Monday, April 27, 2015

April Stitch From Stash

Month:  April
Spent:  $39
Earned: $15.00
Budget: $93.79 + $1 = $94.79

It was a pretty good month for me.  I did buy another piece of fabric for my birthday Golden Kite design. I decided I wanted a cream piece instead of beige and I wanted 18 count instead of 16 count.   I also bought a magazine from my stash unload Facebook group.  I needed a few threads for Winter and Santa.  I also bought a piece of fabric from Silkweavers for my preening pixie design.  I spent quite a bit this month!  BTW...does anyone know how long it takes to get your fabric from them?

I finished page 2 of Victorian Winter from Mystic Stitch.  I love how this is turning out!!!!

Santa has a face!!!  This is my Lavender and Lace Santa of the Forest  I love how he is turning out  He looks so peaceful.  

If you read my blog and are participating in this challenge.   Do you know how I count a L&L?  It is one huge page that I had to copy onto 8 different pages.  Just wondering...thanks for stopping by!!!


Linda said...

Awesome progress on both pieces Vickie.


Keebles said...

I wish I had a dime for every time I changed my mind on fabric after I already bought a piece! Both projects look amazing!

Annie said...

Love your progress! They are both beautiful:)

Pull the other thread said...

Great progress on your stitching. Well done for sticking to budget.

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking great!!! Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ

Deb said...

Well done on tour SFS! Beautiful stitching! Love your L&L!

Faith... said...

Oh I love the Victorian Winter piece! As for the Santa I think I would count each of the 8 pages and go by the stitch count of each page.

Ruth said...

Wow-- beautiful stitching!!!! I think I've go with either the overall stitch count when you're done or with a page by page allottment with full pages and partial amounts for the un-full pages, but I'm not an Official :)