice skaters just amaze me!!!


cucki said...

aww such a cute show..
lovely stitching x

Linda said...

Nice progress on Augusta. I really like that piece. Disney on Ice looks like fun.


Michelle W said...

lovely stitching sweets :) i'm going to disney on ice next month i can't wait