Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow

This was an Audiobook I listened too.

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Book Blurb:
She Kept her secret for a lifetime.....

A shy girl with no family, Maria knows she 's lucky to have landed in the sewing room of the Royal household. Before World War I casts its shadow, she catches the eye of the Prince of Wales, a glamorous and intense gentleman. But her life takes a far darker turn, and soon all she has left is a fantastical story about her time at Buckingham palace.

Decades later, Caroline Meadows discovers a beautiful quilt in her mother's attic. When she can't figure out the meaning of the message embroidered into its lining she embarks on a quest to reveal its mystery, a puzzle that only seems to grow more important to her own heart. As Caroline pieces together the secret history of the quilt, she comes close and closer to the truth about Maria

page-turning and heartbreaking, The Forgotten Seamstress weaves together past and present in an unforgettable journey.

My Review:
Run to your library and get this book!!!!   I loved that I listened to it instead of "reading" it the traditional way.   This book is just amazing!!!  The story of Maria will break your heart and you just want to make it better for her.  

Maria was a seamstress to the queen however, she found herself being committed to a "hospital" for the majority of her life.  It while she is in the "hospital" that she meets a young lady working on her Ph.D in the mental health field.  She gets Maria to talk about her life and why she was there.  Her story is amazing!  She talks about her quilt she made for her family and the description of this quilt is a breathtaking....I want to see it!!!

This book is one that goes from the past then back to the present in each chapter.  I cannot say how much you should read this!!!!


Meari said...

Good timing on this review! I'm in need for more audiobooks for my commute. I wrote it down so I can see if my library has it.

Angela P said...

This one sounds interesting :) Will check for it next time I go to work.

kimbacaffeinate said...

Love the setting Vickie, and think I would love this on audio. Your enthusiasm is addicting, I love when a book makes that happen